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Sculpture Exhibition “distância(s) . distance(s)“

Sculpture Exhibition “distância(s) . distance(s)“

Pedro Leger Pereira

Sculpture Exhibition “distância(s) . distance(s)“

Pedro Leger Pereira as Architects

a (very long) way to anywhere (else?)...

This exhibition explores once again this strange and intimate relation between the space and the time... better, about the 4th dimension; the one that we can not measure with Cartesian coordinates, which is expressed by the singular experience of the movement of the Being through the space in a certain period of time...

This exhibition is not about where we arrive or from where we depart, it focuses about the path, more or less dense, more or less slower... path that reflects a certain (almost always) measurable distance between the arrival point, this, more or less distant from the point where the experience originally began.

This series of objects shyly break some of the “rules” and in this way are released (in a discrete way) from the hardness and geometry of the precedent essays, and unequivocally deny a stable relation with the base where they lie...

Sculptures whose “body” is also another (not yet so intimate) material, this a bit warmer, maybe because it´s still alive...

Therefore, we (re)confirm that distance in its essence is directly related with the experience(s) along the way(s) that we go through … and as we suspected, hasn’t a straight relation with the deviation (or absence of it) that effectively we reach.

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