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Product • By BEGAHigh-performance floodlights for high ambient temperatures

High-performance floodlights for high ambient temperatures

High-performance floodlight in different designs. With a luminaire luminous flux of more than 42,000 lumens, they set new standards in terms of economy and efficiency.This series continues our history of successful high-performance floodlights with all of the quality features.These floodlights are characterised by the extremely long service lives of their LED and power supply units and of their precise optical systems. Glass, silicone and aluminium are used to deflect the light and optimise efficiency. These materials are practically wear-free and virtually unaffected by ageing. BEGA does not use polymer lenses in view of their questionable ageing properties and thermal stability. Highly efficient reflectors create either very narrow beam,... More

Project • By BEGAMuseums

EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam

With the distinctive new building of the Film Museum, the north of Amsterdam, near the city centre, is experiencing a welcome revival thanks to a throng of visitors. Besides an extensive range of events, it is also the architecture itself that invites visitors to this new experience.The attractive building cannot be missed as it rises from the banks of the IJ river and guarantees a different appearance depending on your point of view. The building opens up towards the south with large areas of glazing. Closed areas of the façade are directed northwards, offering room for cinemas and exhibition areas in the interior.The futuristic structure is illuminated according to a simple principle. Four in-ground luminaires supply the light for... More

Product • By BEGAFloor lamp - Unshielded light

Floor lamp - Unshielded light

Luminaire in classic cylindrical design. Unshielded floor lamp with LED lamps with screw base E 27.These luminaires are characterised by the formal unity of glass and metal and the material quality of the luminaire housing with its exquisite finish. High-quality three-ply opal glass produces a pleasant and uniform distribution of light in the room. The luminaire fittings are made of stainless steel. The floor lamp can be infinitely adjusted in brightness by means of a foot dimmer. More

Project • By BEGAOffices

Siemens City, Vienna

With respect to „green building“, the new company headquarters of Siemens in Austria not only meets the criteria of the EU, but represents an embodiment of the central corporate objective of „sustainability“. This becomes apparent not only in the architecture of the company but also in its fittings. Energy-efficient luminaires with optimum light distribution are one aspect of this.The main emphasis of the entrance axis is placed on the 4.60 metre high, elegant light building elements. Their asymmetrical, flat beam radiation characteristics produce a homogeneous surface illumination, even when the luminaires are spaced far apart. Energy efficiency also becomes apparent in the lamps used: the 50 W LED luminaire generat... More

Project • By BEGAPrimary Schools

Schoolhouse at Contiweg, Vienna

The design of this school marks the beginning of a new generation of educational architecture Leaf-shaped openings as a recurring design element, spacious areas inside and outside, communication-stimulating zones and quiet areas create an environment in which both pupils and teachers will feel comfortable.The large entrance area creates space in which the pupils can move around freely. When it is dark the facility is illuminated by light building elements which distribute their light in a horizontal flat beam. The luminaires are optionally available with LEDs or for fluorescent lamps.A generous quantity of seating also makes the forecourt a meeting point after school. Recessed wall luminaires are integrated in some of the concrete sitting b... More

Project • By BEGAOffices

Digital Park, Bratislava

The approach to the Digitalpark in Bratislava is brightly lit. This office building opposite the city centre houses many company offices, doctors surgeries, restaurants and cafes.BEGA bollards show passers-by the way to the Digitalpark building, day and night. The large areas of light, which easily extend as far as the step area, are provided by special lighting technology.Four office towers are interconnected by a long building block. Areas with a top quality design have been created between the blocks that enhance the entrance areas, and are also used as a pleasant recreation zone for the employees of one of the companies in the Digitalpark.The combination of unshielded light building elements and BEGA in-ground luminaires provides a plea... More

Project • By BEGAAuditoriums

The University of Music, Karlsruhe

The multifunctional building with modern lesson and performance rooms is an extension to the campus of the University of Music Karlsruhe. In a plain architectural style, this exceptional building has a distinctive entrance area. BEGA light building elements in a reduced form ensure excellent illumination of the campus area in front of the building.The bright border around the glazed entranceway acts like a passe-partout. To the right, a dynamic wall surface is created, which, interestingly, is angled in such a way that it points directly to the entrance door of the Renaissance castle Schloss Gottesaue, which also forms part of the campus and is also used for music lessons.For this application, the light building elements have been installed... More

