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NewsNews • 4 Apr 2024

Kennedy Nolan’s warm Melbourne apartment building prioritizes community, affordability, and sustainability

Melbourne-based architectural practice Kennedy Nolan has completed Leftfield, a residential building that is part of the Nightingale Village in Brunswick, an inner-city suburb in Melbourne, Australia. Leftfield’s design prioritizes community, affordability, and sustainability, placing these matters front and center.  Tom Ross Tom Ross Nightingale is a model for triple bottom line developments that encompass social, environmental, and economic factors. Leftfield is Kennedy Nolan’s first project under the Nightingale model and was delivered with the studio in the role of developer. The residence is one of six neighboring buildings that form the Nightingale Village — each building was designed by a dif... More

Project • By Roberts LimbrickApartments

Central View

Our brief was to design a modern yet affordable later-living development to regenerate a city centre site on Lower Commercial Street in Newport. The aim was to provide quality local homes that would act as a catalyst for wider regeneration. Beccy Lane We worked closely with Pobl, Newport City Council and the Welsh Assembly Government to secure the necessary Vibrant and Viable Places (VVP) funding, which was fundamental in bringing the project onto site. Beccy Lane Beccy Lane The application for VVP funding meant that the scheme had to be technically appraised at the pre-planning stage. This meant that we knew the scheme was deliverable from the planning stage, and we could identify overall project costs. We undertook s... More

Project • By 1op1 ArchitectuurApartments

De Kroon: Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Apartments

De Kroon is a unique gas-free apartment complex, designed in close collaboration between 1:1 Architectuur and H2W Architecten. This striking building, located on the outskirts of the Oranjewijk, is the result of bold ideas and a successful partnership between the two locally renowned architectural firms. The creation of De Kroon is based on a deep analysis of user groups and the context of the location. Thanks to the courage of the client A.C.U. Bouw, we were given the freedom to conceive something special. The building is situated along the green veins of the Oranjewijk, and this aspect is integrated into the design with cantilevered balconies, allowing residents to fully enjoy the view and sunlight. 1:1 Architectuur 1:1 Architectu... More

Project • By FGMFApartments

POD Building

In a corner between a busy Brazilian avenue and a street, the POD puts itself aware of its impact in the urban landscape. As a result of municipal laws, the neighborhood surroundings, its location and the land's format, its volumetry rises from a big internal void of unusual and interesting proportions, the bright red courtyard. Fran Parente The resulting space, activated by the stores facing inside and outside the building, joined to an opening facing north which allows sunlight to enter through the day, is the stage to a big variety of events and the relationship between pedestrians and the building, joins itself to the local scale and opens itself to the active urban space. Open circulations like footbridges around the tree tops he... More

Project • By Clear LightingApartments

A&A Properties

Lighting of an outdoor common area on the roof top of an apartment building. This place is sharing by everyone from the building and had to be a  pleasant meeting place for the evening and the end of the day. With the Nex Flex, we succeeded in lighting up the space without adding any ceiling lights. Caption Caption More

NewsNews • 20 Feb 2023

Arqtipo proposes a brick envelope with protruding balconies for this housing block in Buenos Aires

Located in the Villa Urqueza neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the M5606 apartment building designed by Arqtipo reinterprets spatial and temporal instances concerning the context, orientation and urban character.  Federico Kulekdjian Comprising ten residential units on a compact corner plot adjacent to the FFCC Mitre, the project proposes integrating the public space into the first two floors of the building. Additionally, it sensitively incorporates the upper setbacks to the envelope, which fosters an empathetic relationship with the surroundings. Arqtipo Federico Kulekdjian A mono-material envelope of Bricko from Corblock wraps the structure, optimising its constructive capacity. The balcony e... More

NewsDetail • 2 Feb 2023

Detail: filigree grid around residential building The Line in high-strength concrete

On Overhoeks, Orange Architects provided residential building The Line with a filigree grid in high-strength concrete all around. How exactly is this grid detailed? Architect Jeroen Schipper of Orange Architects gave Architectenweb, sister company of Archello a tour and went into detail as to how the facade was made."In Overhoeks, sturdy buildings stand together in high density," begins architect Jeroen Schipper of Orange Architects. " That's why the idea came to us to bring some lightness to it with circular balconies, whose balcony edges would form a filigree grid together with vertical elements. So that the residential building would blend into the neighborhood like a kind of docked cruise ship.""Because we also wanted to make a stony bu... More

NewsNews • 27 Jan 2023

HHF transforms a neglected urban courtyard into a lush apartment complex in Basel

