Winery in Armenia

Winery in Armenia

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Winery in Armenia

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The complex (area is 6 hectare) is a list of landscape objects, including the winery itself-a production complex, vineyards, which are already growing on the territory, a hotel with a small spa-complex and a guest house of the patron, who invests in the project. Three key themes of the development of the complex were developed: the first is a collection of "ruined" buildings: an outdoor amphitheater, piers, streets, covered galleries, which form a section of the border, create new visual points and spatial sensations. On the site, the difference in relief is about 50-60m, and the objects are partially "grown" into the landscape, partially remain open, creating the aesthetics of the ruins, as if the buildings were in this area since ancient times. The second story-the key objects: the winery (with a line of processing and storage of vines), as well as the hotel building, with a guest house and a spa-complex.

The inspiration was the existing architecture of the region and handicraft traditions. The hotel building reproduces the main features of the landscape: brevity, simplicity, a minimum number of window openings and natural materials. National elements of Armenian masonry were transferred to the architecture of the building, creating the concept of "living stones". The hotel complex is a large masonry stones, each stone-one room.

The third story is the approach: the winery project will be an example of the reclamation of a traditional Armenian village. All objects, landscape, masonry, building materials, furniture, windows and even dishes will be made by the hands of local residents from local materials, so people will get a job, this method will raise to a new level of life of the settlement.

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