Urban Photovoltaic Sculpture

Paolo VenturellaArchitecture as Architects

The “Solar Loop”is a photovoltaic solar sculpture that can be placed in urban and suburban areas in different context.

The aim is to expose more surface possible to the solar rays during the day. The shape comes out directly from the analysis of the sun path and the direction of the sun rays from sunrise to the sunset. The surface is made in a way that is always perpendicular to the rays, providing a more efficient system. It is tested that a same square meters surface designed with a “standard orientation and shape” provides less energy than the Solar Loop, so that the shape is rationally justified as a more efficient solutions: “Same square meters of photovoltaic panels generate more energy thanks to its shape!”

The surface is tilted in a different way according to the orientation. The parts of the surface directed to the east and west are more vertical since during the morning and during the evening the sun is low on the horizon, while the south side is designed more horizontal since the sun is higher at midday.

The “Solar Loop” is a very flexible solution. It can be realized all around the world. According to latitude it changes its tilted angles creating different shapes and always the best solutions in terms of efficiency.

It can be designed in different sizes, from a very small scale (1 meter) to a bigger one (20-30 meters), according to customer’s needs.

The “Solar Loop” is a single continuous surface that twists onto itself. It creates a photovoltaic side directed to the sun and a mirrored side that reflects the surrounding.

It merges into the context and design a sustainable icon.

It clearly shows how starting from a rational and functional concept it is possible to achieve an aesthetical result and a cool shape demonstrating that renewable energies can be beautiful!

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Dongziguan Villagers' Activity Center
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