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FIBandCO was born in the French Caribbean out of the observation that the banana fiber, one of the most abundant resources of fiber could offer an alternative to wood: every year, we lose more than 13 Ha of forest while 10 Ha of banana plantation are renewable all year long. We developed a technology to transform the banana steam that is cut after each fruit harvest all year long, into a responsible and sustainable natural veneer: Green Blade®. Green Blade® is a sliced recycled banana "trunk" veneer, assembled without splicing, and is raw and ready for application (1250x2500mm) with a horizontal and vertical grain. Our collection is Made in France and is declined in many supports from non-woven backer with transparency, varnished laminate to acoustic panels. No water nor glue or bleaching process is used to produce Green Blade® in our factory located in the core of the banana farms region in Martinique. We work directly with banana farmers within a short and inclusive supply chain and we generate parts of our electricity with solar panels.
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