Restaurant kalaki

Restaurant kalaki

45 Merab Kostava Street, Tbilisi, Georgia | View Map
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Restaurant Kalaki

Spectrum as Architecture, Interior Design, Construction

Restaurant Kalaki is the first Michelin rated fine dining restaurant operating in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Located in one of the oldest neighborhood in Tbilisi with diverse architectural styles and historical layers superimposing over 150 years of history, the architecture of the project was carefully considered and detailed for the contextual setting, yet with a quest to create a classical and sophisticated environment within the texture of old town.

The fundamental design concept of the project surpasses the typical designation of a luxurious restaurant and its main function, rather offers an unparralleled settings and meeting space where people experience and socialize in a magical atmosphere, which takes them away from city reality.

The name of the restaurant – Kalaki, in Georgian means CITY and the idea of space is to create a city within the city with a timeless atmosphere what enables visitors to travel in space, in history and culture and interpret the reality in different lens.

The city inside the city, where time is insignificant, where you can enjoy the magical atmosphere completely distracted from stressful urban routine. It’s the story told through classic materials, lighting and historical context, which is deliberately imitated in the interior. 

Sol Omnia Lucet – the Latin caption at the entrance, translating sun shines for all, sums up the main idea of the project – creating the restaurant, where everybody finds their own individual space to experience a time.

The entire concept of restaurant and fine dining revolves around main atrium, the heart of the project, which resembles the typical inner yard of old Tbilisi residential neighborhoods where habitats meet and socialize.

Different dining halls are connected via inner yard and offer different dining experiences for various setting and functional gatherings. This planning principles encourages visitors to move around during the evening and explore the space from different perspectives, offering spaces from romantic gateway to casual outdoor seating enables visitors to experience continues sense of exploration and excitement at every visit.

100 years old pine right at the entrance of the building was decided to maintain to enjoy the natural conditions offered by location. Now this pine adds green glow to the restaurant facade.

The Atrium, artificial sky and outdoor facades used indoors add a certain theatrical nature to the space. Giving visitors the feeling of being part of some performance. From its food and drinks to the furniture design, this place was designed to awaken feelings.

Restaurant offers a truly unique experience combining luxurious European settings and styles with local traditions and feel what creates an unforgettable experience and memories for visitors.

Various stories will be born in such a space, we believe. We aimed to create a place in which the meaning of the place would be misinterpreted, yet the place would accept various interpretations of visitors. 

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Architecture, Interior Design, Construction
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