RGB office

RGB office

Arquitectos Anonimos
Oporto, Portugal
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© Alberto Plácido

RGB office

Arquitectos Anonimos as Architects

We gave place to a symbolic coincidence: Red, Green, Blue, defines the universal pixel colour system, but also the colours of the three most representative Portuguese football clubs: Benfica (red), Sporting Lisabon (green) and Porto (blue). Also in the mixture of these we might get the colours of the 16 Premiere League clubs.

The renewed office opens doors to tons of documents fated to digital conversion – swallowed by an hard drive. The pixel, that famous “micro-organism” became almost the main tenant as the guardian of the new archive.

The pre existing formal structure from lawyer´s office should be formally adapted to the new and visitable “document centre”, simplifying and reducing the excessive presence of doors and circulations, and also avoiding heavy demolitions in the aim to adapt the light functional operative frame – 2 employees in this department.

The new boxes, concentrating access, managing and distinguishing the big opened room and meeting point, from storage blind chambers, redraw the flat core as if the work welcoming space starts really there.

The mobile “document shelves” are the multiple compositional element- moving freely and fitting every corner and walls, allowing client to finish the space while his self organizing assurance comes out.

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Estonian National Museum
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