Zendai Himalayas Center III

Zendai Himalayas Center III

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China - Build completed in 2018
Qiang SHEN

Zendai Himalayas Center III

WJ Design as Architects

The idea of Landscape City theory has been mentioned in Xuesen Qian's book "On Macro Architecture and Micro-Architecture" long time ago. Today, Yansong Ma, as a representative of the theory of landscape city, pointed out, we are facing a new challenge: How to create a new type of high-density city. The idea of a landscape city is to try to bring traditional values and lifestyles to modern buildings.

Ecological philosophy of Landscape City

The architectural design of the third phase of Nanjing Zendai Himalaya Center was designed by MAD Architects. The interior public area and office model room of the whole project was under the responsibility of WJ Design. Design director Yan Hongfei hopes to further integrate the concept of landscape into the creation of indoor space. He believes that we should advocate an ecological office model, that is, the ecological philosophy under Landscape City, which is a symbiotic relationship between space and natural environment, giving people an emotional sustenance and experience.

The Landscape City is a modern city and a high-density city, but we need more attention to the natural environment. We bring a lot of plants and gardens, and we prefer to treat the buildings as a part of the city landscape.

We designed the front hall as high as 11 meters to release a large space for the public area and rest area. The green plantation area and the placement of moss run throughout the lobby space, to weaken the traditional tone of office, meanwhile to present a natural form and a multi-dimensional landscape. The composition of the upper linear grid echoes the external environment of the building, forms a natural interface that balances the interior and exterior spaces, and presents a new concept of ecological office.

Continuing the vertical design method of the lobby, the area of the elevator hall is dominated by black and white, which increases the overall sense of the hall. White tiles with black metal trim make a touch of detail. The application of the vertical light strip enhances the space and also has a guiding function. Each entrance has a light strip reinforcement, and it is supplemented with an extension process to enhance its recognition.

“SKY PARK” Ecological Office

Creative model office space is a new office mode, introducing the "SKY PARK" eco-office theme, focusing on creating a sense of scene, weakening the functional space, and releasing the concept space. In the entire space, a large number of different forms of greening run through, creating a more relaxed and pleasant "garden-style" office environment, providing a different experience office space for companies that focus on quality green ecology and creativity in the future.

The green ecology runs through the streamline from the front desk to the office function area, enhancing people's accessibility, participation and comfort, and strengthening the relaxed atmosphere of ecological office. The use of steel gratings in space is to reflect the combination of natural light and light. The relationship between the lighting system and the space material incorporates subtle changes into the environment, making the space unique and aesthetic. The use of the top light film breaks the sense of oppression of the traditional office building and enhances the atmosphere of the entire office space.

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