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Project • By BoysPlayNiceApartments


The subject of design is the furnishing and facilities of a part of the apartment for a musician and his partner. The space in question is a new apartment on the second floor of a new apartment building in Ústí nad Labem. Certain elements of the apartment – floors and windows – were left intact, according to the wish of the client.The inspiration brought in by the owner into the first ideas about the living space came from the interest in the furnishing of old cottages heavily scattered on the surrounding hills of the České Středohoří landscape. Another influence was the client’s love for the sunlit homesteads of Provence. Despite being quite disparate, these visions seemed very concrete. The goal of this project was to combine these inspir... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceOffices

DHL Supply Chain Office in Jažlovice

The concept for the DHL Supply Chain offices was created through a unique cooperation between the client and the architectural studio VONT.The clear visual identity doesn‘t leave anyone guessing the nature of the field the DHL company works in, despite the absence of its corporate colours.The goal was to create a quality work space for top tier managers, an environment for creative atmosphere and in general a better work environment mainly in the sense of lighting and acoustics.The biggest quality of this space are the clean and neutral areas that let the independently standing pieces, linked to elements from the transportation industry, truly come forth. These exclusively designed details and solo pieces are present through-out the interio... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceVillages

Family House Litvínovice

The village of Litvínovice is located about 5 km south of the city České Budějovice in southern Bohemia. Typical urban sprawl substitutes the original street structure – the developed areas are established on the surrounding undeveloped meadows and fields. Thus, the context of the place is a typical imprint of the current mass approach to solving the housing needs through family houses in newly emerging suburban districts. The advantage of this specific building plot is its orientation towards the cardinal points. The terrain of the site slopes gently to the south, the access can be easily set up from the street on the northern side. A regulation for this area prescribes a gabled roof and the maximum building height. The surroundi... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceParks/Gardens

Pecka Playscape

Pecka Playscape represents a fusion between a playground, a sculpture park and an educational trail, designed on a monumental scale and set in the midst of the enchanting landscape of Krkonoše National Park.Authors‘ reportThe Pecka Playscape is a unique set of play elements and installations on the boundary between sculpture and folly located at 1062 meters above sea level. The main impulse that initiated this project was to motivate both parents and children to enjoy the outdoors. To spend time in a forest while breathing fresh mountain air and to encourage them to be in contact with natural materials such as wood, water and stone. We designed all the playscape elements so that they are in harmony with the original landscape whil... More

Project • By Studio PerspektivOffices

Trask solution a.s. office

Project descriptionHigh-class punkStudio Perspektiv, a Prague based team of architects, designed a brand new office for the technological & consulting company Trask solutions a.s., a long term innovations partner of big companies and institutions. In the beginning, there was a demanding, courageous client with a vision, and a challenging building in Prague's developing business district Pankrác. In the end, there is an experience. Difficult to describe. A perfect storm of raw materials, a high-class punk. Good breakfast is everything Trask's rich company culture directly influenced many important decisions in the course of the project. The power of tradition and community is clearly visible in the arrangement of lounges a... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceBus stations

Bus Stop

Architect Tomas Jaluvka, Lenka JaluvkovaWebsitewww.valarch.czProject location        Bystrice pod HostynemClient                        The Town of Bystrice pod HostynemProject year              2017Completion year       05 / 2018 Built-up area             34 m2 Usable space            45 m3         ... More

Project • By Studio PerspektivOffices


FUNTASTY, a mobile app development company from Brno, Czech Republic, has just made itself at home in a unique conversion of a former parking garage. The new work environment serving forty-two developers, coders and designers was brought to life by Studio Perspektiv. Dozens of cars cruising the garage every day have given way to a full-fledged office without compromises. By completion of this generously equipped office a much larger company could brag about, FUNTASTY achieved the necessary freedom, flexibility and opportunity to throw social events and gatherings in a spacious social zone richly supported by the community kitchen overlooking Kounicova Street. Studio Perspektiv decided to incorporate certain aspects of the rather p... More

Project • By CUBOID ARCHITEKTISports Centres

Sports Hall in Kuřim

White and Blacklike the colours of Kuřim,like counterparts that complement each other,like a ball,like a game...The sports hall is another piece in the mosaic of a gradually expanding sports complex in Kuřim. Since the sports arena is approximately in the centre of this promising area, the architects strove to design a building whose look reflects its purpose: it is a playful and eye-catching building that will become the symbol of the entire complex. Our design was selected after winning an international architectural competition in 2009.In terms of its volume, the arena is designed as a compact castellated ice floe, showing on the outside what happens inside. White and black surfaces are divided by the facade's edges. The shape and the co... More

