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NewsNews • 29 Jul 2021

Le Cabanon by Studio Rick Joy sits in material harmony with its Turks and Caicos island surroundings

Located on the Turks and Caicos Islands, this three-bedroom family retreat by Studio Rick Joy is surrounded by rich native vegetation and the daily winds of Chalk Sound National Park. Perched on a site comprising 21,000 square feet of porous iron shore rock with views over white sand and bright turquoise water, the home is constructed with exposed cast-in-place white concrete walls and warm-coloured mahogany hardwood doors, windows, and ceilings.  Joe Fletcher Elevated on a platform that is on the same horizontal plane throughout, the program of the house is separated into two distinct volumes: an elongated bar to the west which houses private areas, and a standalone Pavilion which is open to the water and views.  Joe Fle... More

NewsNews • 14 May 2021

Ridge Mountain House arises from the austere beauty of the desert

In Palm Springs, California, the Ridge Mountain House by EYRC Architects arises from the austere beauty of the desert landscape. With colossal views over the Coachella Valley to the east, the tranquil weekend home harmonizes with the colours and rhythms of the land. Joe Fletcher Embedded into a craggy hill, the ground floor of the houses comprises two cast-in-place concrete volumes with 12 ft ceilings. The smaller volume contains a den and service spaces while the larger volume includes a main living area, kitchen and dining room. A pure square in form, the larger volume includes a glass wall that opens up completely to a large deck with an infinity pool. Lance Gerber The two volumes are separated by a double volume light-filled... More

NewsNews • 13 Oct 2020

Strongly rooted in site, Peach Hut’s form and colour are inspired by surrounding orchard trees

To facilitate culture and art education in the rural region of Xiuwu, Henan, China, a series of miniature pavilions were constructed in different locations to serve the vast 630 square kilometre county area. Designed by Atelier XI, the cast-in-place concrete structures take on tree-like forms that reach out to the sky. Their locations vary from fields to forests to mountaintops, with their forms differing in response. Zhang Chao ‘Peach Hut’ is the first completed miniature pavilion. Surrounded by farmland, the form of the pavilion is inspired by the site’s peach orchard trees, which lean to one side.  Atelier XI arhitects explain they envisioned the building being cut from a series of invisible arcs derived from... More