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NotíciasNotícia • 30 mar. 2022

Plaza Mallorca in Inca transforms an existing public space into a plaza for the future

Located in Inca, Islas Baleares, Spain, at a key junction between a historic centre and different urban fabrics, this project by Son Estudi Architects sees the transformation of an existing public space into a revitalized plaza that promises to serve as infrastructure for future lives.  José Hevia Marked by existing pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows, the existing site condition includes the presence of two parking floors with one emerging on the surface, causing the plaza to be divided longitudinally by a 4-meter high wall that acts as a barrier between the different levels of the public space and the public’s interaction with the place.  José Hevia Responding to this condition, the project see... Mais

Projeto • By superspaceParques / Jardins


celebrates a lifetime of dedication to architecture by contouring the new grounds of the city!are you ready to explore a new angle every day?   even though Istanbul and Bosphorus have this extraordinary charming effect on people especially, at first sight, we can easily say that it could not be compared to any epic fairy-tale-land illustrations of Bosphorus from the last two centuries. “the peak” aims to greet this, to commemorate a unique person of history, “great architect Sinan” who has designed a magnificent amount of buildings around the world, and especially in Istanbul, that has changed the way of understanding and maintaining the city and its culture. even today, architects are learning from his wo... Mais

Projeto • By superspaceParques / Jardins

the ring

an urban square doomed to live with vehicle traffic for so long that it has forgotten the meaning of enjoying the companionship of people. a non-place in the middle of the city center acting improperly to fleeting inhabitants, wasting time all alone... it is time to behave more decent to make friends and spend some time together!   the victory square, literally the heart of Prague 6, is a lately developed area differentiating from the old city with abruptly emerging wide boulevards flowing to a unique horseshoe shape. a.engels planned it as an urban square which in time became severely inhuman, amplified by heavy traffic turning into a non-permeable urban void, unattractive to be claimed as a vibrant public space. a simple solut... Mais

Projeto • By Rapp+RappLojas

Ypenburg Centre

The district centre of Ypenburg, located next to The Hague, was established in the nineties as part of a large city extension for 30.000 inhabitants. According to the original masterplan the district centre was to be conceived as ‘superblock’. This masterplan requirement was transformed step by step. The park was moved from the inside of the block to the outside and situated between the crescent facade and the artificial lake. In addition, the superblock was divided into nine smaller blocks, fitting more into the adjacent surrounding area. Kim Zwarts Instead of the large-scale shopping plaza, the new block ensemble is queued alongside a street in east-westerly direction, opening up to all public services, supermarkets and... Mais

Projeto • By TSPAPlanos Diretores

Campus Winnenden

CAMPUS WINNENDEN – PROPOSAL FOR INTERNATIONALE BAUAUSSTELLUNG 2027 (IBA’27). WINNENDEN URBAN NEIGHBOURHOOD Winnenden Urban Neighborhood is one of the IBA’27 locations. Winnenden municipal authorities and the International Building Exhibition 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart (IBA’27) are looking for suggestions for a mixed-use neighborhood of the future. We embrace one of the driving questions from the Bauwelt Congress 2016 on the productive city: “What do architects and planners need to build to make the mixed city a reality – how do we achieve a city for living, dwelling, and working in which the functional separation of these areas is removed?” Image credits TSPA Our answer is an urban campus fo... Mais

Projeto • By Brusnika Company, RussiaPlanos Diretores

Waterfront quarters in Tyumen

Brusnika’s quarters in the River Port form a new housing estate in the centre of Tyumen, Russia. The area is located at the site of the former river port, which marked the beginning of Siberian steam navigation in the late 19th century. Barges were used to transport grain and salt, metal and peltry, fish and timber. At the time Tyumen was genuinely the door to Siberia. In the second half of the 20th century, the development of rail and automobile infrastructure led to a declining demand for river transportation. Eventually the port faded in importance but it still remains a memorable place for the city.    While designing the River Port project, Brusnika opted to conserve the authentic spot and restore access to the river.... Mais
Before Reconstruction
Renovation of the historical centre of Zaraysk
A renovated brick water tower
One of the main attractions of the city
Contrasting coating

Projeto • By Basis architectural bureauHeranças

Zaraysk Renovation project

The project for the renovation of the historical city centre It was important for the architects of the bureau not only to create a comfortableenvironment for locals and tourists but also to emphasize the historical significance of the city, to show its uniqueness. Zaraysk is a small ancient city that still retains the comfort and warmth of bygone eras. Daniel Annenkov Daniel Annenkov Daniel Annenkov The city is associated with the names of the governor Pozharsky, the merchantsBakhrushins, Yartsevs, and Sholokhovs; Feodor Dostoevsky was born here. Despitethe fact that over the past years the cultural and merchant heritage has noticeablydeteriorated, Zaraysk is not very different from the city that Dostoevsky experienced - a... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 14 dez. 2021

Aranya Theatre by TAO shapes public space within a unique urban context

Located on a gold coast seaside resort in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China, the Aranya Theatre by TAO is situated on an irregularly shaped site that overlooks the sea and dunes while being surrounded on three sides by residential buildings. Key to the project is the shaping of the town’s public space within this context.    Zaiye Studio The project includes three theatres being the A Theatre, Fengchao Theatre and Dionysus Theatre. Each of the three theatres has its own function, providing space for different types of performance and activity. The A Theatre and Fenchao Theatre are rectangular theatres in form, connected by a central lobby and extending into the urban fabric.  The ceiling structure adopts the triangul... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 19 nov. 2021

