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Project • By MUS ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses

Interior of a house in Jaworzno

The area of ​​370m2 is spread over two floors. The ground floor is the living part of the house with a large living room open to the garden and a dining room and kitchen in the front part of the building. A characteristic element that organizes and divides the space is a black "box" integrating in its form both the functional elements of the above-mentioned key functions of the daily zone of the house as well as several supplementary rooms and vertical communication (stairs). MUS ARCHITECTS, photos: Janina Tynska The black cuboid is placed centrally between the living room and the kitchen and dining room. MUS ARCHITECTS, photos: Janina Tynska On the one hand, there is a fireplace and furniture that forms the wall of the living r... More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsOffices

Newton St

Newton St makes a considered and robust addition to the eclectic fabric of Cremorne, replacing a single-level warehouse and open-air car park. The new commercial building lies in the heart of an emerging and vibrant inner urban hub with its mix of residential buildings, offices and showrooms. Emily Bartlett Red brick warehouses scattered throughout the area serve as a reminder of a bygone industrial past. Newton St’s architectural composition and materiality draw upon the rich history of the neighbourhood, while crafting a contemporary office building for 21st century working. Emily Bartlett Comprising 7-storeys of commercial office with ground floor retail and cafe, roof terrace and basement carparking, the development fe... More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsApartments

Boiler House

Located on the banks of the Birrarung in Alphington, YarraBend is a significant new neighbourhood being developed by Glenvill. JCB is the architect and interior designer for Boiler House and Glass House, two residential developments forming a significant part of YarraBend’s Heritage Precinct. Boiler House celebrates and reimagines the original 1920 boiler house and paper mill on the site, crafting 22 contemporary residences, including two penthouses with 6 metre ceilings and four bedrooms each. Gavin Scott 3D Gavin Scott 3D Glass House captures the industrial spirit of the 1954 boiler house, adding architectural detail and layers of greenery to a new 5-storey apartment building. A communal roof terrace will provide outdoo... More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsApartments

Bemmersyde Brighton

The sweeping organic form of Bemmersyde Brighton responds to its coastal location, the surrounding landscape and the gentle curvature of the cul-de-sac in which it’s located. Shannon McGrath Shannon McGrath Soft and sculptural architecture complements warm interiors, featuring a sophisticated natural palette which amplifies the sense of place. Shannon McGrath Shannon McGrath Shannon McGrath Shannon McGrath Shannon McGrath The design takes its cue from the eclectic character of Brighton and the lush gardens of neighbouring homes, while each of the ten apartments enjoy airy, light and bright spaces, garden retreats and extensive landscaping for retreat and contemplation. Shannon McGrath More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsOffices

Sarah Sands

The Sarah Sands Hotel has been a Brunswick landmark since the 1800s, standing proudly at the edge of Melbourne as a gateway to vibrant Sydney Rd. John Gollings Featuring architecture and interior design by JCB, this 7-storey mixed use development comprises 31 apartments on top of two levels of workplace and dining, including the new Sarah Sands Hotel. Derek Swalwell Considerable in scale and bound by roads on three edges, the site presented a unique opportunity for multiple distinct street frontages. The corner facade dates back to 1854 when the original Sarah Sands Hotel opened. Derek Swalwell The contemporary architectural form rises respectfully behind the historic hotel, respecting its heritage context. Dark metallic f... More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsApartments

Windsor Park

Connecting built form to the surrounding landscape, the design of Windsor Park is characterised by elegant forms, apertures and playful materiality that embrace the leafy surrounds. The concept, inspired by minimalist Japanese architecture, is one of enduring and timeless design that is at one with its environment. Gabriel Saunders The architectural form is interpreted as a series of smaller buildings separated by pockets of greenery. Vertical breaks along both street interfaces create shadow lines, changing the macro to micro for a more human-scale experience. Gabriel Saunders Sensitive landscaping to the neighbouring reserve evokes an escape from urban life, while a generous internal courtyard offers a sculptural, contemplativ... More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsApartments

Fitzroy House

Fitzroy House is a seven-storey building comprising 34 apartments, a street-level restaurant and commercial space. The building employs considered amenity-orientated design principles, acknowledging that sustainability is both social and environmental. Trevor Mein Having a vacant site that ‘wrapped’ the heritage building provided an opportunity for the new proposal to act as a framing device. A visual break line of glazing between old and new offers relief to the heritage facade and allows the original building to be viewed in the round. Trevor Mein Proportions and scale of modules and levels in the new building forms subtly reference the original building, picking up the rhythms and opening sizes. This building make... More

Project • By AEXN architectsApartments

Apartment building complex "Brothers"

