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Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectApartments

Interior Design of Aman Apartment

The client required a 3-bedroom home with a small theatre room and a puja room. The approach was to convert a 4bhk into 3bhk and designing the guest room as a small theatre room making the apartment look spacious and reviving. The brief was simplified with a preference for modern and clean-lined aesthetics. One is greeted by a geometric-decorative panelling that enlivens the vestibule and shields the overall view of the house. A mirrored grid wall with wooden panelling acts as a backdrop to the console unit. Entering the house, one can see the balancing act of shades of grey with solid wood making the apartment look more appealing and live. The vestibule leads to the living area, which is divided into three seating zones. It performs that... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersRestaurants

Koà - Zambon Company Restaurant

The canteen designed for Zambon Group is the first intervention for the development of the so-called “Open Zone - Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Technology”, in the Municipality of Bresso inside the Parco Nord Milano. The restaurant spreads over one floor raised above the ground level, houses 220 seats and serves up to 600 meals per day. The building is developed on a square plan of 30 m per side for a total height of 6 m above ground level. The north, east and west façades are made of extra-white double glazing mounted on slender steel frames, to allow lightness and transparency of the building and to ensure continuous open views towards the park. The envelope of the kitchen block facing South are made of a do... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersMasterplans

Eco-Smart District of Cecchignola

The project provides 720 new apartments across 21 new modular buildings set in a new park.The masterplan creates a new quarter, integrated in a bigger settlement, which holds similar functions.The connection project provides a big public square with restaurants, shops for the complex and for its neighbors. A nursery and a primary school, several catering stands all around the park and a surrounding area normally used as a shooting range, which in the future should be equipped as a sports centre for the settlement. This modern “Agorà” is thought as a multi-scale meeting place, for both the inhabitants of the district and those of the neighboring areas. This increases the symbolic and the intrinsic value of this “joi... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersRural

Podere Bedano

The property, an antique Tuscan farm whose original nucleus dates back to 1712, lies near Casale Marittimo, a small town of the Alta Maremma, located 10 km inland from the sea. The challenge was to introduce and involve minimal and contemporary architectural elements in an environment rich in nature and tradition. The solution adopted to achieve this objective has been to maintain as much as possible the vernacular architecture of Maremma using local technologies and materials for the external envelope, juxtaposing minimal design and clean interiors. The help of local workers during the construction phase has been crucial for plugging the building in the landscape and environment context and to respect local architectural traditions. Act... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersRestaurants

Le Mirazur Bar and Restaurant

The project restored and converted a 1950’s building into a restaurant bar with banquets rooms, staff accommodation and a garden with aromatic herbs. The main restaurant room and a small servery are located at street level. Façades were reshaped with wider openings, in order to allow for more transparency and a better panoramic seaview .Fabric awnings projecting out of the external envelope are dynamic elements that emphasize again the lightness of the new structure and make the building look as a vessel ready to sail. The respect for the nature of the site is achieved by using only a few coherent materials and simple finishes like white render and fabric awnings, local flamed stone, transparent glass, grey paintedsteel with... More
fragtal tower
fragtal tower

Project • By Murat GedikOffices


Project for FragtalTower has been made as a complex composed of four towers with totally 96 regular floors and 2-storied as a shopping center at ground level. Floor height is 3.60 m.  Total height is about 380 meters. This is the minimum height which is necessary so that the proportions of the buiilding are maintained. Alternatively, the building has been devised as a complex composed of 144 regular floors and 2-storied shopping center at ground level, with a total height of 545 meters. At its front,  motion is allowed for with 10 m console. Measurements of FragtalTower are 20 x 30 m in narrower segments and 20 x 40 m in widening segments.  FragtalTower, has been designed with a functionally comfortable structure. The first 2... More

Project • By Philipp ArchitektenPrivate Houses

Villa Moeller

Restrained and protected from the view of the street, invitingly open and transparent to the garden and the adjacent park-like public green, a residential building of a family of four was built on the foundations of the existing building and embedded in a plot of land in a residential area close to the center in Göttingen. The way through is truly an experience. As a family with two sons in their teen age the acquired house from the 1970’s centrally located in Goettingen and nevertheless remarkably green and park-like property, could be actually brought to today’s standard only by a renovation. Immediately after the first inspection by Philipp architects, it brought about a sober analysis of the alternative remodelling | r... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Enchanting Architectural Design

