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Project • By dasso Bamboo ProductsArt Galleries

Wuhan Huashan White Stones Art Museum

The symbiotic relationship between nature and space is the focus of thought when designing. Wuhan White Stones Art Gallery, inspired by the original stone shape, with white and gray as the basic color, visually dilutes the spatial boundary between the building and landscape. dasso Group Within the sculptural facade is a warm, quiet interior space, where geometric elements and natural light bring more layers to the building. The use of raw bamboo, cotton and linen, and plain concrete materials in the interior is compatible with the natural elements outside, creating a natural, warm, and vibrant space atmosphere. Through the opening treatment, light and shadow, breeze and greenery are skillfully introduced, blurring the boundary between... More

Project • By loft buroPrivate Houses

Enjoy the Silence

This project was implemented on the territory of an already existing family house. This cosy chalet was created thanks to a combination of opposites – as a hiding place for solitary meditations and relaxation from the frantic pace of life or a place for warm meetings with close friends and active communication. Serhii Polyushko From the outside, the austere and minimalist building has enormous stained glass windows to incorporate the vast and varied panorama of the garden into the interior. Adjoining territory created the landscape long before the idea of its construction. Our task was to fit it harmoniously into the existing environment. Serhii Polyushko The building on stilts is elevated above the ground. The chalet&rsq... More

Project • By TAM - Guillermo ElgartPrivate Houses

Casa Celina

A little house built on a piece of land in the neighborhood of Santa Celina, in the south of Mar del Plata. The area is known for its abundance of trees and greenery. The property is centrally located on a Pampean-Argentinian block. The site is unique as it contains an atypical level drop towards the main street. To the front, a wide tree-lined street. To the back, facing north, a picturesque green pedestrian space. Obra Linda The house is compact. Although it has limited floor space, the design manages to offer multiple circulation paths which all converge in a central semi-sunken courtyard. Obra Linda An impressive structure encloses the house. Both the design and construction methods are simple. The front and rear facades fe... More

Project • By TAM - Guillermo ElgartPrivate Houses

Casa 60

MEMORY  A suspended horizontal surface and the ground trap the space where life develops. The outside, the inside. The stillness, the movement. The void, the all. By folding both surfaces, they modify their horizontal and discover different heights between them. The void was there and it was subtly trapped for a family to develop their life. Caption CONTEXT  -CLIENT  A family that decides to live in the security of a private neighborhood, one of many that emerge in the big cities of Argentina. -The PROGRAM  Living room that allows different ways of living. Dining room, almost barbecue area, that when you want you can divide it from the living room. A Kitchen that is directly connected to the dining room but... More

Project • By HOUSE PLANSHousing

4 Bedroom House – 4B_3B_4G_568

A beautiful, modern north facing four-bedroom, three-bathroom home with three garages and an additional, separate, single garage. The north facing facades being made up of glass, this home makes maximum use of northern light to filter through the building and provide the owner with naturally lit environments. When entering the home, the sunken open plan living space on the ground floor is below an individual’s line of vision, directing ones focus out toward the views up north. A walk-in pantry, study, storeroom, and scullery can also be found on the ground floor toward the southern end of the building to supplement the north facing entertainment spaces. Upstairs we find four north facing bedroom with two of them having private dresser... More

Project • By Studio Gal GerberApartments


A 125 square meter apartment in the city of Ramat Gan that was planned and designed for a young and happy family :), a couple and two children (and one more on the way). GIDON LEVIN The apartment, was designed to address the family's routin and needs in the present and in the future. GIDON LEVIN GIDON LEVIN The renovation included redesigning part of the apartment's spaces, and the project included the planning stage, selection of materials, designing custom made carpentry and furniture, and furnishing and styling the apartment. GIDON LEVIN The project incorporated carpentry details and frames designed by the studio and executed by a carpenter and master locksmith. Caption More

Project • By Standard Studio - Interior ArchitectureShops

Ace & Tate Antwerp

Standard Studio was asked to design the new shop for Ace & Tate in Antwerp. Located at the Steenhouwersvest, adjacent to the Kloosterstraat it’s part of the vibrant area in the city centre. Caption At the facade of the building vibrant green ivy instantly attracts the eye of passers-by. Standard Studio has made the most of this alluring outdoor space by adding a small terrace directly outside the shopfront. As people stop here to rest and enjoy the surroundings their attention is instantly drawn inwards to the shop’s fresh, bright interior. Caption Caption On the main shop floor a plethora of natural light from the building’s large windows is enhanced by a playful use of mirrors. This provides the inte... More