In the heart of one of the urban blocks of Basel, lined with residential buildings around its perimeter, this 9-year project by HHF Architects seeks to revitalize unusable, forgotten spaces by inserting a single apartment building. The design comprises 15 units with lush landscaping, revamping a desolate courtyard with parking areas and firewalls. Laurian Ghinitoiu The complexities and challenges of the project, the geometry of the plot, distance from the surrounding walls, getting the respective owners and neighbours onboard, etc., evolved into the particulars of the design. A cross-shaped framework and building volumes with expansions and setbacks provide abundant sunlight, privacy, and outdoor spaces. Maris Mezulis Th... More

Project • By SilvaresendeApartments

Edifício Silva Rocha

Located in Bairro da Forca, a privileged area of the city of Aveiro. With the city center less than 1km away, this building becomes the perfect space to live in Aveiro. www.silvaresende.com www.silvaresende.com www.silvaresende.com www.silvaresende.com Equipped with thermal break frames and UV protection, this living space is equipped with all thermal and acoustic amenities. www.silvaresende.com More

Project • By Studio ST ArchitectsIndividual Buildings

36 Jones Street Multifamily Apartments

36 Jones Street is a ground-up mixed-use building located in Jersey City, New Jersey. The 2,045-square-meter structure includes an 84-square-meter street-facing commercial space and 10 apartments across five floors. The building strives to create not only individual homes, but also a sense of community for families and young professionals. It breathes new life into the burgeoning New Jersey neighborhood. The boutique-sized multifamily housing building is unusual for Jersey City, which has recently become known for its high-rise building developments with smaller living units. 36 Jones Street targets the swathe of families and young professionals looking for New York-style buildings just across the Hudson River. Its walkability and proximit... More

Project • By ADNBAHousing

Urban Spaces 2 / Mumuleanu 14 Apartment Building

Bucharest's central areas are faced nowadays with fast and somewhat chaotic densification. While we believe that density can, and many times must be seen as a form of sustainability, we also admit that the relationship between habitation within an old urban fabric and the increase of its density is often a fragile one, as places might lose their character. Andrei Margulescu Our project seeks an appropriate answer to this problem by mediating between different sizes and densities in a central neighbourhood with small streets, long, narrow plots, and a puzzle of old and new buildings of all types and scales, not far from the socialist intervention of a large boulevard and its "curtain" of tall apartment blocks. Andrei Margulescu T... More

Project • By spillmann echsle architektenApartments

Reinhardstrasse Apartment Builiding, Zurich

Like force vectors, the apartment building’s irregular spatial structure pushes the projecting bay windows and balconies outward and interlocks with the urban space. The urban structure fits like a hinge into the dense neighbourhood of Zurich’s Seefeld. The volumetric concept emerges from the building’s interior: the various room structures nestle around a central concrete core illuminated from above. The flats are entered via a central corridor from which the rooms fan out. A living room measuring over 40 m2 and illuminated on three sides contains a freestanding kitchen placed in the room as a work of carpentry. A large bay window or balcony connects the rooms outwards and spacious terraces extend the duplex penthous... More

Project • By EGM architectsApartments


KlokGroep has commissioned 78 spacious new-build apartments on an artificial mound in the green Dike Zone along the River Waal in Nijmegen. The spacious apartments, contained in three buildings, offer space and tranquillity close to the city and panoramic views of the river and the green landscape.    Situated on a mound The complex consists of three volumes that step up in height and increase in size, creating a sense of spaciousness and openness. Similarities in design and materials ensure that the three unite to form a close-knit ensemble. The biggest and tallest building consists of six floors and, in terms of height, appears grandly imposing beside an old orchard. The other two buildings, five and four floors in height, ar... More

Project • By Mino Caggiula ArchitectsApartments


WAVES   Location: Savosa, Lugano, SwitzerlandBuilding area: 2570 sqmDate: 2015 – 2017 Unlike the usual modus operandi, we took over the Waves Residence at a later stage. We intervened in fact during the excavation work of a project commissioned by the client before entrusting us. For this reason we encountered a few project restrictions as far as the volumetric and the structure are concerned. Therefore we focused on other fundamental aspects: the joining of technique, aesthetics and context. The residence is located in an urban area marked by heavily congested access routes that are generating sources of sound waves; a problem that we solved by designing the appropriate shape and surface, following the principle according to... More

Project • By PJV ArquiteturaApartments

Residencial N07

The Residencial N 07 building consists of six residential apartments, located in Balneário Piçarras, north coast of Santa Catarina State. The land chosen is located on the main avenue, with beautiful view of the sea. It measures only 244 square meters, that is 12 meters front by 22 meters long. The proposal seeks to offer to the market a building with contemporary authorial architecture, without the vices and repetitions normally presented by the real estate market. The architectural project sought to solve the proposed program through the following basic premises: to create a clear structural solution, which can guide the way of the building, to create a ground floor as free as possible, to implant the building aiming at t... More