Showcasing a concept of luxurious villa design in International style – an architecture design relatively inclined to modernism with an interesting twist of creative touch from IONS Design - to kindle an elegant, classy and timeless spirit. The modern French home design is defined by the enticing volumes matched with artistic exploration of glass, steel and concrete material combined altogether in simplified form thus creating a clean and appealing aesthetic with harmonious forms and function. Its landscape of enchanting character is equally charming with home interior in fashion forward interior designing style. Luxurious Villa Design and Residential Interior Design by IONS DESIGN More

Project • By Luis Moctezuma ArquitectoPrivate Houses


Claiming the average home for the real estate market. ARCHITECTURE FOR EVERYONE - CASA NARANJOS II Arch. Luis Moctezuma Gutiérrez Cavada. 2019. Puebla, Mx.    This house was planned to be marketed, but with the intention of rethinking the scheme used in these typologies, where most of the projects, when there are any, attend to real estate market conditions and monetary interests. The intention was to design a home for the real estate market that managed to provide a higher level of habitability than usual, where the inhabitant is the objective to be satisfied before any other aspect. So the concept of CASA NARANJOS is based on comfort, understanding that to achieve this, function, space maximization and the spatial atm... More

Project • By Joris Verhoeven ArchitectuurPrivate Houses

Crane residence

This modern home is located in a rural expansion area near Tilburg. A quiet place surrounded by open meadows and fields. A few years ago, a covered terrace was designed for the previous home of these clients. This west-facing terrace is made of stucco with an interior of wood and was their favorite place of the house. They expressed the wish that this terrace should be the inspiration for the design of their new house. This eventually resulted in this dwelling with a pleated stucco framework filled with wood.The orientation of the lot was leading in the design. Since the front of the house is the west side, this would mean that the desired terrace would look out onto the street. By placing back the terrace in relation to the front facade an... More

Project • By Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc.Housing


These high-rise Burlington condos are expected to be completed in 2018 by Molinaro Group. Located in Burlington's Freeman neighbourhood, the nearest main intersection to Paradigm Condos is Fairview St & E of Brant Street. Spread out over 24 stories, suites at Paradigm Condos range in size from 500 to 1100 sqft. This Burlington condo has 350 condo units and can be found at 2089 Fairview Street. Your monthly condo fees cover Common Element Maintenance, Building Insurance and Water. Paradigm Condos's amenities include a Pool, Party Room, Guest Suites and a Media Room / Cinema. - More

Project • By Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc.Housing

Church + Wellesley

" The 43 stories tall building is planned for Toronto’s vibrant and historic Church and Wellesley district.   The new high-rise is planned for the northwest corner of the intersection between Church and Wellesley, or what is known to many as the heart of city's LGBTQ community. One Properties hosted some community consultations, which gradually focusing on several multiple concepts for the building's podium by the Copenhagen-based architecture firm, 3XN; incorporating community input resulted in an optimized relationship of the building with the street.   Engaging the community as part of the design process In the design process, One Properties and 3XN consulted extensively with the neighbourhood and held three community engagement sess... More

Project • By Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc.Housing

Carling + Preston

Proposed redevelopment for a key site looking onto Dows’s lake and little Italy.   Graziani + Corazza designed this project icorporating 3 curved towers reaching 18, 45, and 55 storeys in height, resting on 3 to 5 story podiums. This site is an important gateway location to the Preston-Carling District and to an expanded downtown area. With the City’s transit oriented development objectives Graziani + Corazza is creating a memorable form at the city scale while reinforcing the landmark quality of the site, all while establishing a unique skyline. With the public in mind this project is evolving the context of the area by expanding pedestrian walkways. More

Project • By AshariArchitectsOffices

HonarShahre Aftab Cineplex / Office

Located in Shiraz, Iran, 180 sqm. the limited office space of Honarshahre Aftab Cineplex Office was the challenge for our team to make the office management space a place to be experienced. The project is seeking to create a space to increase the interaction between the clients and office staff and also between the staff working. Creating intimate and dynamic environment leads to the point that staff feels they belong to the place and create a more efficient environment. In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals these items are considered:1) Fading the boundary between inside and outside (office space and complex lobby) in order to have more connection with the complex management: Continuing movement of the outside form to inside and c... More

Project • By Simone MicheliOffices


Simone Micheli signed the interior of the new British School Pisa Mopi Campus located in Montacchiello - a new concept for the historical British School which is going to be a successful franchising. British School is a smart and innovative place dedicated to the learning and the improvement of the Engilsh language, where functionality and beauty are combined to give birth to an original space. The interior architecture is clear, well defined and functional in order to meet the needs of everyone who wants to learn a new language. On the walls, faces of people aims to make the space open to the world and sociality. The play of the light, combined with a relaxing atmosphere, fosters concentration and learnin... More