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Project • By CMYK ArquitectosPrivate Houses


The project is commissioned by a couple for the complete renovation of the different buildings within a 420m2 plot in the historic center of Córdoba. The property comes from the promotion of clients in 1984. The objective of this first phase is to renovate the house to make it the visiting area. The wishes of the couple before starting the project were to maintain the location of the kitchen and isolate the private area (bedroom and bathroom) and transform the rest into a unique space, spacious and full of light. The challenge was to minimize actions to maximize results by taking advantage of the situation of all existing facilities. Through a minimum demolition and the change of location of the bedroom, the small and narrow previo... More

Project • By ArchisphereHotels

Falkensteiner Hotel Stegersbach

As is well known, change happens in waves. The first construction phase at Stegersbach’s Balance Resort, completed in 2005, can be seen as a wave that’s been transformed into architecture, a landmark visible from afar situated in the existing topography of a gently rolling ice-age sand dune. Planned by Archisphere, the main body, which circles a central atrium, is partially hidden from view. This unique curvature, which fits into the unique location, arouses curiosity and at the same time makes the cubic content seem much smaller than it actually is, resulting in an interesting interplay of light and shadow at all times of day. Due to the orientation of the curved main body, the restaurant, bar and spa receive sunlight from... More

Project • By Aaksen Responsible AarchitecturePrivate Houses

Parhuis House

Located in a narrow, elongated lot, Parhuis corresponds the users’ need of having a private space by separating the building purposes with clear function of public area at the front and private area at the back. Having longer side facing east and west sun is seen as a design challenge with potentials rather than as constraints, therefore, secondary wooden skins are placed in the west façade to reduce sun heat and radiation. The dynamic placement of secondary wooden skins making Parhuis, a house full of flowy and playful spaces, created by twist and elements of surprise given by spatial elements, with the context of seamless indoor-outdoor to increase health and mental well-being. The overall massing of the buildings denote to a... More

Project • By Ângela Roldão ArquiteturaShops

Deck & Sol Building

When we constructed the building, we mentioned it was an architecture with its viscera exposed: steel, concrete and granites, with very little painting area. Everything in sight as it was built.   The internal side plumb was covered in polished steel and its reflective effect provides movement and interaction between the internal and external parts of the building, dialoguing both with customers and passers-by.   Deck&Sol is a mixed used building containing a 5 floors store, 4 duplex and 2 triplex apartments.    The store   Unlike other existing stores in the city, this furniture store mixes luxury and sophistication in the different environments along its five floors.   We looked for the structur... More

Project • By RBRPrivate Houses

Restelo 12

The always present concept behind the development of this residence was to create a whole well-being, family-driven space under the idea of the Four Elements. Earth, Water, Air and Fire. This idea is visible all throughout the project - in the plantation of aromatics, on the internal and external pools, on the large platforms from where the Tagus river and Almada can be seen, and also on the several fireplaces distributed through the levels. With a total floor area of 825sqm, the residence is divided into 4 levels and is a part of a 985sqm. More

Project • By RBRPrivate Houses

Restelo 27

Keeping in mind the importance of preserving the Restelo neighbourhood’s values, we opted to use noble materials and rely on grand spaces. The result is a project that showcases the modernity demanded by who can and wants to live in this area. The outside is filled with striking gardens that surround the pool and jacuzzi, providing the owner with more privacy. This four level one-family residence is located in a lot with 710sqm and has around 820sqm of building area. More

Project • By OPENBOOK ArchitectureOffices

PwC Portugal

The intervention at the PwC offices in Lisbon comprised organising and optimising the space and its occupation through the redesign of social, work, and collaborative working areas.Inspiration, innovation, and leadership are keywords in the PwC positioning that we wanted to see reflected in the workspace and, for that reason, were the basis of inspiration for the project.The level of customisation was high, impregnating the space with a design that reflects the brand's DNA, transmits its values, and increases the attractiveness of the office itself. The first step was to break down existing barriers, enhancing collaborative work and providing maximum comfort. After that, with a refined geometric design, the brand has been transposed into a... More

Project • By OPENBOOK ArchitectureOffices

CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut

Impact, employees’ wellbeing, and a culture of collaboration were the 3 axes that guided the architecture project for CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut's new headquarters in Lisbon, designed by OPENBOOK Architecture. The new CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut office is designed for people - employees and clients - to meet the needs and expectations of those who inhabit it. The architecture has given special emphasis to the creation of different types of spaces, designed to encourage informal, individual and teamwork, with different levels of silence and concentration requirements. The first impact matters. That is why CMS Rui Pena e Arnaut's Offices were designed to reveal the prestige and distinction associated with it, right from the lobby. An imp... More

