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Product • By ITAS DI MARCO TERNI POLETTILuxury Marble Tiles

Luxury Marble Tiles

Tiles on demand with artistic metals inlay on the draw of the designer More

Project • By PORCELANOSAHotels


Located in one of Kansas City’s most elegant and historic commercial areas, Country Club Plaza, the iconic InterContinental Kansas City hotel has been the center of the most exclusive events since 1972. The renovation, carried out by “Dash Design”, has transformed the hotel’s grand lobby and its over 300 rooms, suites, bathrooms, halls, and public areas, without losing its original essence. An interior design that has elevated the space to reflect a more sophisticated elegance using a classic palette, using spacious rooms with the essence of white marbles, bright white subway tiles, bronze details, wood finishes, and touches of color. The essence of marble is transmitted thanks to one of the most spectacular polis... More

Project • By SpectrumRestaurants

Restaurant kalaki

Restaurant Kalaki is the first Michelin rated fine dining restaurant operating in Tbilisi, Georgia.Located in one of the oldest neighborhood in Tbilisi with diverse architectural styles and historical layers superimposing over 150 years of history, the architecture of the project was carefully considered and detailed for the contextual setting, yet with a quest to create a classical and sophisticated environment within the texture of old town. The fundamental design concept of the project surpasses the typical designation of a luxurious restaurant and its main function, rather offers an unparralleled settings and meeting space where people experience and socialize in a magical atmosphere, which takes them away from city reality. The name of... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignShops

Luxury Shoe Store Design

This luxury Shoe Store Design in London, UK has been specifically designed to emulate a lush, decadent look that highlights its brand identity. The Heel & Buckle Luxury Private Limited is an expensive brand that wanted to set up shop in a culturally rich area of the city. The CAS design team was therefore tasked with the careful designing of an adaptable façade along with an adequate interior setting. The location of this shop overlooks an almost 100 year old historical context, and with big name brands like Hermes and Christian Louboutin on either side, it was especially challenging to make the design stand out. However, the CAS team managed to do so exceptionally well by going for a simple but impactful exterior that highlights the elega... More