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NewsNews • 22 Jun 2022

Award-winning New Museum of Ethnography by NAPUR Architect opens in Budapest

Designed by NAPUR Architect, the recently opened New Museum of Ethnography in Budapest is a purpose-built museum that facilitates the large-scale, modern, user-friendly operation of the institution along with the visually enticing and diverse display of mankind’s material and spiritual heritage, both Hungarian and International. Palkó György With a collection comprising 250 thousand items from the Carpathian Basin and from every part of the world, the collection never operated in a building designed specifically for its need – until now.   Palkó György The result of an international competition, NAPUR Architect edged out names such as Zaha Hadid and BIG with a design that is simple yet in... More

Project • By Rigidized Metals CorporationOffices

Arthur J. Altmeyer Federal Building

The Arthur J. Altmeyer Federal Building, located in Woodlawn, MD, was originally erected in 1960 and still stands today as the Social Security Administration Building. The goal of this project was to update the facade of the building, giving it a more modern look. The original intent was for the facade to be comprised of a bead blast aluminum finish. However, bead blast finishes tend to have flatness and variability issues, lacking consistency and a uniform look on major large-scale projects such as this one. Additionally, bead blasting is typically done in sheet form, and can thus be very expensive.Our solution? InvariMatte® Micro Texture on aluminum. InvariMatte® can be rolled coil-to-coil, saving money on sheet costs, and alumin... More

NewsNews • 18 Nov 2021

Roche Multifunctional Workspace presents a compelling transition of industrial space to a human-centred workplace

A simple cube built from prefabricated, locally sourced concrete elements, Roche Multifunctional Workspace by Christ & Gantenbein demonstrates how the company culture has transitioned from functional industrial space to a human-centred workplace that places interaction and teamwork within a rational and industrial framework.  Walter Mair Located on a campus site in Genzach-Whylen, Germany, the new building responds to its context and its interstitial spaces with a series of plazas and a highly rational architectural vocabulary. Evoking an ‘industrial palazzo’ the façade comprises horizontal bands of aluminium panels, mullions, and ribbon windows that permit multiple visual connections.  Walter Mair... More

Project • By Interpon Powder Coatings by AkzoNobelHospitals


The new 17 storeys building is added to the current CHoP complex in Philadelphia. Construction is on going. Check out about AkzoNobel Powder Coatings here: More

Product • By ArcelorMittal ConstructionMascaret


Mascaret® is a perforated cladding system with 4 wavy shapes. Different perforation are available. Mascaret® is specially well-adapted for sun screen and transparent facade. Its specific perforations create a transparency filtering light depending on time, weather and season and disclosing a dynamic indoor environment.    Used as sun screenVertical or horizontal installationTailored made perforation Visible fixing More

Product • By +HalleTorno Chair

Torno Chair

The guiding theme for the Torno series is the purpose of mobility. Simple, effortless and without snobbery, the series offers aluminium chairs and tables that are easy to adjust to individual needs - indoor and outdoor. With chairs designed in open configurations, the collection supports self-determined lives, giving the user a range of options for exploiting how they would like to sit. Moveable chairs and tables allow different people to make their space their own—providing a good seating experience, in an airport, a café, park or studio. More

Project • By Interpon Powder Coatings by AkzoNobelResidential Landscape

The Royal Atlantis - The Palm

The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences will forever change the landscape of Dubai. Located on the crescent of The Palm and next to the iconic Atlantis resort, this new generation of distinctive luxury will offer a sophisticated lifestyle with infinite ocean views, lush green spaces, and a playful contrast between fire and water, all encapsulated in dramatic architecture. At The Palm's most exclusive address, residents will have access to the world's most renowned chefs, and the fun of Atlantis More

Project • By heroalOffices

Revaler Spitze

Aluminium system solutions for urban industry architecture By mid-2021, after completion of two construction phases, the project “Revaler Spitze“ will have created a flexibly useable office and commercial space in the heart of Berlin Friedrichshain. At this top location, a great number of start-ups and traditional businesses will be united under one roof, occupying a gigantic space of 17,300 square metres. The building on Revaler Street has been named after its characteristic wedge shape, resembling a tip or “Spitze“. The architectural look, with its classic red-brick façade and steel profile frames, is borrowed from the architecture of the early 20th century. The heroal system solutions for curtain walls, wi... More

