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Project • By dayala e rafael arquitetosPrivate Houses


House in steel structure with integrated environments designed for a young couple in the city of Goiânia-Goias Brazil. leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments


Located in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia is this project of integral reform of housing. Casa en el Ensanche is located in a building of 1937 and the essence of the time is reflected throughout the house. With more than 120 m2 built, we faced a renovation project whose premise was to provide personality and modernity to the whole house while maintaining part of the original essence. Bacon Studio This essence has been preserved preserving the height and part of the original ceiling moldings. Also noteworthy is the kitchen area, where the original Nolla mosaic floor of the house has been preserved. Restored piece by piece and installed as a carpet that allows to delimit the space of the kitchen and living/dining room. Bacon Stud... More

Project • By Atelier Vens VanbellePrivate Houses

Toon & Ina

When Toon and Ina bought a monumental building in the center of Ghent, they were faced with a complex renovation project. The assignment: to make one contemporary family home from two connected historic buildings. The volumes have been preserved almost everywhere. However, a pure restoration was not on the agenda: in 600 years the building had already been renovated so much and changed its function so much that it was impossible to turn back the clock 'authenticly'. The earliest sources mentioning this place date from the 14th century. The cellar with brick vaults is said to date from when a brewery was still located here. There used to be an alley next to the house that led to the second home. But the bulk of the building... More

Project • By CMYK ArquitectosPrivate Houses


The project is commissioned by a single-family housing developer operating in the Levante area. What is involved is to look for a simple geometry that allows to occupy most of the surface that can be built within a fairly irregular plot and complying with the urban regulations of the Gandia city council. The requirements of the developer was to stay within the range of the construction price of 800 - 900 €/m2 but providing an image of modernity and design. It is proposed to eliminate underground construction to avoid scavenging, and a constructive system is sought with prefabricated elements made in workshop mostly. For better use of the plot is distributed the uses on 2 floors, where the day stays are divided on the ground floor fa... More

Project • By SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co.,Ltd.Private Houses

House T

A cave-like shadow and a warm home that has been reconsidered to the extent of the design Building a House in TokyoI never thought that we would be building our house in Tokyo. When my son was about to turn four years old, my wife asked me, “What about our house? I asked.   We had bought a condominium in Hiroshima a few years before and had gotten used to living in a rented house in Tokyo.   Land in Tokyo is expensive, and I thought I would never own a house in Tokyo, nor did I imagine staying in Tokyo for a long time, but with a word from my wife, the reality of building a house in Tokyo suddenly came to me one day. After that day, I began to spend my days and nights searching for sites on the Internet. I have design... More

Project • By Gnädinger ArchitectsApartments


Deliberate limitation of the shapes, elements and materials used for an office and residential building in Berlin-Wannsee has created a variety of differentiated spaces and sensory impressions. The architect’s house in Berlin-Wannsee combines private family space and a studio in a carefully designed structure. The building, aligned to the street, manifests classic-modern design principles, coherence and transparency, clear form and restriction to timeless materials. The compact polygonal structure fits snugly into the tree-lined site that narrows and slants towards the rear. The flank of the building follows the course of the acute-angled plot and allows for a generously sized open space in front of the terrace. Seen from the street... More

Project • By 33BY ArchitectureResidential Landscape

BST House

Total: 800 m².Plot 1.50 hectare ⠀  Can you reveal the name "BST House"? What is the reason for the name, what is the associative row in the name? BST is an abbreviation for "Binary search tree", our client works in IT + house is located on a 1.5 ha forest plot, by associating these two facts we got this name. Could you tell us more about the customers' wishes in terms of style and functional solution? How did you get to know them? We got to know our customers thanks to our past projects in Bucha. The client observed a couple of our realized objects in his neighborhood and liked it. This is a young progressive family that travels a lot. Their main wish was to get a house + a guest house with a garage in a modern style and to p... More

Project • By Crosby StudiosPrivate Houses

New York Residence

Crosby Studios partners Harry Nuriev and Tyler Billinger bring the studio’s signature, rebellious use of color to their new apartment in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Formerly a duplex, the designer duo were drawn to the unit’s pre-established division of space, allowing them to separate their private bedroom quarters from an open living space overlooking the Bowery.   Nuriev and Billinger completely gutted the residence in order to make room for their singular vision, outfitting the space with swimming pool-inspired grey ceramic tiles—made in collaboration with Mumbai-based design studio, Hatsu —married with vibrant ultraviolet furniture and shimmering gold and silver accents.... More

