Skyfall house (In-Nature)

Skyfall house (In-Nature)

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Skyfall house (In-Nature)

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Skyfall house (In-Nature)

One of the most interesting qualities of this project, and that to a great extent determined the architecture and allowed the integration to the environment was that the housing does not simply displace on the ground, the solution follows the topography of the land giving the impression that the architecture Emerges from the landscape.

One of the greatest challenges of architectural creation is to find spaces that promote an understanding and assimilation of nature, inducing through the architectural forms the sensitivity, awareness, understanding, enthusiasm and commitment to the context that surrounds them.

The problem of integration has involved the incorporation of a new thematic variant in the work of architectural design since it provides new solutions that assume a more extensive territorial dimension, considering above all that the success or failure of a project can negatively impact a place Or, on the contrary, it can prevent or correct the problems of its surroundings.

Essentially, the integration of a building into its context implies a close relationship between human activities and the landscape through various strategies that mainly involve reading and analyzing the landscape.

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Antwerp, Belgium - Build completed in 2016
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