Steven Holl Architects embrace an architecture of spatial energy and openness at the Shanghai Cofco Cultural & Health Center

Embracing an architecture of spatial energy and openness, the Shanghai Cofco Cultural & Health Center by Steven Holl Architects in collaboration with East China Architectural Design aims to foster community among the residents of the surrounding housing blocks by offering a public space and park along the canal as well as community and recreational programs within two new buildings. Courtesy Aogvision Two new public buildings and the landscape are united through a concept of ‘clocks and clouds.’ The buildings represent clouds with the porosity and sense of openness while the landscape is organized around in clocklike circles that create a central public space. Courtesy Aogvision The first building of the two buil... Mais

Projeto • By CarvePaisagem comercial

Serravalle Designer Outlet

Play with heritage Hidden in the beautiful mountainous landscape of Piemonte, some little towns stand out as tiny gems in the lush green of the woods. These small agglomerations of few houses tied together inspired Carve for the design of an attractive and iconic playscape concept at Serravalle Designer Outlet. Carve was asked by McArthurGlen, a client with whom a long lasting collaboration has been established, to create a multifunctional design,where several features needed to come together as a whole: an iconic playscape, the main (event) square, a pic-nic area, an indoor creche, lighting and shading structure all connected with a common design language. Looking for a flexible approach, our team based the whole plan on a strong geometr... Mais

Projeto • By supermanoeuvreTransportes

Hobart Micro-Icons

Hobart Micro-Icons is an adaptive design approach to smart urban transport shelters and social infrastructure.  The project is the first-prize winner of the Smarter Hobart Challenge, a two-stage international design competition that was run by the City of Hobart and received over 120 entries from around the globe. Rather than developing a single bus shelter design, Supermanoeuvre developed an innovative end-to-end, computational design and fabrication process which enables shelters to be easily configured to each site. Central to that workflow is the use of Augmented-Reality (AR) within the design chain allowing each shelter to be viewed and configured on-site (via Microsoft’s Hololens 2) before being approved for manufacture.&n... Mais

Projeto • By DENIZEN WORKSEspaços memoráveis

Cruciform Bench

The concept for the benches draws on the predominant visual motif found throughout the cemetery - the cross. This motif is composed into a three dimensional form to create two galvanized steel bases, between which spans a solid timber seat. The clean, delicate metalwork contrasts with the heft of timber and its expressive grain to create a sculptural form in the landscape.  Five benches were commissioned for the central memorial zone in the cemetery, three of which were specially adapted to include backrests and are now located in the Garden of Remembrance War Memorial. The design was chosen as the winner from over 50 international entries and is part of the wider project at the cemetery, which was shortlisted for the 2021 RIBA MacEw... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 2 set. 2021

Freiburg’s ‘Pavillon on Europaplatz’ by J Mayer H marks a new starting point for Freiburg’s historical core

Marking a new starting point for Freiburg’s historical core, the 250 square meter Pavillon on Europaplatz features a freestanding, curving green roof canopy that houses a bus stop, tram station, and restaurant.  David Franck Known for curving forms, the design by J Mayer H unites two formerly disjoined public transport stations with a shared amenity by generating a communicative place and meeting point that combines the needs of public transportation and urban experience. David Franck The intervention forms part of a general redevelopment of the ring around the old city of Freiburg that strives to develop new public spaces while increasing urban mobility and enhancing existing streetscapes.  David Franck Mais

Projeto • By Cloud-floorEspaços Verdes Urbanos

Dense City: An Urban Re-Typology

"Dense-city: An Urban Re-typology" presents an urban strategy that repurposes the role of traffic intersections, which are ubiquitous physical infrastructures in every city. On a global scale, the ratio between traffic intersections and the rest of the urban spaces is a stark reminder of how much our cities value the convenience of motor vehicles over the utility of pedestrians. To solve this problem, our urban planners have continued to add multilayers of pedestrian walkways as means to move the mass from one place to another. Undeniably, we have left the priority given to the cars unchallenged. We have wasted almost every corner in the city for nothing else, but traffic and its congestion. Caption But we see more potential for these... Mais
The design concept is to stitch a dozen pockets of land and surrounding urban fabric back together
The masterplan aims to bridge the hinterland with a new coastline the Bay, connecting transit and culture, landmarks and open spaces, places and people
The project is poised to become a world-class culture-led mixed-use landmark in the Bay Area
We aspire to create a vibrant public realm that is diverse, walkable, and rich in cultural offerings
Digital Placemaking was employed from the inception to inform the masterplanning process

Projeto • By the Oval partnershipParques / Jardins

Shenzhen Bay Cultural Centre

Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza is poised to become a world-class culture-led mixed-use development in the Bay Area.   The project is located at the Houhai district of Nanshan, Shenzhen, comprising a dozen of land parcels dissected by major thoroughfares. The Oval Partnership's winning concept is to stitch these pockets of land and surrounding urban fabric back together, bridging the hinterland with a new coastline the Bay, connecting transit and culture, landmarks and open spaces, places and people. Digital Placemaking was employed from the inception of the Shenzhen Bay Masterplanning process. Connectivity, pedestrian flow, and hybrid visual field metrics were leveraged to optimise footfall along with point-of-interest clustering analys... Mais