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Product • By Banker WireM14Z-5


The M14Z-5 decorative wire mesh is created with a dutch style warp wire and a pair of helical crimped fill wires. The simple wire shapes combine to create a truly unique wire mesh pattern that both excites and soothes the senses. This mid-fill architectural wire mesh pattern can be woven in a variety of alloys and finishes.  Base alloys included brass, bronze, copper, plain steel, and weathering steel.  More

Project • By Banker WireBars

Hotel Scandic Örebro Central

Banker Wire’s representative in Sweden, Pahlfer, was commissioned to manufacture metal mesh for Hotel Scandic Örebro Central. The Banker Wire M14Z-5 is used in custom sizes for their long menu board canopy that runs along the reception, cafe, and the long bar counter in the lounge. The dark oxide-plated metal meshes are mounted in black frameworks in the ceiling feature, as well as in the movable screens along the counter at their coffee station. Banker Wire Banker Wire Banker Wire’s wire mesh is often used in architectural and industrial applications but can be used in various ways. The wire mesh panels above the bar define the space within the room while also structurally holding the neon signage for the cafe.... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Chapman Tripp

The Chapman Tripp office space is much more than just a commercial building. Inside and out, the structure is a pinnacle of inspiring design work. Situated in the heart of Wellington, this stunning workplace features a modern blend of private spaces and a flexible open floor plan supported by the latest technological advances. This rich environment contributes to the critical work completed by one of New Zealand’s largest and most successful law firms. With a refined aesthetic throughout, Archant, Banker Wires representative in New Zealand, provided wire mesh as an integral addition to the layout. Jason Mann Two distinct styles of Banker Wire mesh were used in the office interior design: the S-32 & the TXZ-3. These products... More

Product • By Banker WireS-50


S-50 is a flat wire architectural wire mesh created with plain crimp tooling.  The uncomplicated shape of plain crimp suits this flat wire and mesh spacing combination.  This decorative screen material can be used in just about any interior or exterior application. the S-50 can be made from Stainless Steel, Plain Steel, Bronze or Brass with a number of secondary finishes available. More

Product • By HAVER and BOECKEREGLA-MONO 4832


USES & APPLICATIONS:- Parking Facades- Facades- Railings- Balustrades    SPECIFICATIONS:Material: stainless steelWeight: approx. 3.4 kg/m² Open area: approx. 69%   CHARACTERISTICS:- Homogeneous appearance with large-area light reflections- Filigree wire mesh with semi-transparency and good visibility from the inside - Suitable for facade design, as parapet infill and as cladding in interior areas   Architectural wire mesh is often used with a stainless steel look, however there are numerous options available for coloring: Painting (complete or partial) in RAL or metallic colors and digital printing.   HAVER Architectural Mesh comes ready to install with complete and easy-to-follow instruct... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERCar Parks

Parking Garage at Barmherzige Brüder Hospital

A closed but still transparent façade cladding made of LARGO-TWIST 2051 stainless steel mesh Since 2020, a new parking garage creates a relaxed parking situation at the Barmherzige Brüder hospital in Regensburg. In cooperation with Peithner Architekten, Haver & Boecker developed a new architectural mesh especially for this project: LARGO-TWIST 2051. Photo: © N. Kazakov The key requirement: Providing reliable anti-glare protection against reflections from outside and insideThe facade cladding of a parking garage is often much more than just the shell of a building. This is exactly what became apparent during the implementation of the project in Regensburg.  The façade had to perform as a multifunctiona... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Whitney Architects HQ

When Whitney Architects decided to move their long-term headquarters to downtown Chicago, they required a space that exemplified both their key brand values, and the spatial solutions required of a bustling firm—an office that prioritized a design-forward, flexible, activity-based work environment. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into the heart of the space—the work café, designed as a testament to the hospitality the firm extends to both visitors and staff, and their client-focused approach. To help realize this brand value, the design team turned to Banker Wire’s M33-5—an architectural flat wire mesh pattern —within the café and bar space. The wire mesh, specified in an antique copper plated... More

