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Risky Shop

Smallna as Manufacturers

The idea behind the project was to create a showroom, which is as out-of-the-box as the business run by Antonina and Klara. It takes the ordinary and turns it upside down. RISKY SHOP reflects girls’ philosophy on creating the real fashion - they use a standard, grey hoodie as a starting point and they reinvent it to produce some extraordinary pieces, which maintain the freedom of a sweatsuit but, simultaneously, perfectly model the silhouette.

The ceiling is arranged against all the rules, even the gravity. The furnishings from an idyllic living room invites the visitors to relax, try on some new pieces and share the experience on the clothes they already own. Girls attach a huge importance to the friendly dialog with their customers.

We often collaborate with other artists. We asked a polish painter, Dariusz Fiet, to depict the sky on our walls and we hung a huge, steel RISK logo on it (more than 3 meters long), it looks as pipes are in the clouds. This is a play of serious and fun - solid, industrial looking pipes give a sense of confidence and strength of the vision while the light, pastel background enhances imaginative energy of the brand. The installation is used as an unique rack, created to present the latest clothes by RISK. Curvy pipe racks spread around the whole interior. They can be seen from both sides - in accordance with the gravity or against it.

‘behind every smart guy there is a jewish girl’ – says the inscription on the shiksa pants from the Jewish collection. They hang on the pipe rack next to an inflatable sofa, which is also covered with grey RISKY sweatshirt fleece. Everything is displayed UPSIDE DOWN, against the rules.

Risky shop is a temple of fashion and SHEER VINTAGE design. 80 sqm is not much for a showroom. We had to completely rethink the space and try to expand it visually. We used a unique set of 1930s and 1980s pieces from smallna collection, which light up the interior while hanging down from the ceiling. They compose well with melange grey dresses and a sophisticated lighting. White like a tabula rasa floor is a good base to start a story of the REAL PEOPLE. Risky clothes cut to fit and simultaneously comfortable to wear in a tiptop way. These are tailored pieces for REAL PEOPLE – people who look really beautiful, and cool because they feel so.

Follow the rack to find over 100 models of RISKY HOODIES, DOUBLE DUTY dresses, BOHO CHIC skirts, TRICKY JEANS, BIKER BABE jackets and accessories like the HD HOODIE – a laptop case, accompanied with many more... All in the scenery which recalls the vintage light and the masterpieces of industrial design.

RISK POWERED BY SMALLNA - the soft and the rough ;) The light installation made of an American 1940s train light, a Polish 1960s tramway light and a Japanese 1970s mirror bawl provides the interior with some extraordinary atmosphere. The character of the lamps is rather rough, yet, they are efficiently softened with melange grey curtains and a warm wall covered with the RISKY fabric.

THE RISKY RACK presenting the collection for kids – the miniaturized RISK clothes. They make kids look smart and neat during the dinner at auntie’s place and, at the same time, they remain super comfy and playful at the backyard ;)

There must be a naked lady hiding somewhere here. She took off her shoes and the SEXY HOODIE dress and left them on the floor...The fitting room works both ways as well.

Customized floor made of handmade, ceramic tiles covered with original patterns makes a bold, retro statement within the interior. One of the walls is covered with cool-colored plastic boxes taken from a meat store, which contain books, albums and magazines. A mixture of vintage lamps and projectors make a crisp addition to the rest and help to create an inspiring work environment. A TRAFFIC LAMP attached to a cooker on wheels, reacts to sounds and rhythms - it enriches the tradition with a modern vibe. It harmonizes well with our mobile kitchen, which transforms into the DJ’s booth during the risky parties. Finally, a plants’ stand by Florabo, which hangs on the wall, is equipped with automatic water system.

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