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Project • By studio naShowrooms

VSB Wine Cellar

Located in the town of Arandas, Jalisco, the project is located within an existing commercial area dedicated to the sale of wines and spirits. The project consisted of an extension to an existing residual space, which was used as just a general storage space. We decided to expand the existing area from 30m2 to 70m2, extruding the facade on par with the neighbors. This divided the space in two, a space under the existing slab that functions as an exclusive wine cellar and a double-height space that serves as the showroom and private bar area. Our clients sought to create a space to house their new wine catalog and display exclusive bottles, our solution was to merge the liquor sales program with a private bar area. This will create a synerg... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsApartments

Modish Hue

Modish hue is an interesting amalgamation of functional and aspirational requirements of the client and the ideology of the design team to play with neutral and vibrant color palettes, within a modest budget. The apartment is located in a bustling neighborhood of food street, V.V Puram, Bangalore. The inside out façade and the strategically placed openings, allow the sunlight to veil the house for most part of the day and this feature has allowed the design team to experiment with darker and bold color hues, though maintaining the unity and harmony with neutral hues, leaving a mesmerizing taste of aesthetics.  The intrinsically carved curves on the main door delightfully welcome the guest. The pencil ribbed storage unit in the... More

Project • By Luca ErbaPrivate Houses

Villa Grace

Villa Grace is an early century building located in the heart of Montecarlo, spread over 5 levels for a total of 700 square meters. The customer requested for a completely renovation of the villa, creating a prestigious spa in the basement. The interior project aims to keep the original atmosphere, rich in details with discreet hints of art nouveau, but at the same time designing well-defined spaces with wide rooms, enhanced by brushed oak, which is a typical element of contemporary living. The entrance hall is characterized byblue Azul Macauba marble and brushed oak, with decorations and furnishings in marble and brass; in the background the leading role is played by theoriginal majestic staircase, which is kept, restored and enhanced b... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Foyer in New classic Interior Designing Style

This entrance hall interior designing theme is synonymous to the luxurious heritage of the Roman architecture with its elaborate ceiling and ornate walls complemented with a timeless geometric patterned flooring.   Center of affection in the interior decoration is a mesmerizing wooden door design with an organic inspired handle that blends well to the aristocratic and sophisticated character of the home interiors.    Luxury Villa Design and Residential Interior Design by IONS DESIGN   More

Project • By PLUS ULTRA studioApartments

MLL | Balanced Contradictions Apt

An apartment for a couple in a Milanese building with an Art Déco character has become the pretext for experimenting with the combination of solutions inspired by the past in contrast with optical finishes in black & white.   The open entrance to the living room is defined by a floor with a black and white geometric design, by a lowering in plasterboard and by a custom-made corner furniture: a fifth in green lacquered and Viennese straw. A mirror on the corner strengthens the play of geometries by expanding the space in an illusory way. More

Project • By O&O European DesignApartments

Residence near Warsaw II

The dominant interior colour scheme is black-and-white with geometric figuration, including elements of classical detail. More

Project • By 370studioBars

Aroma Coffee

Created in Warsaw’s Wola District in January 2017, Aroma café is a place for people celebrating coffee at its best.  This place is not only a coffehouse but also a shop, and the whole project has an educational mission – while enjoying the delightful scents, you can gain knowledge about the origin of coffee, as well as learn the secrets of coffee under the watchful eye of Agnieszka Rojewska, a many time Polish Barista Champion. The character and the details of the interior design allude to the countries with highly developed coffee drinking culture, from which a lion’s share of our products comes. The major inspirations were Central American and Caribbean countries. Hence the vivid colours and exotic accents.... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

EQ Tower

A while ago we introduced Igor Kebel, our new Design Director – the time has come to introduce his first project, which we’re proud to announce represents a dramatic shift in the Elenberg Fraser design process into a completely parametric environment. Eq.Tower – a new residential building situated on the north-western edge of Melbourne’s CBD at A’Beckett Street, near the corner of Elizabeth and Queen – is also dedicated to Igor’s love affair with the New World. The project is a teaser for Melbourne’s urban future – this city has the potential to be a glittering star in the galaxy of South-East Asian cities. Eq.Tower also provides a luscious alternative to the concrete boxiness of the Vic... More

