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Product • By Acoustical SurfacesCFAB™ Cellulose Acoustic Panels

CFAB™ Cellulose Acoustic Panels

Made from recycled newspapers, cellulose panels are a green insulation alternative to traditional fiberglass and synthetic panels. Made from a combination of recycled and renewable fibers, CFAB cellulose soundproofing insulation products are environmentally responsible and sustainable. Most CFAB cellulose foam board products are completely recyclable and no scrap is produced during the manufacturing process or installation of the material. More

Product • By FIBANDCOGreen Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade® Acoustic

Green Blade Acoustic Panels are performant sustainable acoustic solutions. FibandCo offer a wide range of acoustic solutions, each with their own acoustic performance. All of the Green Blade acoustic solutions have been professionally tested in a Europe laboratory for acoustics. Solutions possess an NRC value ranging from 60 to 90% and can be implemented on walls, ceilings or partition walls. More

NewsBuilding Innovations • 29 May 2020

How to create great acoustics in grand spaces

‘Acoustics’ in architecture is all about optimizing the sound environment. Two overarching categories used when discussing acoustics are soundproofing and acoustical treatment. While soundproofing is about reducing noise, acoustical treatment is about improving the quality of sound within a space. In this article, we will focus on the latter and take a look at several acoustical treatment strategies adopted in some of the world's greatest spaces for sound. All building surfaces and materials have abilities to absorb, reflect or transmit sound. When sounds are reflected, they cause an increase in the overall echo and reverberation levels in a space. When treating rooms correctly, echo and reverberation is reduced. To treat rooms... More