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Boathouse architecture

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NewsNews • 22 Feb 2021

Metrick Cottage and Boathouse maintains a quiet presence on the water

On the edge of Lake Joseph in Ontario, this year-round retreat by Akb Architects is designed to blend elegantly into the rugged terrain that surrounds. Clad in wood, the one-story family cottage is perched above a long, linear boathouse, which maintains a quiet presence on the water. Shai Gil The cottage comprises three distinct yet connected ‘pods.’ The central pod houses an open, communal family space and is flanked by a master bedroom pod on one side and a two-bedroom pod on the other side. The bedroom pods face a stone ridge on either side, creating a visual boundary that extends the perception of space while providing quiet and privacy. The two flanking pods are also angled slightly away from the centre pod to capture... More