NewsNews • 22 Oct 2020

Open plan warehouse concept achieves a playful sense of exploration

Warehouse Morinha is a large and light warehouse spaced custom-designed for a company that distributes children’s clothing and goods. The client wanted to achieve an open plan concept but also allow for a playful sense of exploration as one walks through the space. As such, stu.dere – Architecture & Design Studio implemented wire mesh features throughout, resulting in a physical but not a visual barrier. Credit: Ivo Tavares Studio In addition to a sizable amount space devoted to displaying and storing items, the ground floor includes an office and a small storage room. On the upper floor, there is a studio for product photography. The studio is subdivided into two spaces with a glazing system, which is designed to expa... More

Product • By Banker WireDecorative Plating Secondary Finishes

Decorative Plating Secondary Finishes

A decorative antique plated finish can truly bring out the texture of a woven wire mesh in ways that other coatings cannot. Antique finishes bring out the depth and texture of the weave while solid colors bring out the transparency characteristics with a splace of color.The thin layer of metal does not mask the detail of the wire mesh but rather highlights it. The antique plated finish process introduces a dark oxide layer over top of the bright plated alloy. Then, visual depth is created by physically relieving the high points of the wire mesh allowing the bright plated alloy to show through. A thin layer of lacquer is applied after plating to help preserve the finish from further tarnishing. More

Product • By Banker WireL-196 Large scale wire mesh pattern


The Banker Wire L-196 is a Lockcrimp woven wire mesh specification. This square weave can be woven in a variety of alloys including: Stainless Steel, Plain Steel, Weathering Steel, Pre-Galvanized Steel, Galfan, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel/Brass, Stainless Steel/Bronze, Stainless Steel/Copper. More

Project • By Banker WireHotels

Renaissance Nashville Hotel and Conference Center

The Renaissance Nashville Hotel and Conference Center has been transformed into a contemporary hotel reflecting the spirit of Nashville, TN. The interior design, conceived by Nashville-based architecture and design firm Gresham Smith, embraces the refined visual language of the Renaissance brand while nodding to the city’s renowned music scene. Banker Wire’s architectural wire mesh was utilized by Allegheny Millwork to elevate the design of the hotel’s public spaces such as the lobby, bar and private dining buffet. Specifically, the versatility of Banker Wire’s SJD-21 was chosen in an antique brass plated metal finish for the lobby to support the design firm’s vision. The lobby of Renaissance Hotel Nashville ma... More

Product • By Banker WireM13Z-345 Architectural Wire Mesh


This medium-duty, triple shute weave aesthetically accentuates a vertical or horizontal look; from a distance, the three wavy wires create a wide band perpendicular to the straight wires. Banker Wire can produce over 800 triple shute wire mesh patterns as they can be scaled in many different ways, making it ideal for railing infill panels, parking garages, and screen walls. Bring your next project to Banker Wire, the worldwide leader in wire mesh, and we’ll help you create something extraordinary. More

Product • By Banker WireS-51 Fine woven wire mesh


The S-51 architectural wire mesh pattern is inspired by a customer’s request to scale down the popular S-4 mesh pattern.  The uniquely flattened crimp at the wire mesh intersections gives the S-51 mesh a visual detail similar to that of the S-4. The ability to precisely crush the wire effectively reduces the percent open area of the screen without adding weight. More

Product • By Banker WireM31Z-6


The M31Z-6 is a unique large scale triple shute architectural weave that utilizes a nearly straight triple warp wire.  Crimping the warp wire creates a very strong and rigid mesh with contrasting wire shapes where the wires intersect. More

Product • By Banker WireTXZ-3


Banker Wire TXZ-3 wire mesh pattern utilizes a 4 heddle loom to create a zigzag arrangement of both flat and round crimped wires. More