Project • By heroalSecondary Schools


System solutions by heroal for historic school building in Dortmund After a construction phase of two and a half years, the history-charged Fritz-Henßler-Berufskolleg, a vocational training institution in the city centre of Dortmund, has been extensively refurbished and enlarged by two additional buildings. The result is a complex of school buildings satisfying all demands on a modern and future-orientated learning environment. From an architectural perspective, an exciting dialogue between old and new unfolds both inside and outside. Different system solutions by heroal give distinction to the new outer appearance of this group of buildings, while at the same time providing core features, such as thermal insulation. Numerous nationa... More
Laser cut aluminum plates allow the wind to escape through the notches, reducing the effect of wind pressure. The gap between the plates makes them lighter and easier to support their own weight while maintaining their volume.

Project • By ayami takada architectsMemorials

flying monument

3-dimensional structures such as airplanes are made by assembling parts made of different materials instead of one-piece molding. The whole image where lots of pretty metal objects like petals and butterflies soar, makes the city and people live as monuments that bring the future. The majority of airplanes are made of aluminum alloys such as duralumin, and resin and steel have been used in some cases. In recent years, carbon fiber and other materials have also been used for the surface. Lightweight polycarbonate and aluminum are used to create a monument that soars into the sky. The foundation part is made of heavy, inexpensive steel, which is easy to work with, and is concealed in the ground. By using carefully selected materials in the r... More

Product • By FERRALDUO Stepladder - Yellow

DUO Stepladder - Yellow

Inspired by a product used in most industrial environments, DUO is composed of high quality aluminium alloy. Manufactured by a robotic welding process, we use deep tread aluminum steps (120 mm), safety hinges, belts and slip-resistant feet. More

Product • By Tubelite Inc.Tubelite 14000 I/O Series Storefront

Tubelite 14000 I/O Series Storefront

Glass or panels can be positioned to the inboard (I) or outboard (O) side of the 4-1/2" depth frame to achieve the look you imagine. Typical glass thickness is 1", and can be installed from the outside or inside of the building. Special glazing pocket reducers allow the use of 1/4" infill thicknesses, too. 14000 I/O Series Multiplane Storefront Framing thermal barrier insulates exterior surfaces from the interior to minimize temperature transfer. This provides industry accepted performance for condensation resistance and energy performance.Using the same design, assembly, and accessories as the 14000 center glazed system allows combining inboard, outboard and center planes of glass in the same elevation with the same great performance. More

Product • By Tubelite Inc.Tubelite T14000 Series Storefront

Tubelite T14000 Series Storefront

For optimal strength and thermal performance, use Tubelite’s 14000 Series Storefront Framing, a flush-glazed system for use on storefront and low-rise applications. Framing is available in standard non-thermal and thermal members with 2" x 4-1/2" profiles and a 1/2" bite for use with glass or panels up to 1-1/8" thick. Extra-heavy intermediate verticals are available for high performance against strong windloads. Reduce project labor costs with the flexibility of inside or outside glazing. Members can be assembled using screw spline or clip joinery, and framing is compatible with Tubelite Narrow, Medium and Wide Stile Doors. More

Product • By ElemexAlumitex - Aluminum Plate

Alumitex - Plate

High strength, low weight, endless versatility, and non-combustible. More

Project • By EGM architectsExhibition Centres


The 'Universal and International Exhibition of 1967' held in Montreal was the first Expo on the American continent after World War II. With more than 50 million visitors and 62 participating countries the EXPO67 is considered to be one of the most successful world exhibitions of the 20th century. Wout Eijkelenboom - co-founder of EGM architects – was responsible for the design of the Dutch pavilion.Innovative architectureSeen the industrial boom of the 1960s, the Dutch contribution had to express the image of The Netherlands as an industrial innovative country. In the architecture of the pavilion this is reflected in the ‘space frame’, constructed from industrially manufactured parts, which serves as a casing for a number of volumes at diff... More