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Project • By Synecdoche Design StudioOffices


In the midst of an office culture paradigm shift, Bamboo’s second location offers open coworking, private offices, amenity, and event spaces addressing the flux of workspace needs in new hybrid models. The adaptive reuse project converts a historic furniture store into a new community hub.  The design process began with a design decision guide. These parameters translate the business model and customer to the built environment.  Take a Break - Create pockets that are not reservable near workstations, enabling everyone to have flexibility with their work-flow without traversing the entire building.Connections - Common spaces should be adjacent to primary circulation providing more distance between heavy traffic areas and fo... More

Project • By via.Shops

House of Madison, Hong Kong

House of Madison is a multi-brand concept space dedicated to coveted home furnishings and lifestyle brands. Envisaged as an existing shophouse, via. reinterpreted the brief with a unique residential flair. To realize the narrative, the studio crafted a series of shifting interior scenes for the two-storey space, covering 5,200 sqft.  More

Project • By Mathews + Associates ArchitectsOffices

Oaktree Studio

Located in an area that has recently been densified by new town planning proclamations, the project is situated in a fast-changing neighbourhood with all adjacent properties being rezoned. The project consists of additions and alterations to create a mixed-use typology. 40 Oaktree functions as a studio and residential space where the client can live, work and play. An old non-descript house was transformed by adding a first floor and three courtyards to the original house. The aim of the project was to make the building adaptable and versatile for multiple future possibilities. The design needs to be able to easily transform in the future without much intervention to make adaptive re-use possible. The existing ground floor plan was retain... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Luxury Neoclassical Palace Interior Design

This Luxury Neoclassical Palace Interior Design located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the pinnacle of understated opulence. The iconic combination of classical and modern design elements is stunningly executed. All the small details—including the geometric floor pattern, the intricate wall carvings, and the gilded modern light fixtures—have been carefully chosen to exemplify the sumptuous aesthetic. The subtle undertones of modernity provide gorgeous contrast and make this interior design truly grand! More

Project • By 14six8 - Architectural Acoustic SolutionsOffices

Acoustic solution at Cundall

Reflecting on a successful installation at Cundall of both HIVE, our modular suspended acoustic ceiling system and DNA, our interlinking acoustic pieces which act as a centre piece down the staircase and a main feature of the space. Thanks to the Resonics team for their professional installation. #interiors #interiordesign #architecture #officedesign #officedecor #officeinspiration #officeinteriors #interioracoustics #acoustics #suspendedacoustics #14six8 #acousticfeature #staircasefeatures #acousticdesign More

Project • By Blanchard Fuentes, IncPrivate Houses

Beach House

The Face(ade): Patinated copper and bronzed iron are richly defined against the subtle uniformity of cream colored plasterwork. A clear grained Cedar scrim finished in a natural hue of pale rose add a neutral element to the overall composition. The openings are large and intentional, with the reflective sheen of the plate glass defining the form and spatial dynamics of the project.​The Soul: A generous use of plate glass through-out the project affords a feeling of lightness especially between the roof deck and living room, where a glazed volume breaches the ceiling plane and materializes as a decked stair and landing assembly. A rich millwork selection from Maple to Hickory softens the living layer and balances out the exposed st... More

Project • By Conarch ArchitectsApartments

Penthouse Pāfekuto

What would one expect, when two apartments in a high rise with a great transformation potential, a collaborative client, and a dedicated team of craftspersons come together? An architectural equivalent of picture perfect, maybe?Penthouse Pāfekuto is a pied-à-terre for a family, a resting place to facilitate their frequent visits to the city. Designed as a lively and a sensual world, it is a multi level penthouse with 8000 square feet of indoor area and 6000 square feet of outdoor space spread across three levels. The design vision is centered on transforming generic apartment units into a functional, versatile and inspiring living space that honours client specific needs and reflects their lifestyle. To create a spa... More


Modern Family Home

Our Clients asked their architect to build a house to would fit in with the neighbourhood’s prevailing traditional facades; but asked us to create a very modern interior in keeping with their tastes and lifestyle.We sculpted all the interior spaces to create a greater sense of openness (challenged on the top floor by the complex Tudor-style roof lines) employing very clean, modern details. Materials, finishes and colours reflect the exterior stone and wood in a more contemporary manner. Re-interpreting the exterior’s earthy grey-brown, milk-chocolate stone and dark detailing inside, a careful balance of tone and colour, bathed in light, created a welcoming, homey warmth despite the often-minimalist spaces.  The result is a gracious ho... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdPrivate Houses


Our clients, Dan and Rachel had a modest but perfectly adequate family home situated in a pleasant part of the historic city of Winchester. However, with a growing family and an itching desire to make something more of the house, they approached us in 2013 to see what could be done. Whilst the upstairs was attractive and functional and gave them all the spaces they needed, the ground floor was dark and cramped, with a convoluted layout and small fragmented rooms that left no meaningful space for the family to gather. The connection with the garden, as with so many properties of the era, was compromised by small windows and a lack of a direct access from the kitchen. Perhaps most significantly, the house was architectur... More

Product • By Siller Treppen, StairsThe unique "SPACE DIAMOND" acrylic staircase

Acrylic staircase SPACE DIAMOND

This is a very special staircase, one of its kind, our favourite, so to say. This staircase is quite an achievment and we are very proud of it. Lots of different challanges and tasks in terms of characters of different materials, structural characters and good looks came togehter in one single master piece.The monolythictreads, made of one single piece of acrylic are beeing light up with LED. Dueto different reasons the light brakes in a way that the stair almost looks likeas if light shines through a diamond. The tread surface of the treads is beeingfinished with a glass layer which containes an artwork from a famous SouthTyrol artist. If you want to find out more contact us or visit our web site More