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Project • By EL ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa Punta Azul

Casa Punta Azul is a project focused as a vacation home made up of two blocks of suites, a main one where we have a more complete distribution with both public and private areas and a secondary one with complete rooms for guests. Connected to each other by a bridge on the upper level that allows different views of the recreational area and the exterior of the property. Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Silvia Del Rincón Both blocks share a recreation area in the center where we have a swimming pool with a waterfall and a bonfire area as well as a large recreation area with various areas of green areas that interact with all the spaces on the g... More

Project • By TRZY.BE ArchitekciPrivate Houses

House in Zielona Góra

The starting point for the design of this house was to fit a shape on a plot with a rather difficult trapezoidal contour, with a not very beneficial location in relation to the sides of the world - the entrance to the plot is located on the south side. One of the instructions from our investors was their dream of having an outdoor swimming pool, which is to be bathed in sunlight for most of the day to naturally heat the water. It was no easy task to simultaneously provide the investors with privacy and comfort while relaxing on the terrace and by the pool. TRZY.BE ARCHITEKCI TRZY.BE ARCHITEKCI The program called for a spacious living area on the first floor, with a kitchen separated with doors. A pantry, a walk-in closet, a two-c... More

Project • By TRZY.BE ArchitekciPrivate Houses

House in the Owl Mountains

Designing a house in the Owl Mountains was a big adventure for us. We ourselves have been lovers of mountain hiking and skiing for as long as we can remember, and it is the mountains that are our first thought when we think "vacation". That is why the issues of problems to be faced by the building and its user in a mountain climate were not foreign to us.  TRZY.BE ARCHITEKCI Our job was to design a building that is primarily intended to become a place for weekend or holiday recreation for the whole family. The investors' children are themselves already adults starting their own families. The house was also to be designed in such a way that it could serve as a permanent home in the future, when the Investors decide it is time to e... More

Project • By Pepe Giner ArquitectosPrivate Houses

CTZ2 House

The house is located on a plot with a steep slope that descends towards the southeast facing the Portitxol bay in Jávea. A privileged enclave of great beauty delimited to the north by the Portitxol island and to the south by the viewpoint of Punta del Cap Negre. The project is based on adapting to the geometry of the plot and elevating the day area including the terrace and the pool at the same upper level. Diego Opazo Diego Opazo Diego Opazo In this way, the south orientation is taken advantage of, which coincides with the best views towards the Mediterranean Sea. The volumetry of the project responds to the orientation, geometry, and slope of the plot. The rugged topography means that what initially seems like a dis... More

Project • By Zabeli ArchitectsCities

Public Fountain

The public fountain project is a dynamic and interactive installation that combines the elements of concrete, water, and greenery to create a visually stunning and soothing environment. The foundation of the fountain is made from solid concrete, providing a sturdy and durable base for the flowing water feature. Denis Hamiti Sefer Aliqkaj Denis Hamiti The water is carefully designed to create a mesmerizing and tranquil flow that engages the senses, while the lush greenery adds a touch of nature and organic beauty to the surroundings. This unique combination of materials creates a harmonious balance between man-made structures and the natural world, inviting people to pause, relax, and enjoy the ambiance of the fountain. Ca... More

Project • By Zabeli ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Z House

The Z House is a thoughtfully designed residence situated in a rural area within the city of Skenderaj. Nestled amidst towering trees and set against a level terrain, the architecture seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature, embodying a harmonious fusion of function and minimalistic aesthetics. The ground floor of the house features an open design, adorned with expansive glass windows that establish a direct connection with the natural environment. This layout allows the residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors. On the other hand, the first floor is strategically oriented to prioritize privacy, characterized by elongated horizontal windows that frame selected views. Caption The minimalist approach exten... More

Project • By Zabeli ArchitectsHousing

Villa Olivea

Nestled within the rolling hills of Fishte, Albania, Villa Olivea is a residential house that epitomizes the perfect fusion of contemporary design with the tranquility of its picturesque surroundings. This oasis of calm is set amidst lush olive tree groves in a region with a hot Mediterranean climate. Villa Olivea embraces a minimalist architectural ethos, thoughtfully using clean materials and a predominantly white color palette to create a sense of purity and harmony with the environment. This design approach showcases a strong connection to the surrounding landscape, making the most of the hilly terrain and the beauty of the olive trees. Caption The residence is divided into three distinct volumes, each with its own unique charact... More

Project • By Taylored Architecture PLLCPrivate Houses

Contemporary Island House 1

Taylored Architecture was asked to design a highly contemporary "steel and glass" house on a private island in the Thousand Islands. The design took shape from a structural grid of steel columns that support a steel roof framing system. The steel columns are expressed on the exterior of the building allowing all of the exterior walls to be non-load bearing. Revette Studio Revette Studio Revette Studio This allowed for Marvin floor-to-ceiling Modern sliding doors and windows. The White Oak interior flooring was used as the interior ceiling material and was carried out onto the exterior ceilings/soffit diffusing the separation from the interior to the exterior of the building. Revette Studio Revette Studio A double-... More

