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Project • By Atelier BNK co.,ltd.City Halls

Niseko Town Hall

This project is a new town hall for Niseko Town, which is regarded as one of the world’s leading ski resorts. Niseko receives some of the heaviest snowfall in Hokkaido, and measures against snow cornices are a major issue when planning buildings in urban areas. One of the design themes was the pursuit of a cross-sectional shape that is able to cope with heavy snowfall together with the integration of the town hall program. In consideration of the convenience of the townspeople, most of the counter functions, offices and waiting lobby were placed on the first floor. Imada Photo Service Imada Photo Service Imada Photo Service Imada Photo Service The 2nd floor has a compact executive department centered on the town m... More


Renovation of 1970 Nissen Building

This is the renovation project of old building in the site of historical area in Takaoka, Toyama, Japan. To open to the city, we installed long deck used for events and terrace. The counter of the cafe is triangle shape to secure maximum view for opening to the city. Hajime Yoshida Hajime Yoshida Hajime Yoshida Hajime Yoshida Based on red, which is often used in cultural festival, local craft materials are used in various places. The entrance arch, countertop, and sign are made of copper plates from momentum factory Orii. Respecting the history of the building, which was originally a textile company, I created the artwork that sewing plan of this building. Hajime Yoshida Hajime Yoshida Caption More

Project • By SB ArchitectsHotels

Waldorf Astoria Cancun

Located on the coveted beachfront of Riviera Maya, the Waldorf Astoria Cancun is designed to be an exclusive sanctuary that delights the senses. Combining Yucatán sensibilities with an ambiance of stylish sophistication replete with luxury amenities, modern essentials, and world-class hospitality, the design embodies feelings of tranquility, authenticity, and rejuvenation. The resort features 150 well-appointed guest rooms and 30 suites with waterfront or mangrove-facing terraces and private balconies, a rejuvenating spa, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, two plunge pools, and multiple dining experiences. To create a distinct theme for the wide range of signature food and beverage options, a different interior designer was chosen... More

Project • By CLOU ArchitectsShopping Centres

Fuhuali Jinan

Climbing Up to See Afar Across from Jinan’s famous lake, geometric volumes form a multi-level waterfront village, an animated commercial and social meeting point with a front-row view. Commanding a panoramic view of Jinan’s Huashan Lake, this innovative hub is crafted as a cultural encounter, and entertainment inspiration for residents and tourists alike. Wu Qingshan Wu Qingshan Inspired by Zhao Mengfu's famous painting 'Autumn Colors on the Que and Hua Mountains' depicting the landscapes of Jinan Huashan during the Yuan Dynasty, the design showcases the beauty of Huashan's ‘Misty Rain in Quehua’ scenery, recapturing the mood and serene spirit to climb high and see afar. Wu Qingshan Wu Qingshan... More

Project • By NAN ArquitectosRestaurants

Pumper healthy coffe

The premises to be acted upon were already a space in operation and very successful, the purpose of the intervention was to expand and update the premises. Our clients wanted to expand the space and provide a homogeneous image to it. The intention was to carry out a contained intervention, preserving much of what was pre-existing, but carrying out a substantial transformation. Iván Casal Nieto Iván Casal Nieto Iván Casal Nieto Iván Casal Nieto Iván Casal Nieto The solution was superficial, providing color and texture on all walls. This, together with a change in lighting and furniture, made the change very important. The company's philosophy is to be very sustainable, concerned... More

Project • By SENCE ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses


NOM House, a visionary architectural project designed to cater to the evolving needs of a young family. Located in the lively city of Limassol, NOM House offers cozy living space on a small, flat plot that has the rare advantage of being able to be expanded in the future without the need for large-scale reconstruction. SENCE ARCHITECTS The basic concept of NOM House is based on flexibility and adaptability. Our team of architects has developed a solution that allows you to easily modify and supplement the house by adding on residential units. This unique feature enables our clients to meet their future needs while maintaining the overall design integrity. SENCE ARCHITECTS NOM House comprises two spacious and bright floors. On th... More

Project • By CoBe Architecture et PaysageOffices

Laherrère center - Saragosse district

On the Laherrère Square in Pau (France), in the heart of the Zaragoza district, CoBe’s architects, urban planners, landscapers, designers and site managers, in co-contracting with WEEK agency, just built two 11,210 m2 buildings of an ambitious program led by Pau Béarn Habitat. © Luc Boegly Being at the same time a place of life, work, professional training and economic development, the Laherrère center contributes to the development of the Zaragoza district by creating a large offer of housing for students and young workers, office and training spaces, craft premises, as well as local shops and services. Spread over two buildings, the project has a mixed materiality made of wood, concrete and glass, and is part of a glo... More

