Tectonics of Transparency (The Wall)

Tectonics of Transparency (The Wall)

Cristina Parreño Architecture
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John Horner and Jane Messinger

Tectonics of Transparency (The Wall)

Cristina Parreño Architecture as Architects

“Tectonics of Transparency”is a series of architectural prototypes that explore the relationship between formal design, spatial perception, structural efficiency and systems of fabrication, introducing the variant of the glass medium that contributes by offering a completely new set of parameters thus requiring new means and method of aggregation, joinery, and stabilization.

“The Wall” is the first installation of the series. The project aims to generate high compressive strength as a vehicle to produce spatial environments that are specific to the glass medium. The use of glass as the only material touches on issues of perception, privacy, transparency, light and opacity. In turn, the artifact has the potential to exude multiple interpretations.The project emphasizes the interaction between structure and light. Its appearance varies dramatically in relation to the source of light and the position of the viewer. The myriad of apertures of the screen subtly change shape as we perceive them from different angles.

The projects was funded by the International Design Center and CAMIT

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