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Project • By Consul & coResidential Landscape

Gardenhouse-waterfall of villa Ice Canyon

    The garden house was originally conceived as an open gazebo with barbecue, but gradually in the process of creative search evolved into a full-fledged warm pavilion, equipped not only with a brazier, but also a kitchen with an electric stove, sink, refrigerator, and a dining table for ten people at the request of the client. The area allocated for the "gazebo" (30 sq. M.) is located right in front of the windows of the living room of the customer's mansion and is an important strategic object, designed to solve several tasks at once:   -the arrangement of the pertaining territory, which previously was a uniform grass lawn of the garrison type, without any signs of designer care;   -connection of the futuris... More

Project • By Wonder RenderResidential Landscape

Project Norfolk

Drawing inspiration from local Norfolk pines, this mixed-use residential project is a sculptural and sympathetic addition to its coastal location in Burleigh Heads (Queensland, Australia). Norfolk’s adaptable architecture suits the changing climate and ever evolving coastal environment, by designing sliding timber screens we’ve heightened the natural softness of the form and provided greater flexibility for each apartment. The design interacts with nature and is very much about creating breathing space for an incomparable beachfront living experience. Caption Caption Team: Architects: Koichi Takada Architects3D rendering: Wonder Render United Kingdom  Caption More

Project • By BezmirnoIndividual Buildings

The M House

The renovation of the house of the 80s in Germany it’s a great reminder of the relentlessness of life and the unstoppable human desire for the best. A successful tandem with the customer helped create new ideas and a new vision. Carefully, gently and inspired, we worked on the given task. Room after room acquired a new atmosphere and comfort. Caption Unlike the interior, the exterior of the house has undergone minor changes. The exterior of the house looks very restrained and laconic. Clear lines emphasize minimalism, and well-chosen materials combined with landscaping add elegance to the architecture. Due to the peculiarities of the terrain, from the side of the inner courtyard, the house looks somewhat different than from the... More

Project • By Robert Majkut DesignOffices

Media Business Centre Building in Warsaw.

Following our investor invitation we have challenged our team to analyze and deliver the redesign concept of the main lobby in an office building designed in the 1990s by Wejchert Architects.⁠ Caption The essence of the change to existing  rather empty and underused internal atrium was to create it as a lively and active element of the ecosystem, offering space for several scenarios – from quick coffees and meetings to a moment of respite and quiet work beyond the office desks. Caption So we opened the building inwards, created spaces for collaboration with external visitors, created small islands for meeting and relaxation, gave it an infill and multi-level cascade. The revitalisation of the building was intended to... More

Project • By AIMM ArchitectureOffices


The project of the business centre, the reconstruction of Troitskaya Square, and the restyling of the facade of the Park-inn hotel is a complex solution. Our team has been working on it for over a year. AIMM AIMM We developed several design solutions for the architectural ensemble of the square. The main option was a complex using the classic proportions of a conventional facade and a parametric structure inside. The building symbolizes the split between the past and the future. AIMM AIMM AIMM AIMM In landscaping the square, we used the principle of creating a cozy space. Thanks to small architectural forms, we hid engineering shafts, ramps, and stairs that deface the general view of the square. At the same t... More

Project • By Between the wallsPrivate Houses

New reality space in Metaverse

The metaverse is the convergence of the real and virtual worlds. Thus, we can visualize the metaverse as a superset of virtual realities or virtual environments. Think metaverse to be in line with those sci-fi movies, where characters transcend into a virtual world, where they represent themselves through their avatars with super-human capabilities. The metaverse works on a similar concept. It allows us to create whatever we imagine in the space without physical laws. Volodymyr Hura Metaverse architecture and interior design projects will be fully integrated into various physical locations. They will also maximize physical products that will complement augmented reality living. This will allow users or potential customers to connect t... More

