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Project • By Hello Wood LtdUniversities


The Argentinean edition of Hello Wood international summer festival for architecture has ended. The Budapest-based studio – which has attracted the attention of such legendary architects in the last few years as Urban Think-Tank from Zürich or Kengo Kuma from Japan – can proudly say that one of Europe’s leading architectural summer universities has become an export, along with their teaching methods. For 4 years now, the Argentinian partners, the MANDARINA design agency and TACADI architecture studio (Bea Palacio, Mercedes Palacio, Jerónimo Fanelli, Marcos Llerena) organize Hello Wood Argentina, following the Hungarian model. “We are proud to be able to spread our knowledge, experience and inspiration in... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAShopping Centres

Paseo Aldrey – Cultural & shopping centre

“Paseo Aldrey – Cultural & Shopping Centre” is a major project to transform a former bus station in the city of Mar de Plata (Argentina) into a cultural and leisure centre while also restoring and placing new value on this item of heritage.   Architects’ studio Mariani-Pérez Maraviglia was responsible for the redevelopment of this 42,000m2 area for the city’s inhabitants.   With this project, headed by architect Laura Napp, a whole new facelift was given to the area through the construction of a new linear-looking building that integrates the old bus station’s classical architecture (designed by architect Jules Dormal in around 1910) into its big volumes.   This redeveloped... More

Project • By Estudio Galera ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Basque Pavilion

A building at the back of an existing house and the re-functionalization of the own dwelling were the main issues of this project. Some basic operations define the search for a connection between the original building and the new one. A growing family, a change of uses and a fondness for gastronomy define the new program. The social area of the original house is projected by modifying the kitchen, storage and counter areas and secluding the play area in the interior. A small addition is used as a link between the pre-existing and the new in a search for a common language that does not look for adaptation or reproduction. At the back of the lot and amid aged trees, an isolated building is placed. This shelter works as a sewing room, photogra... More

Project • By Estudio Galera ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Casa Divisadero

The lot situated in the coastal town of Cariló presented a depression in its centre and some pine trees on the rear façade. Twoof the main requirements were: ensuring the users’ privacy –as the house is set on a busy street- and no level changes.The dwelling stands as an autonomous artifactin a beach town with no clear architectural identity and which strictly respects setbacks, vegetation and natural topography. The house creates its own world as it closes in itself: a one-level-rectangular prism with three subtractions in the shape of patios that add ventilated perimeter and create transitional spaces between the interior and exterior. These spaces can be closed at the outer edge with roll down shutters, creating two different perimeters;... More

Project • By MSGSSSOffices

Campus La Calandria

Located in a decisive natural environment, a wooded area for decades, this corporate office campus project seeks to integrate with the landscape proposing soft, curved and winding forms that let the sun and air pass between its buildings.The set of 3 oval buildings is joined on the ground floor by a slab that acts as a continuous base and gives unity to the whole. Allowing to go between buildings under cover through a continuous commercial recove.The elliptical geometries allow panoptic visuals on an environment of closed neighborhoods, trees and villas, all of lower height than the buildings of 18.50m.The concept of the proposal, create between trees, seeks to activate the senses all the time in relation to nature. Thus, a number... More

Project • By Estudio Moirë arquitectosResidential Landscape

Lucerna House

The property is located in La Caleta, a coastal town 25 kilometers at the north of the city of Mar del Plata.The premise was to take advantage of a privileged environment, so the visual becomes the main objective of the project. Analyzing how the landscape is perceived from the house and how it is viewed from the outside, is one of the requirements defined by the firm.In order to meet the needs of a young family that was going to grow, the house was designed to be built in two stages: The first stage (ground floor) could operate independently during the time of construction of the second stage (first floor) From these premises housing is formed by two overlapping rectangular prisms, creating an "L" type, which maximizes the green lands... More

Project • By FRAZZI ARQUITECTOSApartments

Lamarca Condo

DESCRIPTIVE MEMORY...Villa del Parque... The green of trees.... Low houses ... A quiet neighborhood... The building develops into a free ground floor, a single space, from where it is possible to appreciate the visual continuity of the typical park of a building which is connected to the city.A concrete box contains folded brick walls in the manner of “ribbons”, as if they were a “hand” that grabs the building.Within the park – a lot of 17, 32 metres in the front by 53 metres in depth, the access is achieved through a dry square sorrounded by 2 patios as block interiors, from where a glazed hall – volume with gardens and water fountains around it allow the access to the semi private area of the building.The arrival to each dwelling uni... More

