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Project • By Laboratorium ArchitekturyBus stations

Interchange station in Żory

The interchange station  in Żory is a public space that combines the functions of a station, a square and a meeting place. The priority while designing the bus station was  safety and the convenience for travellers. It was attempted to cons... More

Project • By Green Furniture ConceptBus stations

Vellinge Ängar Station

The project at Vellinge Ängar station is a continued development of the pilot case that started at Landskrona Station intending to put together a design that would be implemented at all future Skånetrafiken stations. Green Furniture Concep... More

Project • By FTL Design Engineering StudioPassenger Terminals

Rosa Parks Transit Center

FTL created an urban plaza, covered by a sustainable skin to define space, washed with day lighting and harvesting rain water. Transcending infrastructure to sculpture. There was a much needed desire to create a iconic public space which energizes th... More

Product • By mmcité street furnitureAUREO


A range of shelters with two roofing options and large selection of materials which enables you to choose the best option for the particular locality. An arched or flat roof, made of polycarbonate or glass, covers the steel structure and has many int... More

Project • By Tolga ArchitectsOffices

Baku Bus Station 2

The project, which is the continuation of Baku Bus 1, is built near Baku Olympic Stadium. The entire city’s public transport network is provided by this institution. Our design, which has a total project area of 77 000 sqm, includes management buildi... More

Project • By HKA - Hermann Kamte & AssociatesParks/Gardens


“Emotion is The Most Powerful Weapon in Architecture and Architecture is the best way to reveal emotion”.Today we are talking about sustainable cities, smart designs knowing that this include using all the scientific and technological progress accumu... More

Project • By rdlp arquitectosShops

CAM | Monterrey Central Bus Station

Located in the center of Monterrey the project comes in mutual agreement by the public and private sector that seek for a mixed use office building to be a potential urban detonator of the area. This project is divided on two phases. It all started w... More