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Project • By TN ArquiteturaApartments

Apartamento Galeria

The architecture studio TN ARQUITETURA was called by the residents to finalize the apartment delivered by the construction company, focusing on the colors and objects that bring life to the home.In the living room the blue was used as the protagonist, but leaving as a focal point the overlap of colors in the entrance hall, which invites visitors to enter the apartment. The elegance of the apartment is due to the metallic gold profile that was strategically positioned. In the dining room, the highlight is the painting done exclusively for the resident by the artist José Gonçalves.The surrounding landscape is highlighted in the master suite through the large window frames of the building. With this premise, a light green tone wa... More

Project • By Alive designOffices

Pollio Studio

Project of office for the company Pollio Studio. The  space of the office is located in the basement floor , so outside of the outer wall we have the basement wall . The height of the basement wall is 2 meters ,  fortunately it is not covering natural lighting.The budget for the project was small. We decided to keep the ceiling concrete and install ceiling lights to save the budget. The space of the office is not so big, so we tried to use rationally all areas . When we enter the office, we see a red wardrobe closet with hidden handles and a branded wall on the left. Under the branded wall there is a shelf for changing employees' shoes. We used glass partitions for zone separation, also some areas of the office we highlight b... More

Product • By Interpon Powder Coatings by AkzoNobelInterpon D2000 - FUTURA COLLECTION Ultra Durable Polyesters

Interpon D2000 - FUTURA COLLECTION Ultra Durable Polyesters

Collection Futura 2018-2021 is developed together with leading  trend, design and innovation consultants, PeclersParis, and is  covered by our Global Gold Warranty* (subject to conditions). AkzoNobel has the longest Track Record in Superdurable  Technology.    Superdurable products have excellent weathering durability  compared to standard durability products, so the aesthetics of   a building will last longer.• Gloss retention and color stability of the coating are far  superior to standard durability coatings.  • Chalking is limited compared to standard durability systems.• Superdurable powders meet Qualicoat Class 2, GSB Master  and AAMA 2604.   Wild Nature A... More

Project • By Paralelo Zero ArchitectureOffices

BIZAY | 360 Imprimir

The office of the company 360 Imprimir // BIZAY shows the strong dynamism, ambition, and contemporaneity of this young Portuguese tech-company.Introducing itself as a business marketing services product platform, your office understands very demanding and job-intensive programmatic needs.The intervention space is characterized by a huge open space with a high intensity of natural light, open on three fronts, with a strong marking of the concrete structural beams with a large separation corridor between service area works (facilities). toilets, storage, technical areas, and emergency stairs).The concept of the project started from a synthesis of printing with the spatial elements to be composed of planes with different densities, textures or... More

Project • By flamingo architectsIndividual Buildings

202 Radiant Casa

  category :- Interior designer (residential aparment) Project name :-  Cedar 202 Location :- Radiant Casa, Nr. Hotel Lalit, Akhil Nagar,                 Chainpura, Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan                                                            302017 Date of completion:- 14th march 2019 Photography credits: Tej   client brief Client for the project is a... More

Product • By Art EcoLa Rose Du Vent

La Rose Dy Vent, print collection

Print Collection dedicated to the diferent winds... or different states: ease, diligence, interaction, family... Print size: 50 x 50 cm. Medium: paper, canvas. Excellent for home and office decoration. Author of the Collection - Lina Stern. More

Project • By Max Q Holzmarketing GmbHUniversities


Campus in France Enia Architects and photographer is Monsiuer Harvé Abbadie Acoustically effective walls aesthetics are preserved through microholes! More
Dream House
Dream House
Dream House
Dream House
Dream House

Project • By MUZAPrivate Houses

dream house

This 200 square meter house is located in Prishtina, Kosovo. The house was built years ago but we renovated it entirely. This was one of our most challenging projects which we finished in 2017. This dream home is one of a kind! It is a hidden gem. It is located in a shared house and we tried to create a space that has its own intimacy. The beauty of this project lies in its architectural design. Our design dances through circular shapes to linear ones. As soon as you step into the house, you will see the stairs or the “big sculpture” in the middle of the house. Created from scratch, these stairs are surrounded by glass, they have a certain elegance. The optical lighting is the cherry on top of the cake. We used white and pastel colors aroun... More