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We’re all about delivering the best quality of work and making sure that our clients are happy. Devoted to perfecting our craft, we focus on designing clean, simple, and modern styles in all of our projects. We find the most success in being able to work with people that have similar goals and a love for unique ideas in design. We love unusual or challenging concepts and thrive on being able to bring this level of innovation to concrete. We will work directly with you, interior designers, or architects to create the exact piece you need to complement your space. Anthony started the company in 2006 after moving from the Netherlands. Gifted with a natural talent for design, his background in Mechanical Engineering helped Anthony develop a sharp mind in both technical and creative thinking. With a love of design and hands-on work, Anthony chose concrete as his creative outlet. He provides creative direction and brings a meticulous work ethic and an eye for precision to all his projects. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Anthony has an understanding of business and of making clients happy.
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