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Product • By Ketley brickClay brick slips

Clay brick slips

extruded clay brick slips in a range of  authentic Staffordshire clay colours, in a sanded, textured or smooth finish More

Project • By Satish Jassal ArchitectsHousing

Sutton Family Space

Internal remodelling, interior design and rear extension to a family home in London Borough of Sutton We were asked to look at an existing house, which had various extensions added at different times and mismatching alterations. This resulted in a maze of internal spaces and meant that family interaction was disjointed. We proposed a scheme to open up and extend the ground floor into the south-facing garden. We created an open family area, which is subtly defined by the patterns of the Oak parquet flooring and the different light and shades created as you move into the garden. More
West facade

Project • By Frederic SchneeResidential Landscape

桃舍 PEACH HOUSE, Beijing

刘家小院 桃舍 PEACH HOUSE, Beijing– Rural housing construction owes little to the State and household savings even enable to build private ownership. By allowing the purchase of materials from local manufacturers and artisans, self-built housing construction is prevalent in rural areas. Private property goes back to the agricultural reform of the 1950s, which did not succeed in establishing collective habitations, but reaffirmed the notion of private property as the expression of the work of the family. They are the homes of peasants – inherited or built with domestic savings. The courtyard house in North China constitutes a form of housing which is the result of a long process of interaction between the built form and social, economic, and cultu... More