Rossberg house

Rossberg house

Private Houses
Zürich, Switzerland - Build completed in 2017
Beat Bühler

Rossberg house

Igual&Guggenheim GmbH as Architects

The building is located in a quiet residential area of ​Zurich, Switzerland, very close to the lake.

It contains five apartments, designed individually to react to different context and provide a broad mix of apartment tipes. Each flat has its own entrance to offer a maximum of privacy. The volume seems to expand in all directions, generating a complex and sculptural form witch creates interesting interiors.

The reason for using different windows formats was to correspond to the respective view and perspective from the inside. The big openings in the facade let a lot of daylight in and create a good for the facade composition with the different positions and proportions of the windows.

The top floor has additional roof lights to let even more light in.

The living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms are sometimes together to generate a big open space or diagonally connected to create long view outside.

Regarding the material, we create a strong contrast between exterior and interior - the building appears as a ``black box`` from the outside in contrast with the light inside where the walls are white with coloured concrete accents.

The comfort of the house is also given by the chromatic and texture of the interior, where the wood floor is combined with coloured windows and doors frames. 

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