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Venture Capital Office Headquarters

Venture Capital Office Headquarters

Paul Murdoch Architects
Menlo Park, United States
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Venture Capital Office Headquarters

Paul Murdoch Architects as Architects

The project is an office headquarters for a venture capital firm in Menlo Park, CA. By creating their own building, the company had the opportunity to express their culture and values through the design. Gardens, transparency and wood finishes create a warm, intimate work environment comfortable for employees. Strong, accent colors express the company’s reputation for bold risk taking in major, disruptive clean technologies. Fine, straight-grained, wire-brushed wood finishes form a warm, elegant and understated feeling in keeping with the firm’s sophisticated analysis of emerging markets. Set in a tight site closely surrounded by residential neighbors, a goal was to minimize disturbance during construction. For this reason, and because the site had little space for construction staging, the building is made of prefabricated components, including structural steel modules stacked by crane on a concrete parking podium. Demountable walls allow for flexible interior layouts.Planted screening and vegetated roofs are used to create a garden setting that the transparent interior can enjoy while maintaining privacy from adjacent properties.

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