Project • By Atelier AconceptNurseries

Geneviève-de-Gaulle-Anthonioz school group

In Haÿ-les-Roses, Atelier Aconcept creates a circular movement for a school complex In September 2023, Atelier Aconcept delivered the Groupe Scolaire Geneviève-de-Gaulle-Anthonioz in Haÿ-les-Roses (Greater Paris), a program comprising ten nursery classes, fifteen elementary classes, a dojo and a gymnasium with a total floor area of 4,700 m2. © 11h45 © 11h45 © 11h45 The new Geneviève-de-Gaulle-Anthonioz school complex is a landmark in the town's urban fabric and a landmark building with a sober, contemporary architectural style, providing the municipality of L'Haÿ-les-Roses with a dynamic entrance to the town. © 11h45 © 11h45 At the heart of an urban redevelopment program, the new fac... More

Project • By Architectural Visualization Studio Vis-oNPlaygrounds


Buildings of varying heights gradually rise from the river to the city, combining dense natural materials such as brick and stone with smooth glass and metal, emphasizing the continuity and coexistence of urban and natural environments. Vis-oN studio Vis-oN studio Vis-oN studio Vis-oN studio In the low structures of Cliff5, more natural handmade brick is used, mid-rise buildings are predominantly clad in metal, and tall towers are faced with a combination of metal and glass. Because of this, the residential complexes of Cliff5 serve as a metaphor for the earth, with the tall volumes dissolving, reflecting the sky and surrounding buildings Vis-oN studio Vis-oN studio Vis-oN studio Vis-oN studio More

Project • By VON MPrivate Houses

HS 77

Text by David Kasparek The land we live on is a non-replicable commodity. In many cities and communities, space for housing is becoming scarce. This is because, despite the cor- rect statement that our cities are largely built, i.e. on average in Germany there is enough living and wor- king space available, this existing space is often not in the right place. Especially in economically prospering settlements, living space is needed. Due to the local economic system, the available land is subject to constant speculation and the associated price driving. Since 1962, the Federal Statistical Office has been recording the development of building land prices in this country: by 2017, there was an increase of 2,308 percent. Land prices are gettin... More

Project • By a/LTA architectes - urbanistesOffices


Located at the eastern end of Gentilly and facing a metro stop on line 14, which is due to open soon, the project comprises an office development by FOR IMMO and a 61-unit multi-family housing development by Bati-Paris, and is part of the city's plan to redevelop Rue Gabriel Péri. © Charly Broyez Formerly occupied by industrial storage warehouses and at- tenant offices, the site is part of the Reine-Blanche district, a picturesque area on the heights of Gentilly overlooking the Bièvre valley, where high-rise buildings from the reconstruction period, former workers' housing, hospital buildings (Fondation Vallée), as well as recent multi-family housing developments and tertiary sector complexes (SCOR) coexist.... More

Project • By Antony Gibbon DesignsHotels

The Tapered House

The Tapered House is part of our Inhabit series. The structure can be situated on the edge of a lake, River or Pond or any sloped landscape with its raised legs. Caption Caption This 2 bedroom property consists of a – Ground Floor of 81 sq.m including an Entrance/Reception, Lounge, kitchen, Shower/wash room, Bedroom, outdoor terrace to front and rear of the property. The Second floor is 29 sq.m and has a Large double bedroom, Office built in wardrobes and plenty of Storage space. We have several variations of timber finishes to the exterior panelling. Caption Caption More

Project • By Studio Bloco ArquiteturaResidential Landscape

Casa da Lagoa

Casa da Lagoa is a weekend residence for a family who lives in the capital and found this nautical condominium a refuge in the middle of nature. Roberta Gewehr Roberta Gewehr One of the main guidelines of the project was to create as many openings to the front of the land as possible to allow sunrise and incredible views of Lagoa da Pinguela. As a result, the plan is organized so that the social area faces the front, as the back area is narrower due to the trapezoidal shape of the land. Therefore, the ground floor organizes the social area (kitchen, living room, dining room, barbecue, toilet and patio) and the upper floor organizes the intimate area (suites and private living room). Roberta Gewehr Roberta Gewehr Robe... More

Project • By Parallect DesignBars

Mountopia tea house

Project name: Mountopia Tea Café at the foot of the Siming Mountain Project type: Architecture renovation Design: Parallect Design Website: www.parallect-design.com Contact e-mail: [email protected] Design year: 2023.4 Completion Year: 2023.10 Leader designer & Team: Jiang Wu, Nan Yang, Xiangdong Xiao Project location:Henglu Village, Lianglang Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China Caption Caption Gross built area: 150㎡ Photo credit: Yingda Xu, Zaipei Li, Nan Yang Partner: Shanghai Hengtai Architecture Design Consulting Co. LTD, Zhejiang Huida Decoration Engineering Co. LTD Clients: Mountopia Project , Yuejie Brand Consulting Materials:Aluminum-magnesium-manganese panels, calcium silicate panels... More