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Project • By AtelierzeroApartments

PV Apartment

Located in one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the city, this apartment is a true reflection of the style of old Milan. Sara Magni Sara Magni Sara Magni Its high ceilings, molded frames for doors and windows, geometric patterned cement tiles and decorations are all distinctive elements that evoke the elegance of the era.The renovation of such an important place starts with the desire to respect and maximize the existing elements that have made the apartment so special. Sara Magni Sara Magni Sara Magni The main area of intervention focuses on what used to be the kitchen and the bathroom, both recently renovated without a specific aesthetic criterion.In this core, a easily isolatable area has been created,... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments

Loft DE

The project involves the complete renovation of a former industrial warehouse, located in an area of Milan undergoing a significant urban regeneration.The site boasts unique features, including elongated spaces that allow an uninterrupted line of sight and zenithal lighting provided by various skylights.  Francesco Dolfo The narrow and elongated nature of this space has guided the internal layout, creating an enfilade.In sequence, starting from the direct street entrance, there is a guest room primarily used as a studio, a corridor housing the main internal access, laundry, and a shared bathroom, leading to the main living area.  The latter consists of a kitchen with a central island and a spacious dining area that opens on... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The main theme of the renovation of this small apartment is rediscovery.In fact, during the demolition works, previously hidden elements such as the vaulted brick ceiling and the arches that characterize the living room came to light. The existing layout followed the typical ringhiera arrangement, with living and sleeping areas divided by the central core of services. Matteo Losurdo The project mainly focused on this core, significantly improving the distribution of spaces. Matteo Losurdo The real challenge was to create different moments and give dynamism to a relatively static layout. Matteo Losurdo Color becomes the main actor and is used in an architectural manner to give uniqueness and demarcate different areas. Ma... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The project entails a complete renovation of a small apartment for a young professional. Simone Furiosi   The initial design approach involved the demolition of all existing walls that rigidly delineated the rooms.  Simone Furiosi Instead of doors, the spaces are now separated through ceiling lowerings, lines of color, and custom-made furniture.A perspective view encompasses the entire space in its entirety, from one facade to another.  Simone Furiosi Like small brushstrokes on a blank canvas, the color doesn’t define the main functions of the dwelling but rather the voids: the spaces traditionally considered liminal gain their own importance and become a series of chromatic and semantic references wi... More

Project • By Yelle Maillé et associés architectesPrimary Schools

St. Albert-le-Grand Primary School

The brightly coloured polished brickwork exterior of St. Albert-le-Grand School expansion is a ludic announcement of the activities that take place within its walls. The building is as much an elementary school as it is a gathering space for the Rosemont neighborhood community. This major project consists in the reorganization of the 2788 sq.m original infrastructure, built in 1956, and the construction of 2 extensions totaling 2875 sq.m. The MÉES (Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec) program needed the addition of 14 classrooms, including 5 for kindergarten, 3 multi-purpose rooms that can open up to one another, becoming one large gathering space, a music laboratory, a gymnasium, and a 2 level library with a mezzani... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


The starting point for the renovation of this large apartment was the desire to create a dynamic system of spaces, able to adapt itself to the different needs of its inhabitants.The general layout of the house includes three bedrooms - one with a walk-in closet - kitchen, laundry room, study and three bathrooms. Sara Magni Sara Magni The fulcrum of the house lies in the living room, where the already existing pink granite fireplace and bow window are reintegrated within a new concept, which breaks the idea of a house made up of a sequence of rooms to create instead a more interesting concatenation of different moments in which to live various experiences. The living room is defined by the creation of two rounded and polychrome v... More

Project • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsCommunity Centres

Lakeshore Lofts

Lakeshore Lofts is a unique example of affordable housing and environmental stewardship in Mississauga, Ontario. With a holistic view of the community’s needs, this 68-unit mixed use complex was designed by Invizij Architects Inc and meets the most rigorous Passive House energy standard. The eye-catching design, in inviting cool shades, uplifts the community and inspires us to rethink the possibilities of supportive housing models and low carbon footprint construction. While function was at the forefront, there was no compromise in design with the help of ALPOLIC metal composite materials (MCM). 25,000 sqft of 4mm ALPOLIC/fr in five stock colors – TLK blue, MBU blue, ABE blue, BNT white, and BGY grey – cascade across the... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments


This charming apartment, located in the heart of Milan’s chinatown, has undergone a process of radical transformation, while maintaining the original layout of the walls.Each room features an alternation of cold and warm tones, creating a vibrant yet welcoming and relaxed sequence. Matteo Losurdo The interior was in fact conceived as a concatenation of spaces, linked together by a precise choice of colors and materials.Despite the relatively small size, the use of color has made it possible to create different situations and moments that are interconnected with each other. In the dining area, for instance, wall painted shapes define a reading corner, and the same tone is used for the bookcase in the niche in front. Matteo Lo... More

Project • By AtelierzeroTheaters


The renovation of one of the Teatro degli Arcimboldi dressing room was approached with the awareness of having to create a private space dedicated to meditation, concentration and relaxation.  Simone Furiosi Simone Furiosi While functionality is crucial from a distributive point of view, the transient permanence of a dressing room inhabitants make it possible to propose highly distinctive and daring finishing solutions. Simone Furiosi The choice was oriented towards the creation of a welcoming and intimate environment, characterized by large colored surfaces, which come together through strong chromatic and material contrasts. Since each color corresponds to a function, it can be said that the color was used as an arch... More