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Bus Stop

BoysPlayNice as Photographers


Tomas Jaluvka, Lenka Jaluvkova



Project location        

Bystrice pod Hostynem


The Town of Bystrice pod Hostynem

Project year              


Completion year       

05 / 2018 

Built-up area             

34 m2 

Usable space            

45 m3                                                   

Photo credits            

Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com


Tomáš Kašík, Roman Musil


 Author’s report

”St. Hostyn is one of the most famous places in the Czech Republic and thousands of visitors come to see it every year. Hostyn is not just a place for the religious but thanks to its atmosphere and location in the heart of the Hostyn Hills it is also a destination for many tourists and athletes who visit this spot every year. In these days, we start to think and talk about our attitude of life. Although according to a survey, less and less people identify themselves as religious, every human needs to believe in something.

For some it is family, another one prefers nature or sends his prayers to one of many Gods.

I am not focused on a specific group of the faithful or the faithless. This is also the reason why I want to create another form of “pilgrimage” where anyone can find what they seek. Whether it is spiritual experience, sport or recreation. I have purposely suppressed the most obvious spiritual atmosphere of St. Hostyn. I selected, with my best conscience, the seven main points which are connected with the most frequented paths. I would like to make these points the beginning of a revival of the path to St. Hostyn.”

This is a part of the introduction of a Master’s thesis written by our architect Lenka Jaluvkova (formerly Bulisova) from 2015, supervised by architect Jirka Marek.


One of these seven points is a bus stop named “At the cemetery.”


After educating the public, a little bit of pressure and infinite persuasion, the city council of Bystrice pod Hostynem said they would like to realize this first stop. After correcting and editing the Master’s thesis project, we designed a simple object, “The Bus stop” which serves as the first step to the Hostyn Hills and to St. Hostyn itself. Only in retrospect we realized that this small object will be frequented by hundreds, even thousands of visitors every year, which is more influence than counting all of our projects in combined. A small object with a great overlap.


Structurally it is a wooden frame structure which is entirely made from Czech larch treated with oil, and a green roof. The wooden structure sits on a raw concrete base. The information system that consists of three glass panes includes a map of the Hostyn Hills, a city map of Bystrice pod Hostynem and a bus timetable. The whole area is highlighted by granite cubes recycled from an old road in town. A simple, clear and lucid bus stop where you can wait for the bus, take a break, check the map or meet for a date. Simply a great multifunctional space by the cemetery in this small town.


Hopefully this is not the final stop in the Hostyn Hills and we hope the others won’t take too long!

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