Project • By BEGAConcert Halls

Festspielhaus, Erl

The new concert building in Erl contrasts with its neighbouring buildings, in form as well as in colour. As a contrast to the round white Passion Playhouse from the 50s, the architects Delugan Meissl designed an angular building in black.The connecting path between the two buildings is illuminated by BEGA bollards, whose equally angular design seems to adapt to the environment. These highly versatile luminaires can be used either for flat beam lighting or for wide-area illumination. A high level of cost-effectiveness is achieved with the choice of the LED bollards of this series.A highly interesting pattern is created by the geometrical, angular surfaces of the wall lining the path. The entire shell of the new Festspielhaus building is conc... More

Project • By BEGALaboratories

Institute for Medical Genome Research, Berlin

The Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine (MDC) as well as the Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) have jointly developed the new Institute for Medical Genome Research on the edge of the Berlin-Buch campus, thus creating an ultra-modern and competitive research location.The entrance hall impresses everyone with its openness over the entire height of the building; it is generously flooded with daylight, with its main focus of attention being a spiral staircase which reaches all floors. The gentle curves of the staircase offer a stark contrast to the severe lines of the building shell, thus creating fantastic impressions of space.The illumination is a sculpture and a light source at the same time. The unshielded penda... More

Product • By BEGALED compact downlights - Symmetrical narrow beam, symmetrical wide beam or asymmetrical wide beam light distribution

LED compact downlights - Symmetrical narrow beam, symmetrical wide beam or asymmetrical wide beam light distribution

A series of very efficient downlights which set new standards of compactness and efficiency with their different housing sizes, light distributions and light outputs. These luminaires are optionally available with symmetrical narrow beam, symmetrical wide beam or asymmetrical wide beam light distribution for your lighting applications.The high protection class and excellent workmanship make them durable and reliable lighting tools for indoors and out. More

Project • By BEGASwimming Pools

Schwimmoper Swimming Centre, Wuppertal

The “Schwimmoper” (English: “Swimming Opera House”) gets its name from the destroyed Barmen Opera House, which was to have been rebuilt where the swimming centre now stands.Even in the 1950s, the “Schwimmoper” in Wuppertal was considered to be an extraordinary and well equipped sports centre. Thanks to modernisation work completed in 2010, its good reputation has also been brought up to date. In addition to a newly designed sauna and fitness area, the swimming centre boasts an imposing renovated swimming hall with room for 1600 spectators. The galleries extend parallel to the large sports pools and provide visitors with an optimum view of the competitions.Strong colours and high-quality materials create a... More

Project • By BEGAHotels

Hotel Franz, Essen

The architecture of the four-star hotel Franz designed by Nattler Architects reflects both contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Generously dimensioned glazed expanses combined with tricolor Trespa facades highlight the attractive exterior of the hotel.A large-area photovoltaics system on the roof ensures complete power independence and 100% green energy. The fully air-conditioned rooms leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort. Energy-efficient LED lighting by BEGA adds to the welcoming ambiance: The outdoor areas of the hotel are well lit by bollards and pole-top luminaires.The architecture's welcoming attitude is mirrored in the innovative hospitality concept of the hotel. The various areas of the hotel offer plenty of options... More

Project • By BEGAHospitals

Kreisklinikum Esslingen, Nürtingen

Light building elements measuring five metres in height accompany visitors and patients along the impressive entry zone of Nürtingen Clinic on the way to the new hospital entrance. Being unshielded, the luminaires have a guiding and signalling effect at even the most distant parking places. Orientation on the grounds is therefore easy.The small avenue of trees and the numerous seats are evocative of a Mediterranean park. In fine weather, patients use this relaxing space and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. BEGA in-ground luminaires with their symmetrical light distribution illuminate the trees and intensify the appealing atmosphere.The forecourt with stone flower-bed border in front of the clinic’s glazed main entrance forms the ce... More

Product • By BEGAThe sphere - Pendant luminaires with rod suspension

The sphere - Pendant luminaires with rod suspension

Contemporary and equipped with modern lighting technology, this series continues a long tradition. Luminaires with satin matt hand-blown opal glass. This is a highly-translucent but opaque glass that distributes the light very uniformly. An effect which is particularly enhanced by the large surface area of the luminaire glass. Solid lighting tools that perform reliably over long operating periods. More

Product • By BEGALED recessed wall luminaires - round

LED recessed wall luminaires - round

For decades, BEGA luminaires from this series have been outstanding lighting construction details on numerous structures worldwide. We have developed these luminaires further and perfectly adapted their structure and design to our LED technology. The extremely low maintenance requirements allow a new product concept with far easier and quicker installation. The electrical connection is now comfortably established before installation in the structure. The installed luminaire is then mounted securely in the structure or in the installation housing with our BEGA mounting system. The installation dimensions are identical to those of the previous luminaires. The slim yet screwless luminaire frames are highly distinctive. More