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Social security fund for lawyers

Social security fund for lawyers

Sergio Alberto Cabrera Arquitectos
San José de Metán, Argentina | View Map
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Federico Cairoli

Social security fund for lawyers

Sergio Alberto Cabrera Arquitectos as Architects

Located in the town of Metan, 130 km from the city of Salta, the project proposes to break certain limits related to the construction and program standard in the region. In a 15m x 47m site oriented north on a broad boulevard, we design the program proposed by the client: public service offices, meeting room, multipurpose room with additional services, and barbecue, all the while respecting the existing trees on the site and in the public space.

The access is through a sliding security gate leading to the main courtyard, from there we have the option to enter the offices or continue to the multipurpose room through the patio. Upon entering the offices there is a waiting area, reception, and the staircase leading to the meeting room upstairs all in a double height space. After a turn in plan are the offices and a corridor running the length of the site, it connects with the services of multipurpose room, the barbecue and backyard. The multipurpose room has a direct access from the street, with a series of semi-covered spaces for different outdoor activities. An acoustic mobile panel allows different uses for the multipurpose room. In its basic configuration, it allows for a Foyer and Main Hall that leads to the backyard. The acoustic insulation and design were included both in the horizontal and vertical parameters.

The project involves a large space of 47 x 9 m that can be interrupted by a mobile partition that has different heights, different textures, and that is inside and outside, with intense or moderate natural light, covered by a tree or the sky. We proposed to create and remove limits giving the space different dimensions according to the proposed use. The rest is a series of small spaces that generates its counterpoint in the double height of the access, referenced on the facade, controlling the entry of natural light and adapting its scale to the height of the lowest building in the environment.

We are periphery and in some cases its connotations are made more evident. Beyond its connection as a material and functional property, the proposal aims to show that with limited financial and material resources, one can achieve a local project of reference for future endeavors.

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