Project • By Saniya Kantawala DesignBars


The concept of Esora started as a scribble, commemorating the phenomenal quote from the architect, Zaha Hadid, “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” Confined to a rigid rectangular space, the design could have followed a simple and conventional approach. But, instead, the design philosophy that was concluded deviates to a more atypical idea of spatial planning. A certain sense of engagement has been worked upon to induce within the rigid space and convert it into a more organic and fluid perception, subtle in terms of circulation. The interior, designed with a radial scheme, has two focal points, between which the patrons find a traditional design of an arched door frame with transparent glazing, just like any other common rest... More

Project • By OKHAPrivate Houses

La Belle Vue

Located in a small beachfront community in South Africa, Project La Belle Vue was a creative design collaboration between Bomax Architects, headed up by Dion Walters, and OKHA. The house was to provide a place of sanctuary and repose from the fast paced life of this international executive. From its elevated position, the house has spectacular views of both mountain and ocean which are visible from every aspect of the house. There are extensive balconies and terraces both at the front and back of the house and large windows frame the mountain and sea views from the interior – a key design element attributed to Bomax Architects. The front of the property literally unzips across the entire front façade allowing direct access fr... More

Project • By ALEKSA STUDIOShops

Covent Garden Shop

The flagship shop designed by ALEKSA studio for designer sunglasses brand For Art’s Sake in London’s historic Covent Garden showcases attention to detail and an aesthetic that is targeted at millennial shoppers, reflecting the elegant and intricate frames produced by the brand. Pastel colours, a selfie station and ‘Instagram spots’ are key design features to ensure that the outlet speaks to a style-conscious digital generation. ALEKSA studio wanted to echo the brand’s eclectic style and so employed a luxurious palette of contrasting materials – mirror polished brass, blue velvet fabric and high gloss white timber, elevating the statement-making frames. For Art’s Sake is an online design brand that specialises in fashion-forward eyewear and... More

Project • By Cera Stribley ArchitectsApartments

Tate Kew

Located in the prestigious Sackville Ward precinct on the doorstep of a significant number of these prestigious schools, Tate has been designed to respond to the demands of modern families: spacious, flexible and with a distinguished penchant for beautiful design.nNo stone has been left unturned in investigating how the spaces will impact and elevate the lives of those who will call Tate home. A strong heritage of academic prestige has long seen Kew revered as one of the city’s leading communities for families. More

Project • By Maurizio Lai ArchitectsRestaurants


Maurizio Lai interprets the choice of fusion cuisine as an elegant and domestic space at the same time, almost the extension of an ideal home, a celebration of the contemporary lifestyle. KISEN offers its public delicate tones and attention to detail in all aspects, from the refined luminous sculptures that decorate the walls, up to the choice of materials and finishes for the bathrooms. Particularly elaborate and original is the realization of the wall along the staircase that connects the two floors of the room, consisting of a luminous boiserie, able to vary the geometric decorative motif, depending on the width of its moving parts. Special care has been given to the design of lighting solutions for all areas. The space is arranged o... More

Product • By Egem Mozaik DizaynHandmade Ceramic Gendon


Handmade ceramic gendon is that dimension 17x19,5 cm.It can be used in wet and dry places.Available 25 color varieties. More

Project • By Cera Stribley ArchitectsHousing


In a quaint streetscape in South Yarra alongside its terrace house neighbours, Caroline's contemporary silhouette remains sympathetic and respectful. Foremost, its eloquent brickwork façade and dark folded cladding provide a contrasting backdrop for the sculptural street trees. It’s entry through a concealed gate leads up stone steps to the grand entry, where a double height void and spiral staircase draw the eye upwards to the tall window capturing the changing sky scape to the south.With a focus on space, natural light and fluidity, Caroline has a sculptural quality which radiates from the central spiral staircase throughout the 3 bedroom home. For such a small site, the house feels generous in proportion, with formal livin... More