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Project • By DENIZEN WORKSHousing


EXISTING Barn B is a renovation project, converting an existing flint barn into a series of open living spaces. The barn is situated amongst a cluster of agricultural buildings which together form a sheltered courtyard high upon a hill.   Caption Prior to works commencing, the interior of the main barn featured exposed solid stone walls that supported four timber trusses. Natural daylight filled into the barn from high level gable end windows. Meanwhile, two arched external doorways cut through the central axis of the barn, connecting the sheltered courtyard on one side to the countryside on the other. Caption BRIEF The brief was to renovate this historic barn to introduce a new kitchen, dining hall, sitting room and mezz... More

NewsNews • 4 Jun 2021

House CCB in Switzerland sees the transformation of a barn into a luminous contemporary residence

In the Swiss Alps, architect Ralph Germann has transformed a traditional barn into a luminous and contemporary residence. Behind monumental stone walls, is a bright interior washed with natural light. Lionel Henriod The original barn building was constructed in 1854 and over four generations of inhabitants has evolved from hay barn to stable, then to wine storage. In 1950, a wooden extension was added to the property. Lionel Henriod In approaching the project, Germann took the approach of highlighting the mineral character of the original building. Within the stunning stone shell that exists he carefully inserted a wooden and glass cube, which provides contemporary living space. The existing timber extension is freshly brushed a... More

Project • By Atelier D’Architecture Michel FollonierPrivate Houses

Chalet in Mase

This barn is located in Mase in a village context. Formerly intended for agricultural needs, nowadays its function was no longer in demand. The project manager / architect dreamed of converting it into housing. In a space of 5mx5m this chalet offers the possibility of accommodating 8 people in comfortable beds. To do this the bedrooms / niches are located under the roof, the living room on the middle floor and the kitchen / dining room on the ground floor. A double height in the living room allows despite the small volume to obtain a pleasant space. The interior, all in fir, offers comfortable spaces totally adapted to today's needs. More

Project • By Atelier D’Architecture Michel FollonierPrivate Houses

Transformation in Ayent

This barn is located in the village of Ayent, in a rural setting. For centuries, this building has fulfilled these agricultural functions. Nowadays, a family decides to transform it into a home. The challenge was to keep the original gasoline while meeting current needs. By offering a fully glazed southern facade, we have highlighted the original construction. This contrast allows the interior spaces to be bathed in light. Inside, it was essential to keep as much of the original spirit as possible. The result is a marriage of stone, wood and metal that combines modernity with history. More

Project • By OakBridge Timber FramingHousing

Timber Frame Hobby Barn

Hobbyists need a place to relax and focus on their pastimes, and this hobby barn is the perfect example. A beautiful woodworking shop is ideal for weekend woodworking, and the open first floor and loft spaces are great for hosting friends to share the completed projects, exercise, or simply just a staycation. There is even a space for beekeeping projects behind the woodshop.  More

Project • By Roger Ferris + PartnersPrivate Houses

Red Barn

Located on a coastal Connecticut estate, the Red Barn houses space for an artist on the first floor (a studio and workshop) as well as modern living accommodations on the second floor (a bedroom, bathroom, living and dining areas). Programmatic flexibility is a major component of the Barn’s design, as the first floor is highly reconfigurable. In stark counterpoint to the traditionalism of the estate, the building houses its functions in minimalist, graphic efficiency as it reinterprets a common New England building form. A continuous rainscreen encloses the entire profile of the dwelling and seamlessly blends a large foldaway door that allows access to the expansive space below. More

Project • By Clayton KorteWineries

Cayucos Ridge Barn

Flanking 30 acres of Syrah vineyard along the Santa Lucia Range this simple wood-skinned barn houses vineyard farming equipment, grape picking bins, tool storage and an open-air workshop area. An off the grid structure, roof mounted crystalline PV modules recharge a battery bank located in the barn. The vineyard manager and occasional guests experience the Coastal Live Oak filled woods to the east and the vineyard on the west.  Materials are selected for their simple elegance and long-term durability. Ebonized cedar siding and weathering steel clad the building skin. Interior spaces are paneled with raw plywood and are contrasted with painted cabinetry. More