Project • By Studio 3MarkApartments


The aim of the project is to expand an apartment inside a small building built in the middle of the last century, in an outer district of Cuneo. Before the intervention the apartment was connected to a large garden through an uncovered and free terrace on three sides, which was closed by a new volume to create an extra room which will be used by the whole family to make the everyday life more comfortable . The extension makes an extra living space to the house, a living area to sit or rest, opening the apartment to the garden thanks to the large window to the west and the new covered terrace to the south. The space is split on two different levels because we wanted to widen the surface towards the garden while keeping track of the old te... More

Project • By 10 DesignLibraries

Songdo International Library Design Submission

10 Design's proposed scheme for the Songdo International Library aims to establish an intellectual and cultural symbol for the citizens of South Korea’s Incheon City. The innovative design combines local practices with a strong sustainable approach.   The proposed site for the library is situated within the Songdo International Business District – one of the largest free economic zones in the country. It is home to a number of landmarks including Northeast Asia Trade Tower, Songdo Convensia Convention Centre, and Songdo Central Park to name a few.   To reflect the significance of the wider site, the design team’s futuristic and iconic shape created for the library stands out from the urban landscape. The buil... More

Project • By AlumetOffices

3 Broadgate

The 19 meter high cylinder “3 Broadgate” stands in between two large office buildings and is characteristic for the financial district of London. Despite a wide walkway on the ground floor, the office pavilion was seen as a obstacle by passers-by and they preferably avoided this part of the area. Orms Architects London 3 transformed Broadgate in an inviting arch with a dazzling aluminum façade. The façade consists of 5.370 different perforated aluminum panels and is anodized in AluBronze02. More

Project • By Estudio PKa.Housing

Casa Sakura

The land Is surrounded with an environment of the Argentine Delta. Is implanted in a trapezoidal batch overlooking a lagoon. Its north orientation, towards one of its sides, provides the sun light to a patio with abundant vegetation, which Is used to generates the entrance of the house. It works as a bellows and an articulator; as a transition between the street and the access to the house, it is the heart of the house and all the circulations turn towards this patio. The west-facing facade has a sliding gate that is hidden when it opens with the intention of generating a scenographic sensation towards pedestrian access through a path that changes its forms. The idea is to go through different sensations: first we can appreciate the music... More

Project • By Delugan Meissl Associated ArchitectsOffices

BEL & MAIN Vienna Austria

The competition One of the residential towers from the competition entry by Coop Himmelb(l)au was to be implemented on the basis of the urban planning concept for the competition that was won by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects in 2015. The objective was to generate a coherent overall ensemble that took into account all the recommendations of the jury. The ensemble The basic urban design configuration of the buildings from the competition was retained. This interacts with the urban context and establishes key relationships with the “Erste Campus” and Signa’s Parkhotel. An urban square provides an appropriate vis-à-vis for the 21er Haus, while existing routes within the neighbourhood form the basis of importan... More

Product • By Tejas BorjaFLAT-5XL ceramic roof tiles | Leon Matte

FLAT-5XL ceramic roof tiles | Leon Matte

The largest ceramic roof tile ever made. High performance in installation (5 units/sq.m.)Wide range of finishes (BorjaJET exclusive)FLAT-5XL BorjaJET is a product award-winning of Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019. Length: 457 mmWidth: 510 mmWeight: 6,55 Kg./rooftileUnits/sq.m.: 5,5 rooftilesUseful length: (Batten distance) VARIABLE 340 - 390 mmUnits per ml eave line: 2Minimum pitch recommended: 30% – 17ºUseful width: 476 mm More info and finishes: https://tejasborja.com/en/roof-tile/flat-5xl/ BIM Files: https://tejasborja.com/en/bim-library-by-tejas-borja/   More
Articolo Indi Pendant Extra Large
Articolo Indi Pendant Extra Large
Articolo Indi Pendant Extra Large
Articolo Indi Pendant Extra Large
Articolo Lumi Wall Sconce

Project • By Articolo LightingPrivate Houses

Hill House by Decus Interiors

Timeless with a twist. Melding a classic yet contemporary interior from which to appreciate a jaw-dropping view of the city skyline, this family home was designed to last a lifetime. Responding to a brief for the ultimate in quality of finishes and furnishings whilst mindfully avoiding a gallery of showpieces, we grounded our aesthetic in the European inflexion of the architectural language. Layering an energetic and warm palette with the selection of playful art, we balanced fine materiality and specification of timeless bespoke furniture pieces, to carefully shape a resounding sense of home for this busy family of six.   Words - Decus InteriorsArchitecture - Luigi Rosselli ArchitectsBuilder - Critharis ConstructionPhotography - An... More