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NewsGuides • 20 Sep 2020

A guide to designing with concrete

Known for its design flexibility and visual appeal, concrete is without a doubt a favoured material -  if not the favourite material - of architects. We’ve taken a look at the evolution of concrete in the field of architecture over the cen... More

Project • By CRAFT ArquitectosApartments

niu Coliving

NIU (nest in Catalan) evokes the creation of community within the space where one lives. This 4-level building with 54 housing cells is not a traditional residential project, it applies a model designed to share and cohabit in spaces created in searc... More

Project • By Anat Lazar ArchitectureApartments

A secret garden apartment in Tel Aviv

A Garden Apartment in central Tel AvivI met with the owners of the apartment, a couple with two children (the third child was born later) before the construction of the building began. They had many ideas, dreams and great taste.  We knew this a... More

Project • By NOARQ - Jose Carlos Nunes de OliveiraRestaurants

H O R A bistro

There was there a buffet with tradition at lunchtime. A pleasant little square, parodaxally surrounded by modest housing, with balconies ornamented by the prosaic habits of the locals, shared by Chef Miguel Reis. A landscape of habits is not enough f... More
Living room

Project • By Evolve ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Villa Manjunath

Contemporary four bedroom villa  More

Product • By dade-designdade Surface finish

dade Surface finish

The basis for every dade design concrete object is our inhouse developed dade ROC high-performance concrete. This concrete is a so called Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC). Our dade ROC contains gravel with a grain size of a 6... More

Product • By dade-designdade Terrazzo

dade Terrazzo

A trend in modern buildings are Terrazzo surfaces. To create Terrazzo, the cement surface is ground in 6 to 7 steps to make the grain visible.The grinding process simultaneously closes and seals the sur- face. For terrazzo surfaces we use different g... More

Project • By Gianluca D'EpiroPrivate Houses


all  I want : easy, clear, concrete, wood, nature, basketball court, books More

Project • By Sill and Sound ArchitectsHousing

Val au bois - Villa Yagan

Project located on a wooded but noisy site, bordering the Brussels Ring. A south-facing fixed bay window on two levels gives an uninterrupted view of the landscape to the living spaces. An interior garden constitutes a natural extension of the ground... More

Project • By Peter HaimerlHousing

SCHEDLBERG Contemplation house

Forester’s houses The traditional farmhouses of the Bavarian forest, with their strong character, are embedded in the harsh, east Bavarian landscape. Only a few still exist today. As symbols from an older, less wealthy era, that people wanted... More

Project • By VDV ARQPrivate Houses

Casa Acassuso

The house is built on an irregular corner lot, with 297 m2, located in a low-density residential neighborhood in Acassuso, San Isidro, on the north corridor of Gran Buenos Aires.  According to an existing swimming-pool that had to be respected,... More

Project • By WALAHeritages

Henry House

Henry House is a 140-year-old Victorian terrace house that has been refurbished and extended with a contemporary rear ground level extension. This Victorian is one of a pair of double-storey, single-fronted terraces that was originally built in 1878,... More

Project • By NZA ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Casa Pamplona

architectural concrete - natural light - light/warm interiors More

Project • By Taylor Knights PTY LTDPrivate Houses

Malvern Garden House

Malvern Garden House is a highly-considered adaption of an existing 1930’s period home in a hilly suburban pocket, with a new pavilion embedded within the terraced garden to the rear. Most fundamentally, the design response seeks to actively re... More

Project • By MVa - Marco Visconti architectSports Centres

Tribuna autodromo Mugello

The tribune is characterized by a family of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements connected to a branched framework able to support the roof in strong jutting. It contains two opposite tiers that allow double visibility towards straight and main... More