Project • By Dobleese Space&BrandingHousing


Located between party walls in the old town of Catarroja, this three-level single-family home was born with the need to cover two premises that will mark the strategy of this project: on the one hand, to create a visual barrier on the façade to safeguard the views of the neighbours, given the narrowness of the street and, on the other, to organize the space in a studied way to provide ventilation and natural light to all the rooms of the house and, thus, help the bioclimatic contribution. María Mira After the first visit and subsequent analysis of the environment, a new conditioning factor would emerge, to provide dynamism and attractiveness to an environment of old and neutral buildings. To do this, the main facade is d... More

Project • By Elval ColourOffices

Diamentum Offices

The new Diamentum Offices in Poland dressed with etalbond® A2 in Natural Bright Brushed Anodised, reveals the true 'essence of architecture'. Caption The minimal design of building is eye-catching due to the clean lines of etalbond® A2 ACP and the crystal structure, causing visitors a sense of pleasure. More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


This charming apartment, located in the heart of Milan’s chinatown, has undergone a process of radical transformation, while maintaining the original layout of the walls.Each room features an alternation of cold and warm tones, creating a vibrant yet welcoming and relaxed sequence. Matteo Losurdo The interior was in fact conceived as a concatenation of spaces, linked together by a precise choice of colors and materials.Despite the relatively small size, the use of color has made it possible to create different situations and moments that are interconnected with each other. In the dining area, for instance, wall painted shapes define a reading corner, and the same tone is used for the bookcase in the niche in front. Matteo Lo... More

Project • By Atelier PRO architektenPrimary Schools

Primary school Pantarijn & Hindu Shri Krishna

On an unique location in Vleuten-De Meern, Utrecht, atelier PRO has designed a building for two distinctive primary schools: the public primary school Pantarijn and the Hindu Shri Krishna primary school. Unique, because a Roman limes (‘limit’) runs straight across the plot. And distinctive because both schools have their own clear-cut identity, yet simultaneously share a single building which presents itself as a recognisable unity. Marcel van der Burg Limes Approximately 1800 years ago, the limes served as an important route along the border of the Roman Empire; today it is considered to be a zone of high archaeological value. The ancient road runs through the De Meern district of Utrecht, straight across the plot of the... More



White Coffee interior tells a history of how classic background can successfully interact with modern furniture and decor. At the background of plaster stucco you can see an elegant chandelier which is an uneven curve of freely suspended flexible neon hov Dmitry Chebanenko Dmitry Chebanenko Dmitry Chebanenko Dmitry Chebanenko Caption More

Project • By Latitud 10 ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Eclectic House

The concept of this residence goes from the eclectic idea in order to find a mixture between a colonial and contemporary trend. This is why it is sought to generate small garden spaces recalling some “zaguán” (hallway) and that in this way the different spaces have natural ventilation and lighting. Always on this same idea, we sought to use wood as a conductive thread along the internal spaces of the house to generate warmth. The aim was to generate unified open spaces to have a modern internal layout but keeping the privacy of the kitchen area. Latitud 10 Arquitectura Upon entering the lobby, it communicates directly with a small semi-private garden that we can glance through openings in the walls that simultaneous... More

Project • By Latitud 10 ArchitectureResidential Landscape

The Forrest House

The main consideration of the project was its location, this regarding to its peculiar topography and its climatic context. Located in the upper area of ​​the mountain region of Heredia, the climate is characterized by an almost constant permanence of rain throughout the year. This creates an environment of high humidity, combined with strong gusts of wind and a low relative temperature. Latitud 10 Arquitectura That is why the project seeks to protect its interior from these climatic conditions in order to maintain a warm and relaxed atmosphere inside, but with large windows that allow you to visually enjoy the exuberant vegetation outside. Caption Latitud 10 Arquitectura When designing the project, we combined materials an... More

Project • By Work Program ArchitectsOffices

Work Program Architects Studio

Emerging from a pandemic-induced work-from-home regimen, Work Program Architects, a small, multi-disciplinary design firm, returned to a brand-new 4,500 SF studio, ready for a new era. Serendipitously ahead of its time, the WPA Studio was conceived to be uniquely sophisticated, yet comfortable, satisfying myriad work modes in a collaborative environment. WPA desired a space that welcomed a revolving door of guests from high-ranking political officials to people experiencing homelessness. The space had to not only showcase the firm’s abilities, but also be commute-worthy for staff and inviting to all visitors of all types. Yuzhu Zheng Beyond starting the design process the same week the pandemic began, the team was also challenge... More