Teppanyaki MADOI

Yoshihiro Kato Atelier as Interior Architects

Teppan-yaki "MADOI" is a high-grade Teppanyaki restaurant in Marunouchi, Nagoya, Japan.

The exterior wall of the aluminum plate of the facade was attached with an inclination, changing the protruding amount of aluminum plates of different sizes. Different lengths of lighting were installed at the bottom of the slope, randomly shining and made a moving design.

In the interior, guest rooms and kitchen are in the same space as it is, so we have to consider the selection of finishing materials and cleaning problems. As a material combining the necessity of both, we planned aluminum as the main body of design.

Aluminum material was used on the two sides of the steel plate counter, so that the guest room and the kitchen became united. The aluminum material was blown twice in the urethane baking, flat baked on the same aluminum plate, and then sprayed to the masked part as a suede-like coarse finish.

By making two types of urethane baked finish on the same aluminum plate, the expression varies depending on the light. By making these two finishes a random pattern and non-uniform design, we expressed a movement like marbled meat.

This finish was made the same finish for the ventilation hood on the upper part of the iron plate, the boundary between the guest room and the kitchen became ambiguous, and it became a place with a sense of presence.

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