Project • By Home Design StudioApartments


The French colonial style breathed life into a battered apartment from the old housing stock. The owner is a foreigner from Iran, a lover of comfort, peace and sincere signs of antiquity.    Published by: Home Design Studio     Description original   Французский колониальный стиль вдохнул жизнь в видавшую массу судеб квартиру из старого жилого фонда. Хозяин – иностранец из Ирана, ценитель уюта, покоя и душевных знаков старины. Классические молдинги максимально подчеркивают графику исторической постройки и высоких потолков. Всё, что должно быть железным – конечно, изысканная латунь. Всё, что может быть деревянным – конечно, благородный натуральный орех, задающий безмятежную тонально... More

Project • By Arquea ArquitetosPrivate Houses

Countyard House

Located in a residential condominium of the metropolitan region of Curitiba, Brazil, the Countyard House of approximately 250 square meters was born of the premise of creating an integrated and legible house. The terrain at the top of a hill allowed us to explore the view even in a condominium where the houses are relatively close, and the size of the site amplitude set the entire program on a single floor.    The creation of this single floor was of fundamental importance to fulfill the basic premise. The private area of the house is set at the end of the site to exploited maximum north insolation, and the rooms have the privacy preserved. In the front part of the land, next to the street, is the service sector linked to the in... More

Project • By AssembledgePrivate Houses

Laurel Hills Residence

Composed of three pavilions connected by a series of glass hallways, the single-story residence seeks to create a residential oasis in the heart of Los Angeles. The Western Red Cedar lined guest house/garage pavilion establishes a datum line that carves and connects the two larger volumes of the living and sleeping pavilions, comprised of oversized charcoal-colored board, batten extira and cement board siding. A deep overhang mitigates solar heat gain and shields from the sun exposure.     A walkway of concrete pavers, lined by wild grasses leads to the front door, passing a tranquil courtyard with olive trees. The entry to the house is located within a glass hallway connecting the living pavilion to the west and the sleepi... More



BasicHouse is a home built by Architect Korn and Interior Designer Nartrudee for Korn and Nartrudee themselves. After over 10 years of experience of specialising in designing private residences the founders of Brownhouses Company Limited, an Architecture and Interior Design firm, built a home for their expanding family.   In our definition and exploration of the work 'Basic' we looked for the fundamentals of beauty and function. We took the word basic for the beauty of elements as they are. Thus, the combination of basic materials had created a multitude of small beautiful moments that when combined together makes the big picture wholesome. We created a simple house, tailored to fit its occupants making it special and unique in its o... More

Project • By Clive Wilkinson ArchitectsPrivate Houses

West Los Angeles Residence

The design of the house begins with the story of its occupants. Two families had become one, and they needed a space that could meet the needs of their new family. Architect Clive Wilkinson had two young children, and his wife Elisabeth had a teenage daughter. The kids needed separate rooms – individual spaces for personal growth within this new merged family. The chosen hillside location provides vertical separation, allowing each floor to be employed for a different purpose. The ground floor includes the three children’s bedrooms and a studio; the middle floor holds the master bedroom and a guest bedroom; the top floor is the large communal space that brings the family together.   An inspiration for the house was the ic... More

Project • By JUMA architectsPrivate Houses

hh 47

This house with adjacent office space is very special to JUMA, since it is the design of their own home.   The fact that the plot is located away from the street appeals to them because of the lush surrounding greenery that creates an entirely private area. The long driveway leads to a cozy, welcoming inner court, bordered by three connected volumes. These consist of a double garage with wood siding, the architects' office with separate access and finally the private home of the owners. The 3 volumes vary in height and together create a very readable design.    The floor plan of the home is elongated, as JUMA has a soft spot for long-drawn-out and low forms. Eventhechildren'sbedrooms are located on the ground floor. Only... More

Project • By Dan Brunn ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Bridge House

A visionary architectural exploration born in the heart of Hancock Park, Bridge House LA has officially reached completion after 2 years of construction. Designed by Dan Brunn, AIA, Principal of Dan Brunn Architecture, the one-of-a kind “bridge house” will literally bridge 65’ over a natural stream. Staying consistent with Brunn’s “less is more ” approach to building, the home will occupy 4,500 square feet on a 15,000 square-foot lot. The project’s commitment to sustainable solutions will serve as a demonstration of innovative systems and forward-thinking processes. The home's design exemplifies Brunn’s signature minimalist aesthetic, evident in dynamic spatial choreography of light and volume... More