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Product • By MZPABarstool Mild

Barstool Mild

Designed by Kateryna Sokolova The Barstool Mild, made of beechwood and fabrics, has a particularly elegant design and combines functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetic pleasure, at the same time meeting all requirements for the most comfortable seat... More

Product • By Billiani srlFRISÉE


Frisée is a collection that combines the solidity of wood with an ironic and joyful frivolity. Cristina Celestino's soft and enveloping touch exalts Billiani's materials and know-how with pure colours, corners that turn into delicate curves an... More

Product • By Billiani srlFITT HUG


Victor Carrasco explores the successful single-shell style of seating, and with Fitt Hug he broadens the concept of the Fitt chair. In this new interpretation, the wrap-around body has clear and decisive lines. Always essential, it combines in a vers... More

Product • By TarrisonThe Abuela

Abuela Bar Stool

Abuela is a complete collection of chairs and stools, with soft and elegant lines, functional and versatile. The solid beech wood structure, together with the clean design and the uniqueness of the details, create a winning combination for the most r... More

Product • By Billiani srlVincent v. G.

Vincent v. G.

Amongst Vincent Van Gogh's various paintings, there are a number that feature chairs. Simple, solid, traditional chairs of type that, more than a century ago, could be found in every country house. The Vincent v. G. is inspired by these, a collection... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignShops

Contemporary Cafe Design - Lucaffe

The Contemporary Café Design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is actually a franchise outlet of the world famous coffee brand: Lucaffe. It's simple and brand-oriented interior design instantly attracts the eye with the patented red and whites. Gorge... More



SUPPORTSTOOL is a continuation of the popular line of bar stools, - a charismatic object with a memorable appearance and unusual graphic structure of the frame. The dynamic lines of the improvised legs create for the SUPPORTSTOOL the Wow-effect that... More

Product • By BuzziSpaceBuzziMilk


A classic milk stoolThis rustic-meets-modern take on the old farmhouse favorite would even make your grandma feel nostalgic.BuzziMilk is a sturdy little stool inspired by elements not usually found in a standard office space. Its goal? Create a warm... More

Product • By FARELLMINA Counter Table

STROBY Counter Stool

STROBY is a counter stool with an iconic character. Its elements, such as the dome-shaped leather seat and its conical metallic base provide it with a striking elegance. STROBY is a unique piece ideal for exclusive and avant-garde interior spaces, as... More
Adentro / Parisian Headoffice internet company
Adentro / Parisian Headoffice internet company
Adentro / Parisian Headoffice internet company
Adentro / Parisian Headoffice internet company
Adentro / Parisian Headoffice internet company

Project • By ADENTROOffices

Tech/internet company Paris

Adentro has furnished a kitchen space table and seats for a tech/internet company based in Paris. More

Product • By AmorphAttitude barstool

Attitude barstool

Attitude bar stool design and manufactured by Amorph More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Crepe Bechamel Restaurant Interior Design

The Crepe Béchamel Restaurant, the interior of which is designed by CAS, is a destination eatery in Qatar, Doha. It is originally a chain restaurant that features French cuisine adapted to the Arabic culture – which is where the concept of the interi... More

Product • By P&M furnitureRiace BK

Riace BK

The simple shape and curved lines outlining the Riace bar stool, inspire a liquid form. The Liquid-shape-style being a design concept used to impose a clean and airy look into a daring project. Therefore Riace BK bar stool will certainly make an imp... More