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Project • By VicousticOffices

Vicoustic Office

The blueprint for the future office The new Vicoustic workplace displays the VicBooth Office sustainable ecosystem of phone booths, private spaces, and isolated meeting rooms for the future office, combined with our flagship VMT and Wavewood solutions and custom-design baffles. Caption Vicoustic's new offices in Charneca da Caparica, near Lisbon, were designed as a blueprint for the future office, as aimed by the company's Acousticians and Designers.  Caption This space is the perfect model of how the VicBooth Office array can be a far-reaching sustainable ecosystem of phone booths, private spaces, and isolated meeting rooms. Within the room, you can see a VicBooth Office 3x4 Conference Booth being used for meetings and pr... More

Product • By Unika VaevECOUSTIC® PANEL 13.5MM


Ecoustic® panels 13.55mm are designed to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors. The ecoustic® panel collection consists of polyester felt fabric adhered to any of four different thicknesses of PET acoustic core. This collection is available in 34 color-ways.Ecoustic® panel is available in four thicknesses; 0.31” (8mm), 0.53” (13.5mm), 0.98” (25mm), 1.97” (50mm), depending on your acoustic requirements.   More

Product • By Mokko AmsterdamAcoustic Art

Acoustic Art

Soft wool abstract art pieces absorbing sound waves and reducing echo. The development of the acoustic art panels was sparked by a fascination of the effect of both sound and color on our brain and wellbeing. The compositions are abstractions of stepping stones in Japanese zen gardens. The acoustic material is made of recycled textile and absorbs 95% of the sound waves (Alpha W = 0,95), reducing echo and reverberation. The panels are finished with several layers of recyclable pure virgin wool. Each artwork is handmade in our studio and can be customized to any size and shape. An information sheet with technical (acoustic) qualities is available at request. Color samples can be requested by e-mail. More

Product • By Acoustical SurfacesPoly Max™ PET Felt Acoustic Panels

Poly Max™ PET Felt Acoustic Panels

Poly Max uses polyester fabric for acoustic panels. They offer sound absorption without chemical irritants. The decorative acoustic ceiling and wall panels can be printed with custom graphics to blend into any décor. More

Product • By LIKO-SSilentPET | acoustic design panels

SilentPET | acoustic design panels

Each space is different. Large glass surfaces, hard floors, open spaces, or high light clearance. The composition of the construction, carpet, or furnishings usually improves the acoustic conditions in the room, but only by using acoustic panels can you achieve the correct acoustic conditions. Choosing the correct shapes and location plays a role in the final effect of fine-tuning both the room and its users acoustically.   ACOUSTICS FROM PET BOTTLESWe think ecologically and we care about sustainability. That's why we came up with the idea of how to produce acoustic panels from PET bottles. PET bottles are processed into fibers in the manufacturing process to form a final blend of material. Final rolling produces SilentPET® sound... More

Project • By SoundtectHospitals

burleigh medical centre

A new build two storey primary care medical centre and integrated Pharmacy. The scheme was to create a space both inside and out that was contemporary and engaging for the service users. The client’s vision was to pay homage to Barnsley's historic mining community which is reflected in the choice of materials both inside and out. The heavily contrasting external materials of dark anthracite cladding with white sparkling block work are reflected back within the interiors. Bold geometric shapes are used throughout the scheme referencing shapes found in geologic materials. Hexagonal forms were used for the children’s built in feature seating and also within the Soundtect Freestyle acoustic panels which meant contemporary Artwork... More

Product • By MikodamKOSA


In spaces shaped by color, pattern and texture, Kosa offers flexible interior solutions by delivering the best possible feelings. The middle panel can be either straight or diamond match veneer as well as fabric or mirror or it can be perforated for acoustic purposes. The panels can be mounted side-by-side or one on top of the other. More

Product • By Decor SystemsDecor Tone

Decor Tone

The innovative, machined planks avoid deadening the space, and promote speech intelligibility and reach. In addition to the remarkable acoustic qualities, the planks can be painted any colour, and make a great impact on the ambience of auditoriums, lecture halls, recording studios, performance spaces, call centres and home entertainment facilities. More

Product • By GlasioGlasio a worldwide unique acoustic material

Unique acoustic Glas

INNOVATIE MATERIAL GLASIO slab is a porous material made of small crystal glass parts joined together by heat. The slabs are joined together by heat and don‘t contain any additives such as fillers and binders.   ACOUSTIC It is acoustic wall panelling with maximal sound absorption coefficient on medium frequency where its absorptive ability exceeds 90% of impact sound energy. These frequency bands (especially octave bands 500Hz and 1Hz) are the key factor for good intelligibility.   COLOURING A basic range of colours was chosen to use in modernor historical interiors in timeless shades typical of crystal glass. When necessary, the shades could be mixed and create new and unique combinations. It is recommended... More

Product • By BWF FeltecpolySONIC fr - polySONIC® fr 3D

polySONIC® fr 3D

The acoustically effective fiber composite for a variety of applications   Variety is our top priority. For this reason,we offer our flame-retardant felt polySONIC® fr not only as basic material. The pressed polySONIC fr sheet is particularly suitable as an acoustic panel as well as for further processing. With our molded parts polySONIC® fr 3D, we set stylish accents with the exclusive BWF Feltec design and ensure optimal sound diffusion.  The textile surface of our polySONIC® fr 3D not only visually upgrades the room, but also guarantees optimum room acoustics through dispersion and simultaneous absorption. Due to the long-lasting fibre-integrated fire protection, we ensure that all products of our polySONIC&re... More

Product • By dTankCoArt Acoustic Floating Panel

CoArt Floating Panels

The Floating Suspension system has an aluminum frame and is suspended from the ceiling and mounted to the floor using aluminum suspension technology with double sided art display. Our reliable suspension system allows you to easily adjust the height of your acoustic panel when floating within a space. The fabric can be dry-cleaned or easily interchanged. The frame comes in aluminum silver, black or white color options.RECOMMENDED SPACE APPLICATIONOpen office spaceWaiting roomsConference roomsBetween desksPrivate OfficesComputer roomsLibraries More

Product • By dTankCoArt Acoustics Ceiling Cloud Panels

CoArt Acoustic Ceiling Cloud

The Ceiling Panel Cloud system has an aluminum frame and is suspended from the ceiling from all corners using aluminum suspension technology. Our reliable suspension system allows you to easily adjust the height of your acoustic panel when suspended from the ceiling. The fabric is interchangeable and dry-cleanable. The frame comes in aluminum silver, black, or white.RECOMMENDED SPACE APPLICATIONLecture hallsLibrariesOpen WorkspacesPrivate officesHallwaysClassrooms More

Product • By SubmaterialOdessa Wall Panel

Odessa Wall Panel

Simple repeating forms in thick monochromatic wool felt create the lively surface of the Odessa Wall Panel. Each piece is made by hand, using wool felt precisely assembled on a sturdy FSC certified wood and hardboard sub-panel. The look is architectural and clean, and installation is easy using a concealed cleat and instructions tailored to each custom piece. As with our other felt wall panel designs, Odessa has excellent acoustic properties. Available in more than 90 colors.   Each Odessa is made by hand and to order. Our design is based on a 2” interval, so any dimension is possible as long as it adheres to a 2” increment. For panels exceeding 120” in width, we can provide the work as a modular system that can be... More