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NotíciasGuides • 20 set. 2020

A guide to designing with concrete

Known for its design flexibility and visual appeal, concrete is without a doubt a favoured material -  if not the favourite material - of architects. We’ve taken a look at the evolution of concrete in the field of architecture over the centuries in our Compact History of Concrete. Here, we take a practical look at the use of concrete in current architectural practice and some of the key points to consider when designing with concrete. Colour and Texture: Colour and texture are perhaps two of the biggest ways to make an impact with concrete.   Concrete is of course known and loved for its smooth mid-grey tones. But many projects in latter years have made a statement by adding colourful pigments, including bright red, yello... Mais

Projeto • By PALMACasas Particulares


The 50m2 bungalow is located in Litibu, a small town on the coast of the Mexican Pacific. The bedroom and living space are seperated in two volumes to create an open patio in between. The climate was the main driver of the design, high palapa ceilings cover the main spaces, which in turn can open fully towards the outside. Pigmented stucco was used rather than paint to avoid humidity build-up in the walls. Built in concrete interior elements such as the kitchen counter, shelves or lintels are shown on the facade as a playful break to the symmetry of the project.   Material Used: 1. Raw concrete 2. Green stucco 3. Natural wood Mais

Projeto • By Peter Pichler ArchitectureCasas Particulares

House in Mexico

The project is located in Jalisco, Mexico on the West Coast of the Pacific Ocean. It embraces a full conversion of an existing house of the 1960s.   The site of the house is on a silent road close to the beach on a rectangular plot, surrounded by small and typical 2 storey houses. A little garden at the entrance of the house on the west side creates an open space that can be used for parking as well.   The volume of the two-storey building is cut by three atria in order to let in natural light and a double height ceiling at the entrance of the building. The first floor is mainly for a living and kitchen area as well as guest rooms and two bathrooms. The upper floor has two bedrooms as well as two bathrooms and a big terrace fa... Mais

Projeto • By Tal Goldsmith FishShowrooms

OIG Showroom

The new showroom and demo hall was planned for a company that manufactures healthy cooking appliances, in a healthy and green atmosphere, made by natural materials.Raw concrete, Corten steel, birch plywood and lots of greenery.   The architecture of the space and it’s elements are what define the hall. Built of raw concrete, the hall is divided into two spaces. On the ground floor, the demo hall and on the Corten steel Gallery above - display of the healthy cooking appliances. The floor is covered with birch plywood and on it’s edges we planted herbs and greenery.   Diagonal plywood bleachers were built for the participants and guests of the showroom in order to keep the space as minimal as possible and avoid using... Mais

Projeto • By Dyer BrownHotéis

Studio Allston

Dyer Brown’s reimagining of a 1960’s vintage building located in Boston’s vibrant Allston neighborhood transformed Studio Alston into a hip, boutique hotel. Originally a Ramada Inn, the converted 60,000-square-foot, 117-key hotel reflects the flourishing artist community in the rapidly expanding Allston neighborhood of Boston, Mass. The redesign included complete gut renovations of the first floor and basement, and collaborations with 21 local artists on original works for the lobby, guest rooms, and other spaces.    The desire of Dyer Brown’s development team to embrace the surrounding creative community inspired a design process that would involve local artists directly from the earliest stages. Colorfu... Mais

Projeto • By Archimontage Design Fields SophisticatedCasas Particulares

Pakkret House

A gigantic wall of 7.5 meter height at the front facing west is divided into several strips, various in sizes and thickness levels, parting and overlapping freely from different angles and directions. Covered by brownish-orange terracotta tiles, the wall stands high to support a translucent roofing panel where many small lights strung in rows like waves. These decorative elements on the front of the two-story house in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi not only shade the house from direct sunlight but also intentionally create an interplay between natural sunlight and the light after dark: a lively area of a conversation with light. The 96 sq.w plot is located behind the Sahakon 3 Market in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi. From the desire to expand the residence t... Mais

Projeto • By ES_ARCHITECTURE (Erez Segalovitz)Escritórios

HEU & Co. Law Firm Office

O escritório de advocacia da HEU & Co. está localizado na torre de escritórios de Midtown, um novo arranha-céu de 50 andares no centro da área comercial de Tel Aviv. A torre faz parte de um complexo de desenvolvimento urbano de uso misto que inclui espaços comerciais, escritórios e residenciais, além de estacionamentos. Ao sul, uma vista dos skyrises da cidade e da rodovia Ayalon. Para o oeste, uma vista panorâmica deslumbrante da cidade e do mar.   Dado que o escritório de advocacia HEU & Co. possui uma especialização específica em imóveis, representando empreendedores e empreiteiros, incorporamos recursos da prática de co... Mais

Projeto • By I-Con Architects and Urban PlannersEscritórios

Office Complex for Gopal Printpack Solutions

Located in Metoda, an industrial zone in Rajkot is Gopal Printpack Solutions factory. It is one of the leading companies in Gujarat which excels in delivering customized packaging solutions. This architectural solution proposes the realization of an office building as the most representative element while the factory is kept in the background. The square plan of the office building is tilted at an angle against the rectangular site and the factory, to make it stand out on the site.   The design intention was to develop a language of the complex that showcases the manufacturing process of the factory. The process is such that a blank plastic sheet is dipped sequentially into inks of various colors that amalgamate to form the final Pri... Mais