Project • By Page \ ParkCinemas

The Hyde Park Picture House

The Hyde Park Picture House is a Grade II listed independent cinema in Leeds, known for being the very last gas-lit cinema in the UK. The redevelopment project consisted of three key aspects; comprehensive conservation works to the original cinema building, construction of a new 3-storey extension to offer better access / facilities for the building, and a new 50-seat second screen excavated from the basement to increase revenue. Alongside these physical alterations to the building, the project aimed to celebrate the cinema's rich history, bringing its architectural features to the spotlight - including the gas lighting. Ollie Jenkins Ollie Jenkins The Hyde Park Picture House is part of Leeds Heritage Theatres group, who are the... More

Project • By AR Design StudioPrivate Houses

The Woodland House

Woodland House is a private, bespoke replacement dwelling located in East Devoncompleted in late 2022 by award-winning Winchester-based Architects, AR Design Studio. The clients approached AR seeking to relocate from the hustle and bustle of London to the tranquillity of rural Devon. Their children had left home, meaning that they were able to downsize, and so they were presented with the opportunity to pursue their lifelong dream and create their dream contemporary home. Martin Gardner Martin Gardner Martin Gardner Having previously lived in Grade II listed London properties they were keen to create a high quality new build house that was warm, air tight and most importantly, energy efficient. With now grown up children th... More

Project • By T3 ArchitectsBars

Belgo 4

For this 4th BELGO brewery designed by T3 Architects & Kanopea Architecture Studio, our team sought to highlight the heritage aspect of the existing building, restoring its beauty while reimagining its layout for the decades ahead. Following a comprehensive site survey, the T3 & Kanopea team delved into the building's historical evolution to identify its original architectural elements and all the additions made over time. 084 Creative 084 Creative 084 Creative 084 Creative 084 Creative 084 Creative 084 Creative 084 Creative Based on this detailed analysis, the architects made the choice to rediscover the original façade and its arcades, preserving all the load-bearing walls that were... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses


Our newest architecture design in balanced blend of modern art deco and classic architecture style. This cohesive blend creates a unique and luxurious character from exterior to the home interiors of a private palace in Saudi Arabia.      The exterior design has timeless appeal attributed to precise symmetry and proportion with arches and openings arranged uniformly as typically seen in classic buildings.  It is then harmonized with Art Deco elements such as flat roof, sleek glass windows and plain, off-white façade with accent of black aluminum trim to achieve a contemporary and opulent residential building.    by IONS DESIGN ‐ Residential Interior Design and Architecture Firms in Dubai www.ionsdes... More

Project • By ANNABAUPrivate Houses

Haus Parlow

Opposite the village church in the village center, on a rectangular plot lies the House Parlow. The elongated property slopes downward towards the west and, thanks to its location, allows a view over the roofs into the countryside. Hanns Joosten The building is only 5 meters wide and 15 meters long. Due tot he small "Footprint" of the house, a lot of open space is preserved. The angle of the shed roof is chosen parallel to the topography. The landscape also has a constitutive effect on the interior. The ground floor cascades over four plateaus. Above them, platforms made of pure cross-laminated timber are arranged at different heights and connected by stairs with varying inclinations. In addition to the serving functions, such as kitc... More

Project • By AGA STUDIORestaurants

La Maison Fresh & Bio

This Café/Restaurant has been conceived and imagined as an innovative and unique concept in the heart of the capital. Mehdi Triqui @tricky_tales The concept is based on a play of raw volumes assembled together, creating voids and solids both on the facade and inside the building, all arranged within a green setting without a clear distinction between the interior and exterior.  Mehdi Triqui @tricky_tales This lush and boundless vegetation creates a true cocoon, isolated from the street and the noise, right in the city center. The customer is invited to a real experience in a setting bathed in calmness, light, and greenery.  Mehdi Triqui @tricky_tales Designing an intimate space that is completely open to t... More

Project • By LP+A ArquiteturaOffices

CO.W Coworking

The Co.w. Coworking project was meticulously designed to represent a truly innovative unit, aimed at fostering collaboration, stimulating creativity, and enhancing the productivity of independent professionals, startups, and growing businesses. Every detail was carefully considered to elevate the concept of coworking to a premium level. Maurício Moreno Maurício Moreno Maurício Moreno Maurício Moreno Maurício Moreno Maurício Moreno Maurício Moreno The finishes were chosen with the intention of providing refined sophistication, with curved lines and a carefully selected color palette to reflect the brand's distinctive identity. The clean aesthetic, combined w... More

Project • By LP+A ArquiteturaOffices


Agility, personality and excellence. These are some of the many words that define Gráfica PRINTI. Through technology and constant innovation, PRINTI has become one of the most recognized digital graphics on the market, and such growth has required the creation of a dynamic and functional office that meets its standards. Sara de Santis Sara de Santis Sara de Santis Sara de Santis At the beginning of 2018, PRINTI approached LP+A to create an office that expressed its identity in a creative and impactful way. Therefore, we seek to understand not only the PRINTI brand, but to delve into its day-to-day life and its mode of operation. Its innovative way of working led to the creation of several open and collaborative s... More