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NotíciasNotícia • 9 ago. 2021

Recreational farmhouse designed by Danish architecture studio NORRØN embraces Danish ruralism while bridging history and contemporary ways of living

This new recreational farmhouse designed by Danish architecture studio NORRØN embraces Danish ruralism and bridges history and contemporary ways of living. Coined around concepts of biodynamic food production, freely grazing animals and farm to table, the design evokes the region’s vernacular building tradition and inquisitively reinterprets the traditional Danish farmhouse. Torben Eskerod Set in the countryside of rolling hills, the house is organized around a central patio that unites the wings of the building. With cut out gables that rise from the ground and tower the sky, the building stands on a four-legged structure with each leg incorporating an open gate through which the surrounding landscape can is seen. ... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 16 jul. 2021

Harmonious and contemporary CH House embraces the traditional courtyard typology of Hanoi

In the centre of Hanoi, Ch House by ODDO Architects is designed as a harmonious home for a three-generation family that wants to enhance their sense of traditional family life. The house is located on a site measuring 4.2-meters wide and 35-meters long, a typical plot size of the long and narrow local tube houses that surround. The layout of the house is inspired by the traditional courtyard houses of Hanoi, which bring in plenty of natural light and ventilation.  Hoang Le Photography The house is divided into two zones: a commercial area on two floors and a family area. The common spaces for the family, including the living room, library, dining room and kitchen, are situated on different levels with varying ceiling heights that... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 15 abr. 2021

Totoro House integrates family, home and landscape

In Sydney, the renovation and extension of the Totoro House by CplusC Architectural Workshop is inspired by Studio Ghibli’s animated fantasy film ‘My Neighbor Totoro.’ The film teaches the importance of relationships with family, friends and nature. The house is the embodiment of these concepts, both in its connection with the family and with the surrounding landscape. Murray Fredericks The house can be categorised into three different zones: private quarters of the existing house, living space in the new extension and the courtyard/ garden. The existing house accommodates two bedrooms, a main bedroom with ensuite, a guest room and a bathroom. Although the existing house has been renovated to match the standard of th... Mais

Projeto • By CERAMICHE KEOPECasas Particulares

Private Villa in Salerno

Salerno. The Italian dolce vita is not only lived in the coastal areas, but in small, bucolic hills. At Giffoni Sei Casali there is a private villa similar to a summer dream, where the olive trees surround an elegant and modern pool area.For the gently shaded courtyard and patio floor, the stone effect of In & Out Percorsi Extra was chosen. Our Evoke 30x120 wood effect porcelain stoneware frames the pool, with its 20 mm thickness, ideal for exteriors exposed to humidity and atmospheric agents. Mais

Projeto • By via.Centros de Exposições

Atrium House Show Gallery

Atrium House is a celebration of heritage and traditions. To design the sales gallery for the development, via. reinterpreted traditional Chinese courtyard houses. Entrance of the suite is marked by a timber framework against a composition of Chinese bricks, creating a powerful impression. Custom-made cast concrete panels created with bamboo formwork is used to echo the materials in the residential development. A pathway leads to an indoor garden, featuring slatted timber grilles and intricate brickwork. An additional theater space showcases two artworks in a space highlighted by symmetry and harmony. Mais

Projeto • By John Lum ArchitectureHabitação

Courtyard Residence

Nestled among a heritage redwood tree and mature oaks in a quiet suburban neighborhood, this Menlo Park residence was designed around a series of outdoor experiences. Minimalist and modern, the house consists of four distinct wood-clad pavilions connected by glass walkways that surround a central courtyard and open to an expansive backyard complete with raised pool and lounge areas. A covered walkway frames the entrance, leading to a double-height living / dining space. Bookended by outdoor spaces, the pavilion highlights the simple material palette of cedar, blackened steel, glass, and concrete, and is the backdrop for the homeowner’s collected art pieces. The family of four tapped John Lum Architecture to design their new house to... Mais

Projeto • By StudionomadCasas Particulares


Lom Hai Jai aims to address the human side of city architecture, it attempts to allow the occupants can break away from boxed air-conditioned “building block” (2-4 residential stories building which occupies a large portion of the city.) Which lacks sufficient natural light and airflow. The project is also a showcase of possibility. It aims to rebel the norm, an anti-thesis to the most dominance type of residential architecture in the region. The goal is to achieve a unique design at an affordable price with ideal level of privacy for each family members, resolving the existed typology of city twin house design. The project comprises of 5 units in a form of townhouse building. The house is designed in U-shape plan, mass being subtracte... Mais

Projeto • By OTP ArquiteturaPaisagem residencial


O projeto foi concebido com uma releitura de uma casa tradicional de fazenda, procurando trazer elementos tradicionais como alpendre, pátio, telhado de duas águas, beiral combinado a uma concepção contemporânea.O partido nasce da proposta de preservação das condições naturais do sitio. Fora definido a cota média do terreno para implantação dos dois volumes, do lado esquerdo, o social, voltado para o declive e tirando proveito da vista com a piscina cravada em meia encosta. Já o volume direito, no qual se localiza a parte intima da residência fica voltada ao aclive, protegendo-a de ruídos e conferindo maior privacidade. Os dois volumes são conectados por uma laje de concreto com vedação de tijolo ecológico aparente, criando um contraste com... Mais

Projeto • By poetic space studioPaisagem residencial

Multiple Courtyard House

A família mudou de sua casa geminada do centro da cidade para a periferia de Bangkok. Pela limitação da casa existente como casa geminada da cidade, não era mais possível acomodar sete membros da família — avó, mãe e cinco filhos — de crianças a adultos. Eles precisavam de mais espaço para a área pessoal e mais áreas para as atividades da família.   O novo local é uma nova área residencial, antes agrícola, pela expansão da infraestrutura de Bangkok. Agora eles podem ter muito mais espaço para construir uma grande casa de família, e também cultivar uma horta no quintal.   A casa... Mais

Projeto • By ZAO/standardarchitectureHabitação Sênior

Co-living Courtyard

This project further explores a sustainable renewal strategy for the urban fabric in the Baitasi historical area in an extremely subtle way. It aims to transform a 150 sqm courtyard in a shared space for two households with the insertion of a prefabricated service core in the 80 sqm main apartment and an 8 sqm “Mini House” underneath the pitched roof. The boundary of the courtyard is clearly defined by its dated brick walls. By reinforcing them with a 9 cm thick casting concrete mixed with Chinese ink, and extending the roof structure to create integral roof scenery, we intended to give the courtyard enclosure and unity, refurbishing it instead of rebuilding it. The 3.5 sqm service core, facilitated with kitchen, bathroom, laundry and... Mais