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Project • By The SharExhibition Centres

car land

Car land theory section is based on the meaning of presentation and speed as a symbol of exhibition and cars. Façade is the final layer that shows the idea of whole building so we decided to keep the interior parts as a valuable object that is protected by curtain shaped shell. straight and curved lines of the façade, inspired by skid marks and wrinkled curtains, are having rhythmic presentation through outer views into interior spaces. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption   More

Project • By OFFTECResidential Landscape


Finalist Mention in "Detroi Waterfront District" - YAC competition More

Project • By TOYA DESIGNPrivate Houses

The Lake House_2

 In this concept, the main actor is not the house, but the adjoining nature and lake view. Such beautiful scenery cannot be ignored or hidden – it demands to be The Lake House_2 displayed. While developing the concept of this house, we tried adopt solutions that follow the surrounding nature. We designed rooms to have large windows, which allowed us to keep a view of the distant landscape and give the impression of an open space.Vacation homes are generally used for meetings with family and friends. That is why this two-storey house, despite its small area, contains three bedrooms. The terrace overlooking the lake is a key feature, while the high, open living room is the perfect place to relax and admire the view from t... More

Project • By Rachel SauExhibitions

Eu Lembro (I Remember)

With submissions from over 52 countries, Rachel Sau’s proposal, Eu Lembro (I Remember) has been awarded honourable mention in the Cultural Building Award category of the Silk Matters' Gaudi Architecture Prize: International Design Award 2020.  Since the project site – Algarve, Portugal – has a rich history, the proposal fulfilled the requirement of designing a mirador (look-out space) whilst respecting its history. To do this, the design approach began with a question: “what if the site has a voice?” Site:Hello. I have no name as former buildings that gave me identities are long gone. I am located in Algarve, Portugal. In the 1600s. Eu Lembro people called me Santo Ignacio Fortress. My role was t... More

Project • By KET bureauHousing

PRIVATE HOUSE by .Ket bureau

The model of the building gives a sensory vision of the scale and proportion in space. Allows you to feel the light and shadow balance of the volumes architectonic. Gypsum model helps to see the strict ratio of forms, emphasizing the purity and brevity of the elements. More


"ELAIS" Luxury Resort

The "Elais" project is located in Greece, Halkidiki. Our client, a private investor, had an intention to build a large scale luxury all inclusive resort at the sea side. The project we did is in the conceptual stage. It consists of four hotels every one with different level of luxury and activities. All the hotels are connected with one common swimming pool, giving the visitors change to swim up to their room. There are also private luxury houses with their own courts and beaches.  More

Project • By Nat TelichenkoPrivate Houses

Autumn in Baan Bubble

Baan Bubble dome house with a magnificent sunset & lake view, designed in the spirit of retro-futurism; landscape with very special thematic terraces - a Chinese garden with a dragon trail, a classic Japanese Rock Garden, and Mediterranean line, where the Red Vine infinity pool is located. There’s a Bubble Boat attached to the house, snow-white ship with a deck terrace and romantic views of the pool and lake. Inside the ship there is a lounge zone for a beautiful, relaxing guest reception. Fotographer: Ivan Avdeenko Video Production: Oleg Malofeiev, VP Studio.   More
Entrance Hall
Circulation Lobby

Project • By Anagram A-UNurseries

Mountain of Knowledge

THE MOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE Geometric contour lines form a mountain of knowledge. The core of it are the classrooms with an outdoor and indoor relaxation areas for interaction. ARCHITECTURE THAT CONNECTS The ground floor is the most public floor of the project. It accommodates program such as the library, music hall, sports halls, after school rooms and canteen. It illustrates the urban life of the school and offers space for any possible event. INTERACTION The etymology of the word school is deriving from the Greek word skholē that means ‘leisure, philosophy, lecture place’. The ultimate goal of a school is the cultural exchange of students and teachers that leads to the production of knowledge. The inter... More
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept
Mausoleum of Revelations, Burning Man installation concept