Project • By BoysPlayNicePrivate Houses

Renovation of a Functionalist Villa “Indian Ship

The villa was built in 1936 according to the design of a noted Czech architect Vladimír Grégr, grandson of a well-known journalist and politician. Built in functionalist style, the villa has significant rustic elements including conical exterior walls, rough dragged work and wooden casing. In the framework of maximum respect to the original character of the house, the modifications include removal of the accumulation of insensitive silt of the 80s, highlighting the unique spaces and architectural details, and adaptation to modern living standards.Vladimír Grégr’s work has been strongly influenced by his stay in the United States and the inspiration from the romantic haciendas of the Californian movie stars. Based on this experience he start... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceOffices

SinnerSchrader Studio Prague

'Form follows function', one of the strongest mantras of modern architectures found another tight fit at the new studio premises of SinnerSchrader in Prague. The Czech based Kurz architects designed a new office space in an old industrial building. Both, the architects and the German based digital agency, combined the ideas of interior and digital architectures. Throughout the course of a half-year period, they used agile processes to plan, build and create a space for 60 digital workers. With a fixed budget and timing, the scope of the solution was constantly re-prioritised and iterated upon - in an open, joyful and proactive manner. Trust and willingness to execute stood in the foreground of the international collaboration. Elements like... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceResidential Landscape

Chestnut House

The first house designed and built by our architect studio is located on a small piece of land between Kopřivnice and Štramberk. It was built in a former recreation area where a large, old Chestnut tree was growing in an overrun field. This beautiful tree was a focal point for this property and the house became known as Chestnut House. The small area, orientation of the land and location of the chestnut tree clearly determined the overall atmosphere.The dark brown house surrounded by the lush green landscape mirrors a chestnut breaking out of its thorny green shell. It is built of raw, untreated wood with burnt lining to compliment the solid chestnut tree.The freestanding house is built in 2 sections, a larger living area and a smaller tech... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceWineries

Obelisk Winery

 The Obelisk Winery was built on the green horizon in southern Czech Republic, with a unique view of Valtice and Pálava Hills where a former border guard platoon was once stationed. National borders once in need of protection are now the site of a beautiful winery and lush vineyards, carefully landscaped and maintained.Architect: AiD team a.s.Team: Pavel Bainar, Hana Bainarová, Martin Klásek, Pavlína Klubalová, Jitka NovákováInterior: Hana BainarováE-mail, web,, www.basarch.czAddress: Netroufalky 7, 625 00 BrnoClient: Vinařství Obelisk s.r.o., person: Ing. Aneta Ehrenbergerová, 2015–2016Implementation 09/2016 – 10/2017Area: Built-up area... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceOffices


Architect: PROGRES ATELIER - Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch KaasContact e-mail: info@progres-atelier.czWebsite: www.progres-atelier.czProject location: Wenceslas square, PragueProject year: 2016Completion year: 2017 Project size: 1100 m2Budget: 30 milPhoto credits: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice BoysPlayNice Photographer’s website: www.boysplaynice.comCollaborators: Ing.arch. Petr Sova, Ing.arch. Tereza SoubustováClient: AON Central and Eastern Europe, a.s.DescriptionSeat of AON Central and Eastern Europe, a.s. is located on a corner of the main square in Prague, Wencelas Square. Our very first commission in historical neo-baroque building by Friedrich Ohman from 1896 was a small task of lunch room refurbishment. Second assignment was desi... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceOffices


The entire complex was created by joining multiple adjacent sites, which had access from 3 different old - town streets in Trnava. The sites originally contained multi-storey houses with a passage and were connected through backyards. After uniting these adjacent sites a new open space was created within the central urban structure. The space was then complemented with new objects. This is how the new public space of „Nádvorie“ (Courtyard) was created.The entire complex has access from Trojicne square, Stefanikova street by 3 original entrances with a future plan to enter from Pekarenska street.The reconstructed adjacent buildings were originally built with multi-storey houses with a passage.A diversity of semi-public and private functions... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceOffices


The Distillery - Social Reactor is a self-initiated re-adaptation project of an inactive Distillery factory into a multi-functional center for cultural events and work-spaces.Project website: www.socialreactor.euArchitect: KOGAA StudioWebsite: www.kogaa.euContact e-mail: office@kogaa.euProject location: Brno, Czech RepublicClient: Social ReactorProject year: 2016-2018Completion year: 2018Project size: 650 m2Site size: 370 m2Photo credits: BoysPlayNicePhotographer’s website: www.boysplaynice.comThe project is the first prototype of Social Reactor, KOGAA’ s slow development lab tackling the problematic of inactive structures and their adaptation into substitute functions.Within the context of a post-industrial city with a strong past in... More