Project • By FRAZZI ARQUITECTOSApartments

Sanabria Condo

DESCRIPTIVE MEMORY On the basis of two chorizo houses (sausage – houses, a typical sort of building from buenos aires) with commercial stores in the front from 1900, which belonged to cándido boschini (one of the first inhabitants in the neighborhood), it was projected to recycle this set of 6 functional units, an urban piece that coexists with the old trees and the quietness of villa devoto neighborhood. The language of the buildings from the past was thoroughly respected in such a way that the intervention of modernity brings it back to the present time…  Cedar carpentry, glass partitions with color spreads, latticework, ribbed metal curtains from old stores, wide brick walls, pinotea, etc. were set in value... More

Project • By FRAZZI ARQUITECTOSApartments

Jose Cubas Condo

DESCRIPTIVE MEMORYThe building opens to the city... It may be observed from the railway station… Its cutout can be seen as one approaches it from The park and gets immersed into the grove of the seminary…The facades multiply... The building appears just as it is, without hiding its noble materials and simplicity, which make it to look strong and unique…Due to the closeness with the railway station, the Villa Devoto seminary and the nearby greenhouse, the building appears as being “liberated” thanks to the distension generated by the open spaces with trees.The presence of the centenary tipa trees along the seminary sidewalk, with their particular height, foliage and yellow flowers, embraces the building and ... More


Pujol Condo

DESCRIPTIVE MEMORYCaballito neighborhood is characterized by its low old –style houses which date back to the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, granting a particular and interesting identity to the area with a certain degree of nostalgia.When the project was commissioned, we found a splendid casa chorizo (Sausage-house, a typical sort of construction in buenos aires) from 1913, with perimetral walls of 45 cm and double height vaulted roofs, the classic adjacent rooms, and the patio with a gallery.The intervention consisted in turning the house into a condominium of three loft type residences on three plants, enhancing the existing expressive noble materials such as bricks, vaults, metal beams, pinotea b... More

Project • By FRAZZI ARQUITECTOSResidential Landscape

Maturin Housing

DESCRIPTIVE MEMORYThe concrete folds and generates the volumetry of the works, with an experimental character and a sculptural treatment… It generates spaces, gaps, breaks, and double heights… The result consists of two residences stacked at height with the characteristics of a house, but developed in four storeys… The spatial perceptions are rich and varied: - the free ground floor linked to the internal park – patio and to the public space, with flexibility in its use…  - The staircase, not only as a linking element (ground floor to terrace), but also as an element generating spatial situations on the way (overhanging stair landings, double heights, projections, visuals to the garden)…- Double heights in hall... More

Project • By FRAZZI ARQUITECTOSApartments

Mosconi Condo

DESCRIPTIVE MEMORYIn the typical latest proposal for urban phs (a type of horizontal property) which consists in 2 blocks separated by a nucleus, it was intended to seek for a link between the public and private urban space by means of successive open spaces that multiply in the volumetric proposal.A free ground floor was provided, where the stairway system leading to the different stair landings is displayed between liberated spaces with natural light entry and cross ventilations as protagonists that result in a housing type with semi-public and semi-covered spaces quite different from the typical horizontal property buildings.  The functional proposal is conformed by dwelling monocells which are converted into duplex on the last... More


Paysandu Professional Studios

DESCRIPTIVE MEMORY By the end of the nineteenth century, a new type of building appeared within the city grid: the general store. This kind of stores usually had a series of adjacent rooms expanding into an internal patio with a gallery, and consequently, they connected work and housing functionally in the same plot of land.They normally completed the block fabric by closing the corners at the municipal lines. These enclaves were built by immigrants who used the construction techniques inherited from their countries of origin.This type of stores eventually shut down due to changes in the customs of the society, which preferred other ways of provisioning, as well as to the physical and cultural disappearance of their former founders.In most... More


Roseti – Professional Spaces

DESCRIPTIVE MEMORYRoseti is focused on the research and the grouping of cells of professional work units, making up a play of volumes which generates three internal patios interacting with the urban spaces.  Immersed into a disparate context, a section of the city with a diversity of functions, where a few residences converge with office buildings and a cluster of decadent textile warehouses with internal parks in the blocks stand out, which grant a particular look to the site and allow for reflexion.The characteristic monomaterial sorrounds the works and contributes certain neutrality which becomes the protagonist. The light and the internal and external visuals form part of the matter counteracting the weight of t... More

Project • By FRAZZI ARQUITECTOSApartments


DESCRIPTIVE MEMORYIn our spatial search, Mosconi 3 adds to the concept of free ground floor and permeability among urban and semiprivate spaces, the experimentation on the sequence of spaces and their limits within the 3 functional units that constitute the set, the movements of matter, the filter of lights and shadows, form and function… The immediate relationaship with the railway roads and the voids they generate allow a relationship of expansion toward the urban horizon.The continuity with the street is given by a free ground floor over which a series of boxes containing the dwelling cells appear as “floating”: The heaviest one, which closes the first two identical floors, and the other, which departs from the former... More