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Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments


Located in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia is this project of integral reform of housing. Casa en el Ensanche is located in a building of 1937 and the essence of the time is reflected throughout the house. With more than 120 m2 built, we faced a renovation project whose premise was to provide personality and modernity to the whole house while maintaining part of the original essence. This essence has been preserved preserving the height and part of the original ceiling moldings. Also noteworthy is the kitchen area, where the original Nolla mosaic floor of the house has been preserved. Restored piece by piece and installed as a carpet that allows to delimit the space of the kitchen and living/dining room. For the remaining pavement of... More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments


Housing located in a building in Ciutat Vella, in the historical center of the city of Valencia. Its rehabilitation was carried out in 2004, when it was conceived as what it is today. Our intervention is mainly based on two premises: to gain light and spaciousness, as well as to respect the pre-existence. For this integral reform project, we sought to integrate the kitchen with the living-dining room, thus creating a single, much larger room. With the materiality we gained a greater sensation of light. With all this we have managed to gain space, light and a feeling of spaciousness. Reserving the rest of the rooms for the night area, bathrooms and bedrooms. During the construction phase we found the large beam and original wooden beams fr... More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments


With about 200m2 of built area, the possibilities for this comprehensive reform project were very wide. The house from the 70's, was with the original finishes and distribution. Therefore, the main idea of this project was to adapt the whole space to the new needs of the clients, with two clear objectives: to gain lighting and interior quality. The spaces are distributed clearly differentiating the day area from the night area with a more intimate character. These spaces are articulated by means of a generous corridor in which the materiality of the access furniture is taken care of, as well as the lighting. In this corridor we conceal by means of integrated panels the courtesy toilet and the access to the kitchen, centering all the attent... More


Indoor Athletics Stadium

Located in a multi-sports complex in the neighborhood of Sant Oleguer, the stadium, with its capacity for some 2,500 spectators, is the principal piece in the ensemble. As such it represents an important reference point for the city and at the same time the building has great symbolic significance for its citizens.The site is a long and narrow plot with a significant slope and a marked asymmetry. The building would adapt itself to the site and at the same time its impact on the landscape would be minimized. The structure consists of a huge roof which seems to unfold, following the movement of the land along both the longitudinal and transversal axes. It is a continuous, light and almost immaterial element that floats over the interior space... More


Nursery School Virolet

The project is born taking into account two main considerations:1 The place, with its topography and geometry, gives shape to the floor plan. The site becomes the landmark of the project.2 Being a nursery school forced us to keep user-friendly and familiar stairs even though the use of unevenness was needed in order to achieve a direct contact of the rooms with the playground.The place because of its area and its topography was determinant in the architectural aspect of the school. Although it is advisable to plan the different spaces on one floor, in this particular case we had to consider two floors. It division into two floors with different accesses was our proposal in order to solve the problem of the slope.The tridimensional organizat... More


C.M. Plastic Surgery Clinic

Situated in front of Collserola, the mountain range that marks the western limit of Barcelona, the Vall d’Hebron hospital complex is one of the most important and largest healthcare centers in Spain.The brief for this annex to the area of Traumatology was based on the creation of a new department for patients with burn injuries. The gymnasium that had been standing on the rather constricted site had been demolished and all that remained of it was the basement in which the department’s archives were stored. The program stipulated that both this space as well as its function as an archive had to be maintained.The other important mandate of the program was that the general activity of the hospital had to be maintained during the construction p... More


Carles Rahola Public Library

The new library is located in the center of Girona. Bounded on the north by busy Avenue Emili Grahit, the site is embedded in a dense neighborhood of tall residential blocks. These urban conditions – plus the fact that this is the largest library in the network of public libraries in Catalunya – contributed to the development of a design strategy based on two main considerations.First of all, given its civic and cultural importance the decision was made to differentiate the library from the surrounding residential fabric both in terms of its form and the materials.Secondly, while the design responds to the new programmatic challenges of today’s library as a place of social interaction for young and old, it also reclaims the traditional role... More

Project • By Diaz y Diaz ArquitectosBridge Control Buildings

Building of Control CCS of the Outer Harbour of Ferrol

As the prow of a ship ready to weigh anchor and set sail, on the hammer of the main dock of the Outer Harbour of Ferrol, opened to the views of the estuary. To meet this landscaping challenge is used a formal repertoire of pure volumetrys, integrated into the geometry of the dam itself and, secondly, they rely on the proper forms of naval architecture. From a functional point of view, the building houses the program uses proposed by the Port Authority, allowing from its upper floors the total perimeter view of the port and the estuary. An external ramp system allows saving the difference in height between the sea wall of the dam and access to the roof. Consequently, the priority objectives to be attained by the solution adopted are:... More