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Project • By Alkhemist ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Two houses at Nichada

Abstract ; Brothers decided to build their first houses in the same plot. They wish their house to be unique and sooth well with their difference personality, yet they wish their houses to establish a sense of dialogue. Project Description; The site of two houses at Nichada Village is located in a suburban gated community in Bangkok, Thailand, where the land plot is very tight for two houses. The houses belong to two brothers, who are very close, yet, have a different lifestyle. They wish to live close to each other and spend some time together. However, they also wish to establish a private distance when they need. The architect initially began the design process by usingone simple buildingtypology and repeat it on both houses... More

Project • By HARQUITECTESPrivate Houses

House 1014

The plot is located in the historical city centre of Granollers and placed into an urban fabric of dwellings between party walls. The available space is narrow and elongated, only 6.5 m wide; and accessible from two streets. Owing to the dilapidated state of the existing building, only the main façade, reasonably well preserved offering a certain heritage value, could be maintained. The desire of the owners was to differentiate two zones in the house: the domestic area, where the daily family life had to take place; and a secondary area, quite and isolated from the first, functionally independent to be used indistinctly as a living room or to welcome occasional guests as well as organizing meals and gatherings. According to planning regu... More

Project • By Andrew Franz Architect PLLCApartments

Tribeca Loft

In Manhattan’s landmarked Tribeca North area, the 3,000-square-feet top floor and roof of an 1884 caviar warehouse are reconceived as a warm and welcoming residence with large open entertaining zones and a fluid connection with the outdoor environment. Outdoor Connection The residence is transformed by a relocated mezzanine where a sunken interior court with a retractable glass roof connects to the planted green roof garden above. This gesture of subtracting volume from the interior brings the outdoors into the primary living zones. The roof, peeled back, showers the spaces with natural light. When open, ample air flow enters what was once a poorly ventilated and dark loft. By night, the court acts as an internal lantern illuminating t... More

Project • By Tropical SpacePrivate Houses

Termintary House

Inspiration As builders go, termites do not have many tools at their disposal — just their bodies, soil, and saliva. For guidance they have nothing to go on save variations in wind speed and direction and fluctuations in temperature as the sun rises and sets. Similarly, the Termitary House was built in a tropical country in which the weather is extremely different between sunny season and rainy one. It is also influenced by a lot of tropical storms every year. Structure of the house and solution for stormy season The structure of the house include many layers which are brick walls with holes arranged randomly like a termitary together with the large inter-floor space.Those holes are considered as vents help the wind rorate inside the... More

Project • By Admun StudioApartments

Cloaked in Bricks

During the last decades there has been a major shift in architectural patterns in Iran especially in overpopulated urban areas. The old architectural patterns were originated from cultural and religious belief of the residents. A key characteristic of Iranian vernacular residential architecture was providing privacy for the residents; howeverthese criteria have been overlooked by contemporary architecture. The design team faced several challenges; the structure was constructed by another team before we were commissioned the job and the strict building codes in Tehran were an issue. To provide maximum privacy yet fulfilling other features such as moderating light, limiting view from outside, organizing chaotic experience of the terra... More

Project • By Dehullu ArchitectenConcert Halls

Auditorium AZ groeninge

The auditorium is part of a meeting centre that is situated on the site of the general hospital of AZ Groeninge in Kortrijk, Belgium. The hospital itself and all of the infrastructure is designed on a strict cartesian grid. Compared to the hospital the auditorium is only a tiny building, it is located in a corner of the site. It was the intension of the architects to design a building with its own identity, a building on which the cartesian grid was not imposed. It is a hide-out for the staff of the hospital, a place to be away from professional obligations, well integrated in the green surroundings. The building is distinct, has a gracious and optimistic elegance. The new building is an extension to an old 'villa' that was transfo... More

Project • By Asia Pacific Designers FederationRestaurants

Loke Thye Kee residences

Loke Thye Kee residences, is an interior project, we designed both interiors and collateral / graphic Loke Thye Kee Residences, 633 sqm, Built 2015, Penang Malaysia Loke Thye Kee Residences is situated in the heart of Georgetown Penang, one of 5 Malaysian UNESCO world sites rich in heritage. MOD’s design draws inspiration from this heritage and specifically the historic Loke Thye Kee restaurant, its 100-year-old namesake and neighbor. Colin Seah, Founder-Director explains: “I was very inspired by the romance of Penang in the 1900s, the mood and design of that bygone era was beguiling. We wanted to recall a similar charm in our design for the LTK Residences, but with an added contemporary twist that would modernise the experience and make... More
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni
brick villa by jeroen de nijs bni