The site is based in Vilnius city, Naujininkai district, Brolių st. (en. Brothers). Due to its history and geographical location, the district features a significant concentration of social and economic issues such as poverty, lack of youth employment, and social exclusion among families and individuals. In recent years Vilnius City Municipality started reorganizing the Naujininkai district. Main goal is to regenerate and  connect it to the central part of the city. The project “Brothers” is expected to inspire a positive change in Naujininkai as well. Norbert Tukaj Site is already partially built with residential multi-storey buildings. The design proposal for the site includes a green courtyard to blend into the sur... More

Project • By The StylesmithsApartments

Past Romance

A compact space with oodles of character, this newly completed project saw Blakey Apartment redesigned to within an inch of its life. Open and airy, its contemporary classic aesthetic in a heritage setting sees earthy hues accent the crisp white and grey surfaces, forging a sense of understated opulence. Nicole England The heritage building started life in 1902 as a hospital administration ward and was later transformed into permanent residencies. With such rich history comes a level of architectural detail that cannot be replicated, and in this case the Stylesmiths™ chose to honour the original built environment when approaching the design intent. Led by design duo, Kirsten Dahl-Feathers and Carlie Ng, the Stylesmiths™ Lo... More

Project • By TAKA + PARTNERSApartments


The reconstruction of a 90sqm apartment in a listed building in the historic center of Thessaloniki was a starting point for exploring one of the most interesting design eras, that of Art Deco. The reconstruction was based on the needs of temporary accommodation of a family of 4 members and includes the following spaces: entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, guestroom and bathroom. Kim Powell Photography The design concept aims to preserve and enhance the special architectural qualities of the interior space such as the layout typology, the high ceilings, the wooden interior and the gypsum decoration. Kim Powell Photography The apartment’s unique identity is reinforced   with new gypsum dec... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


This charming apartment, located in the heart of Milan’s chinatown, has undergone a process of radical transformation, while maintaining the original layout of the walls.Each room features an alternation of cold and warm tones, creating a vibrant yet welcoming and relaxed sequence. Matteo Losurdo The interior was in fact conceived as a concatenation of spaces, linked together by a precise choice of colors and materials.Despite the relatively small size, the use of color has made it possible to create different situations and moments that are interconnected with each other. In the dining area, for instance, wall painted shapes define a reading corner, and the same tone is used for the bookcase in the niche in front. Matteo Lo... More

Project • By Manas BhatiaApartments

AI generated symbiotic architecture

Project name: AI generated Symbiotic architectureProject category: ArchitectureProject location: FictionalProject size: N/AProject status: Design proposalArchitect/Designer: Manas BhatiaWebsite: N/AInstagram link: https://www.instagram.com/manasbhatiadesign/Photographer credits: N/ASoftwares used: Midjourney AI, Adobe photoshop Manas Bhatia, an Architect and computational designer from India, has been using the potential of the artificial intelligence (AI) tool Midjourney to create surreal architectural concepts. In this project, he imagines a surreal future that has ‘symbiotic’ architectural apartment towers that look like giant hollow redwood trees. Inspired by the Hyperion tree, the architect seeks to go beyond the realm of... More

Project • By Alexander Gorlin ArchitectsApartments

Apartment at the Ansonia

This pied-a-terre in the round turret of the Beaux-Arts landmark Ansonia building offers bright light and city views throughout. Although the dining room is at the center, its full height windows bring in exterior light to all the adjoining rooms. This small apartment is made to feel spacious and airy through an open corridor that allows one to see through to each room. Pieter Estersohn Pieter Estersohn These views culminate in the round living room which is surrounded by windows on all sides and evokes the feeling of floating on a cloud. This apartment is also the setting of the best-selling thriller novel "Interpretation of a Murder." In the novel, the murder takes place in the round corner of this living room at the turn of th... More

Project • By Tulli StudioApartments

Apartamento MORADA

Apartment Morada was renovated with the aim of exploring potential and sophistication. Elegance goes hand in hand with warmth and comfort, without losing the customers' identity.Upon entering, you are faced with a Paraná marble table. Installed inside a wooden cube structure: a covered niche that dialogues aesthetically with the table, having a buffet function, making it an eye-catching and functional addition. Eduardo Macarios The Dining Room has a leather sofa, fabric armchairs (with wooden structure) and neutral rug, bringing a relaxing atmosphere. There is a beautiful white panel with woody edges and a cupboard for storage and divider with the TV Room. Both have a slightly gray porcelain floor.In the kitchen, the table, she... More

Project • By Guelo Nunes ArquiteturaApartments

JP Apartment

In this ground floor apartment, our challenge was to improve the integration of the interior spaces with the garden outside. The goal was to bring more light and the fell of the garden to the inside the apartment.  Evellyn Muller To achieve this, a wood structured roof was designed to occupy part of the garden and under it, the new kitchen area. As it is, it feels like a veranda when the glass doors are open, surrounded by garden on both sides.  Evellyn Muller The former kitchen used to be where the dining room is today. This change made it possible do remove all the walls except for the existing raw concrete pillars. With no interruption from the walls, we were able to reach the light from both sides of the social are... More