Henning Larsen
coppenhagen, Denmark
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Henning Larsen as Architects

Sydporten (the South Gateway) is a new office building located in Copenhagen’s Sydhavn comprising 2000 workplaces. It is located on the border between inner city and Amager and naturally it will become a south gateway to and from Copenhagen.

The building takes the shape of the delimitation of the street and its dynamic design enhances the experience of a vibrant cityscape. The design creates a beautiful, curvy motion in the infrastructural landscape. Towards the south the offices will have a view of the South Gateway’s interior landscape space with small gardens and terraces and the offices towards north will have a view of Sluseholm Harbour.

The facade along Sjællandsbroen and towards Bådehavnsgade will have a rhythmic course in copper with vertical glass bands. Copper is a material that will turn more beautiful as the years go by in the rough weather by Sjællandsbroen. The first stage of the project comprising 24,000 m2 has been constructed. Process and collaboration

The project has been developed in a close collaboration with the client and contractor and Henning Larsen Architects has been contractually bound to the client, Sydporten A/S.

From the detailed design to the construction phase, the project has been subject to a turnkey contract where the same contractor has also acted as client.

This special form of organisation has provided the project with the very best conditions from the beginning in relation to usability, construction, responsibility and financial management.

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