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIApartments

Brick Villa, Amsterdam

Tradition and craftsmanship are reflected in the refined detail of the brick villa. The horizontal concrete beams refer to the traditional architecture of the Amsterdam School. The used sustainable materials have proven themselves over the centuries. On the open road the house looks closed and introverted. On the other side, the sun shines deep into the house through the large glass windows. More

Project • By GASPARBONTA & PartnersApartments

Studio Loft

STUDIO LOFT is a delicate flat in downtown Budapest. Originally a studio of a well-known hungarian painter, this flat has all the right features to be a contemporary loft home. The huge central space which contains the kitchen and the living room is accompanied by two bedrooms with separate bathrooms each and a small, invisible storage space. Naturally, the visually most engaging part is the enormous window in the central space, which is almost 4 by 4 meters. The flat happens to be located on a corner of Budapest's central park area, Városliget, which is currently being transformed into a multi-layered cultural and recreational park (the Liget Budapest project). The interior design concept is based on using the existing industrial fe... More

Project • By VANDE MOORTELHousing


The site in Balham, abandoned for the past 15 years and overrun by Japanese knotweed, was originally the garden of a neighbouring building. It made the ground works complicated but the site unappealing to developers and hence affordable. A key purpose was to create a house with a minimal impact on the neighbourhood and the surrounding properties. Because of his experience with other projects facing similar issues Woolley saw the potential the site was carrying. To achieve his goal of minimal impact on the surrounding properties Jack Woolley designed a single-storey, inward-facing house hidden behind a brick wall with a mysterious door. The low profile of the building makes it barely noticeable and preserves the long view from... More

Project • By Besonias Almeida arquitectosPrivate Houses

Brick House

MEMORY by Maria Victoria Besonias. THE PLACE Mar Azul is a seaside resort 400 km south of Buenos Aires, with an extensive beach of virgin dunes and lush pine forest. In one section of the forest, a corner lot in one of the tallest dunes in the area, with dense vegetation and a significant slope to both streets, the owners commissioned us a summer house that could exploit all the advantages of this privileged place. THE COMMISSION The clients had inhabited the Mar Azul House and, after that experience and defining their own, one of them said: “I want my house to be of exposed brick. The roof can be like yours, flat and of exposed concrete”. Then they added: “We want two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en suite), a grill near th... More

Project • By Studio GangPrivate Houses

Brick Weave House

The Brick Weave House sits on the footprint of a century-old stable on an eclectic block of Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Removing the original front walls and roof created a garden through subtraction, one which is surrounded by a porous, one-wythe-thick brick screen that both reveals and encloses the private courtyard and house beyond. Variation in ceiling heights and floor levels weaves together the two-story garden at the front of the house with the single-story volume at the back through a cascading section. The screen animates the garden and interior with dappled sunlight, establishing a visual connection to and from the street. Rectangular voids in the screen throw hexagonal patterns of light inside. At night, the pattern reve... More

Project • By Vir.Mueller ArchitectsApartments

Defence Colony Residence

In the city of New Delhi, the steeply rising price of land compels owners of private property to build the maximum permissible envelope of the site. The streetscape - an essential and centuries-old dialogue, balancing the scale between private residential buildings and public streets in the city - is rapidly diminishing. Residential areas are overrun by defensive masonry boxes, devoid of any desire for interface between the public and private realm. In the Defence Colony residence, the project derives its material and tectonic vocabulary from the plethora of tombs and palaces - fragments of 15th century Islamic medieval architecture - that anchor the urban landscape of Delhi. Built with load-bearing masonry walls, designed to withstand t... More

Project • By Zecc ArchitectenPrivate Houses

Black Pearl designed by Studio i.p.w. Zecc Architecten

Social context This house takes part of a program of the congregation Rotterdam who wanted to revitalize disadvantaged neighbourhoods by selling metier houses to private persons. These homes have in common that they are neglected the last few years and have to be refreshed. The buildings usually consist of several small apartments, one per layer. The purpose of the municipality by selling the buildings is to attract inhabitants with more carrying-capacity. Condition of sale is that the property will be restored within a specified period and will transformed into one house. This causes less, but larger houses. This is the opposite trend to what happens in many inner cities where larger houses are divided into several small apartments.... More