Project • By AI StudioParks/Gardens

Mausoleum of Revelations. Burning Man installation

London based AI Studio has revealed plans for an installation at the popular Burning Man festival - now cancelled for this year, due to the Covid-19 crisis. The proposal was to construct a pavilion inspired by Lenin’s Mausoleum – an iconic representation of the Soviet era and the final resting place of revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin.  AI Studio’s pavilion reinterprets a typical, closed, tomb as an open and permeable space. Principal of AI Studio, Anton Khmelnitsky, said: “We don’t believe we need walls for the mausoleum, as Burning Man is not a place where we are confined within walls. Our evolved mausoleum is an illusory structure, most closely resembling a manmade primal woodland.” Unlike the... More

Project • By NADA StudioPrivate Houses

WTBA House

Designed for a cliff outside of Papallacta, Ecuador. NADA Studio has conceived ‘WTBA HOUSE’ to combine the solidity of concrete with the warmness of wood and the lightness of glass. The project proposes a low single-story residence topped with a terrace and a pool. Design for a young guy who enjoys to be alone, the house separate strategically the private from the social area. At one side we have the living room (social area) and the stairs that take you to the roof, where you will find the social pool and a terrace to enjoy with friends. At the other side of the house, divided by the garage, you will find the kitchen and behind it the master and only bedroom, where you have your own pool to enjoy exercising right above the cl... More

Project • By 21 ArquitecturaOffices

Floating Skyscraper

Currently there is a serious problem of the most indispensable resource worldwide: WATER. The World Health Organization reports that water scarcity affects 4 out of 10 people worldwide. It is very important to mention that the increase in climate change observed in recent years has become more visible, especially in water: droughts, floods, storms, flood water can contaminate supplies and with it spread diseases and increase poverty . A harsh reality facing the Mexican people is that 10,496,000 homes do not have a daily water supply, which represents a total of 44 million Mexicans. Mexico appears in the group of nations with 'High water stress', ranking 24th out of 164 nations studied. The ‘water stress” is the percentage of w... More

Project • By M-ARCHMuseums

The Holy Assumption Monastery History Museum

The Museum building is located in the central part of the Monastery on the site that currently occupied by the local apiary. The building is aligned with longitudinal axis of St. Nicholas Church and is oriented to the East. Taking into account the Client's preferences and the existing architectural environment, it was decided to design the Museum in Neo-classical style. The building is a round in plan (18-meter dia) structure covered by a semi-spherical dome. Four Doric porticoes adjoining main structure are forming the facades. The building footprint is 335 sq.m. The exhibition area is 370 sq.m. (220 sq.m. - main hall plus mezzanine floor - 150 sq.m.). Basement area adds another 200 sq.m. of storage and utility space. The building doesn't... More
Exterior Impression
Concept Diagrams
The Connector
Interior Impression

Project • By Anagram A-UCultural Centres

Cultural Center of Modrice

Gruppa & Anagram A-U, 2 young practices with base in the Netherlands, Barcelona and Athens participated in the national competition for a new cultural center in the city of Modřice in Czechia. The proposal deals with the reuse of the 2 existing buildings of the plot aiming to increase their historical value and reestablish their role for the city. Simultaneously it introduces a connector that is a pitched roof canopy which accommodates a new library for the citizens. The connector works as an extension of the city, inviting the citizens to spend time on the complex and follow the cultural events of Modřice. The proposal is a single-storey building, a decision which enhances the value of the ground floor, the extrovert character of the p... More

Project • By Dardo MolinaExhibitions

covid-19 shelter

Conceptual shelter in an inhospitable place to receive the isolated Covid-19.Built in the middle of the ocean with a reinforced concrete structure and scrap and scrap materials. More

Project • By Sanjay Newaskar Designs LLPPrivate Houses

Chess House

Plot Size – 2500 sq.ft. Built up– 3600 sq.ft. A good concept ensures freedom of planning and design. We had an opportunity to design the Architecture and Interior of this house on “CHESS CONCEPT” as the client and his 3 sons have a hobby of playing Chess. To create a Chess House feel, the entire house Interiors and Exteriors were designed in square Grid patterns. The approach of design was realistic focusing on creating a mass structure with the Chess concept. Thus, a triple height Chess Board patterned wall was designed, which flows from Exterior into Interiors. Interesting reflections of Chess pieces (Knight, Rook, Bishops and King) on the Interior Walls were achieved through the laser cut outs in Metal plate,... More