Project • By Danthree StudioHousing

Exterior Terrace

The objective of the photorealistic CGI outdoor visualizations is to depict outdoor garden furniture and accessories in an emotionally charged way, in all their beauty and excellence in a photorealistic way. Special emphasis was placed on balanced light and shadow play to create a harmonious and inviting outdoor atmosphere. In addition, the products were viewed from different perspectives to bring every detail into focus. Danthree Studio - CGI Agency furniture, home & living Danthree Studio - CGI Agency furniture, home & living Danthree Studio - CGI Agency furniture, home & living Danthree Studio - CGI Agency furniture, home & living More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectResidential Landscape

Modern Contemporary House

The Modern Contemporary House in Ahmedabad follows the principles of modern simplicity in all the architectural aspects with a contemporary ensemble in the interiors to create a bungalow with seamlessly interconnected spaces. This humble east-facing plot welcomes the sunlight and air to pass through the full-sized window to keep it naturally bright and airy throughout the day. The bungalow holds strategically oriented elevated gardens on every level to promote cross-ventilation keeping the spaces cool and connecting the user with nature. @mkgandhi_studio @mkgandhi_studio The architect planned every activity in such a way that it has a connection with the gardens and created a visual and personal connection between all the floors.... More

Project • By Cristina La Porta StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Rivera

Villa Rivera is an imaginary home inspired by the 80s in the iconic city of Miami.  The predominant colors are peach, beige and mint; a large swimming pool covered with white tiles covers almost the entire outdoor area. Caption The tiles are a fundamental element of the design, since they are also brought back inside, creating a connection between the two areas, which is even more emphasized by the presence of large sliding windows, which allow you to divide the interior and exterior only partially. Caption The house follows organic and inorganic shapes at the same time: there are straight lines in many points of the house, but most of the details are characterized by curved, soft or circular lines. Caption In fact,... More

Project • By Fillet StduioHotels

Borjomi Hotel

Resting place was completed in 2018. The architecture is a duel between two boxers, which takes place in the city of Borjomi. The hotel has 7 floors, on the ground floor of which there is a restaurant, and on the top floor there is a terrace with a pool. Capacity is designed for 80 vacationers. Project author George Artsividze with Fillet Studio More

Project • By JVA Renders - Architecture VisualizationRural


We love Hengki Koentjoro photography, so we made this inspired in his black and white mood photos. Personal project that's done to improve my skills. Environment is full CG. It's full modelled in Rhinoceros testing the RhinoNature Plug-in. JVA Renders (Juan Verdaguer Aguerrebehere + Ezequiel Mill) Software: Rhinoceros - Vray - Photoshop Caption Web: https://jvarenders.com/Cuenta de Instagran: https://www.instagram.com/jvarenders/Cuenta de facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jvarenders/ More

Project • By Vis-RenderPrivate Houses

Dahler & Company Frankfurt GmbH & Co. KG

We created the architecture visualizations for the company Dahler & Company Frankfurt GmbH & Co. KG. Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By Vis-RenderArt Galleries

MHP Bauträger GmbH Fluss Gallery

We created the architecture visualizations for the company MHP Bauträger GmbH. More

Project • By Lunas VisualizationExhibition Centres

3D exterior rendering of Queen Tower in Toronto

Ethereal forms, fineness and subtlety of details, the magic of geometry - all you can find in Lunas recent 3D work.Beautiful view of Queen Tower in Toronto on a swirling city street where warm summer evenings have just begun.   More
At the edge of human city life and  environment The ground floor plan that has the most connection with the street contains common zones like living room and guest room and the private zones like bedrooms are located on the basement floor.

Project • By The SharResidential Landscape

Villa Dar Shib

The project site, it's environment and the landscape were sending us convincing signals​ to protect and provide the best sights and views. The green hill and sloping hillside is where sky and land meet and in that spot "Villa Dar Shib" is built. Caption Caption A hillside villa that had the challenge of not harming the environment and nature by the least amount of foundation excavation and reusing the reduced soil. Caption Caption By defining a shell around the building that not only frames the views from sky to land but also protects the warmness of the house and make it feel safe. The sloped roof is do to the rainy climate. Caption Caption The ground floor plan that has the most connection with the street... More