Projeto • By Uygur ArchitectsEscolas Primárias

TED Ankara College Campus

Ted Ankara College, giving education to 6000 students per year for 70 years, used to have a strong relation with the city thanks to its location, though with a lack of open spaces. The project aims to increase the amount of open spaces while intensifying the social life-education relation. As a significant design principle, contemporary education is adopted by composing various indoor and outdoor common spaces. The main theme is interpretation and projection of city simulation in a campus plan. City life is considered as the main educational framework by providing numerous common places where education comes into the practice.The classrooms are defined as “ateliers” instead of being compartmented rooms, while the surrounding env... Mais

Projeto • By Dominique Perrault ArchitectureUniversidades

Mechanics Hall

O campus da École Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne foi criado historicamente em torno da engenharia mecânica. Desde o início dos anos 2000, em um esforço para promover suas atividades de ensino, pesquisa e inovação de nível superior, a própria EPFL realizou várias operações de reconstrução. O campus e os prédios foram reformados, incluindo o edifício ME, construído pela equipe da Zweifel + Stricker + Associates no início dos anos 70, que gradualmente se tornou pequeno e estava se deteriorando rapidamente.   O novo edifício, cobrindo uma área total de mais de 223.000 pés quadrados, está esp... Mais

Projeto • By CAPEXUSEscritórios


A filial tcheca da MSC, uma das maiores companhias de navegação do mundo, mudou-se para novos escritórios em Smíchov, Praga. Os novos escritórios para quase 100 pessoas são dominados por concreto bruto, madeira, plantas e um contêiner de remessa. Mas chegar ao oitavo andar foi um desafio. O recipiente primeiro teve que ser cortado e soldado de volta à sua forma original nos escritórios.   Os antigos escritórios da empresa não tinham um espaço onde os funcionários pudessem se encontrar. Os arquitetos da CAPEXUS projetaram uma área de relaxamento com uma cozinha compacta, incluindo assentos informais.   A CAPEXUS criou uma instala&cc... Mais

Projeto • By Juergen Pollak Photographie + FilmCasas Particulares

Residence at the Albtrauf

Self-confident solitaire What exactly makes for a good house is not laid down anywhere. The question "How do we want to live?" is too personal, as is the answer. All the more astonishing is the fact that in modern residential areas, single-family houses are as alike as two peas in a pod. In a new residential quarter being built in Neuffen, a town in Württemberg, Stuttgart-based architect Henrik Isermann has implemented an ensemble of two residential buildings for his wife's family that self-confidently demonstrates how to creatively deal with the provisions of a regulatory development plan. In the context of the neighbouring buildings it gives the owners their own architectural expression, and although both buildings share the same de... Mais

Projeto • By Plus ArchitectureBares

Persone Bar and Restaurant

THE ITALIAN LANEWAY REDISCOVERED Overlooking the Brisbane River from the podium of the new W Hotel, along Brisbane’s North Quay, this exciting new Italian restaurant creates a unique, raw Italian environment inspired by the authentic Italian laneway that sets this restaurant apart from all other offerings in Brisbane.   Persone brings about discovery and intrigue to this riverside venue. The thoughtful design creates a space of tapered light, paired with a little grit, to become a moody and memorable space that inspires feelings of curiosity and comfort.   The restaurant seats 210 diners, along with a 12-person private dining room with wine cellar and an outdoor terrace bar with lounge and dining. It appeals to the larg... Mais

Projeto • By KOLMOExposições

Moments of History / The Time Corridor

Multimedia exhibition in the corridor between historical and new building of the National Museum in Prague.The corridor is a raw concrete shell connecting places, transferring information, and organizing people. A cast of free underground volume in between the city's infrastructure. We have inserted three bodies with a length of 56 meters into it, which creates space for time transmission.   Wenceslas Square. Key public space in the Czech Republic. The venue of the most important events. The crossroads of the history of our nation. We present our history on the footprint of one century and the story of the architectural development of the two 720 meters long facades of the square.   To be sufficiently authentic, the most moder... Mais

Projeto • By Pedro Henrique | ArquitetoCasas Particulares

House CG

Um lugar, num terreno elevado em relação á rua que se abre sobre um campo, limitado pelas arvores de grande porte que nos fazem vivenciar experiências visuais e sensoriais através das diferentes paletas de cor que cada estação apresenta. A casa desenha-se, num conjunto de volumes de arquétipo reconhecível, que por sua vez dividem a zona intima de quartos e zona social de cozinha e salas. Assente numa base destinada a garagem, os volumes organizam-se em diferentes orientações na procura do melhor relacionamento entre eles e cada um deles com o exterior. O contraste das fachadas em betão bruto e o interior, criam uma intima sensação táctil... Mais