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Product • By FluxwerxPortal Pendant

Portal Pendant

Designed to seamlessly integrate into the built environment, Portal by Fluxwerx is a reimagination of directional and general area illumination in a single fixture family. Portal Pendant has been designed for maximum versatility. This suspended luminaire comes in two diameters: 5.5″” and 9″” versions, and provides clear continuity for any architectural environment. Multiple mounting options are suitable for all ceiling conditions. Portal Pendant offers two suspension options: a narrow gauge powered suspension cable or a stem option in lengths from 12” to 96”. The entire family of luminaires is available in white, metallic silver and black powdercoat finish, as well as any custom RAL color on request. Mult... More

Project • By STOALOffices

Office project ICS

Atmospheric yet functional lighting in a relaxation area of an office. Shown here: the Stoal bull dot (ideal as intimate detail lighting) and the Skivn (functional lighting with a modern touch). More

Product • By FluxwerxFold Spoke

Fold Spoke

Fold Spoke is a pendant luminaire with fluid minimalist form and no visible power cords, fully luminous interior and hollow aperture that creates longitudinal transparency through the fixture. Fold Spoke’s anidolic extraction optics eliminate views of LED sources, creating visual comfort without glare. High-performance indirect/direct batwing distributions deliver efficacy to 119 LPW with multiple CCTs, chromatic accuracy <2 SDCM and extraordinary lumen maintenance of L70 >200,000h. The luminaire’s independent Up | Down switching provides dimmable / switchable control of the distributions. A Dynamic White enabled luminaire, Fold Spoke is available in four standard color options and four endcap options that are preinstall... More

Project • By IwamotoScott ArchitectureOffices

160 Spear

IwamotoScott were approached with the challenge of re-positioning of 160 Spear Street, including the public lobby, public plaza and two entrances. The existing building is a commercial highrise from the 1980s that houses UC Extension on upper floors, in Downtown San Francisco. IwamotoScott The building has a through-block lobby connecting Main Street to the south and Spear Street to the north via a landscaped plaza that is one of the city's POPOS spaces (Privately Owned Public Outdoor Space). IwamotoScott Our design re-shapes and re-clads the existing lobby, transforming the dark and dated pink granite walls, low stepped ceiling and incidental reception desk into a more vibrant, flowing space. A mural artist created site-specifi... More

Project • By ulalightRestaurants

light at ling ling restaurante mx

Iconic places continue to be established in Mexico City, and for these to gain recognition from the public, it is essential to create and offer unforgettable experiences or environments. This was the premise that led the client to choose one of the most important architecture firms in the country for this project. One of its interior design directors, architect Fernanda Patiño, offer the challenge of creating decorative luminaires to ulalight, these pieces were part of the setting that was intended to be achieved.   Caption   With the experience that sixteen years of work gives, Mónica Bárcena Mastretta, director of this mexican lighting company, took the task of combining elements that will be able to... More

Project • By Karv One DesignCommunity Centres

the rhythm

The high-line rising up is the yearning of mankind for the sky. Karv One Design has created a floating urban center-"Metropolis". The designer uses the form of high line as the space symbols to perform multiple interpretations indoors and outdoors. Caption   In a space of 4,009 square meters, Chengdu's life scenes of TOD, restaurants, galleries, floral art, parks, exhibition halls are overlayed, which makes the whole High-line Park an urban narrative full of changes. Caption   The nuanced scene details such as geometric elements and gilded chandeliers inject an international life art concept into the space, forming a modern, fashionable, and unique romantic modern metropolitan tone, creating the first immersive style... More

Product • By FluxwerxNotch


Delivering an actual slot in the ceiling which can be extruded right to the vertical face of the drywall, Notch adds texture, depth and detail to an otherwise undifferentiated category of products. Perfect for drywall ceilings with exposed vertical fasciae, Notch’s optional trimless Dado endcap extrudes the hollow architecture to the edge of drywall soffit, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in lighting design. Continuous lines of light, various open and closed patterns and transitions for drywall and grid ceilings deliver design flexibility. The luminaire features a variety of trims and endcaps, which add subtle punctuation of the ceiling plane with very low brightness and high performance, giving the design community an op... More

Product • By LODESPuzzle


Essential forms in metal, square and rectangular, which seem to disappear in the ceiling or wall. In Puzzle lamps, light becomes the feature element of living spaces, creating soft, geometric effects. More

Product • By Nowodvorski LightingPROFILE EYE SPOT


Collection PROFILE EYE SPOT are lamps for single-circuit tracks PROFILE. Depending on your preferences, tracks are available in flush-mounted form, surface-mounted or hanging on special wires. Spotlights  PROFILE EYE SPOT are available in three colour versions: white, black and brass. The first two are made of painted steel, while the leading material in the brass spotlight is solid brass. The way the lamps are mounted allows the luminaires to be moved along the track, and the movable parts allow you to adjust the direction of light according to your preferences. All headlights PROFILE EYE SPOT are suitable for use with replaceable bulb GU10. Spotlights PROFILE EYE SPOT are distinguished by their unique fixing system for the lamp body... More

Product • By AngoOvaloid


Part of a new generation of lighting by Ango that explores the magic of natural materials combined with LED lamp technology, the design takes on the noble form of the crown, to create a perfect ring of superfine rattan in a random weave developed by Ango. When used in such a fine extrusion, the rattan material has a great translucency and reflectivity, which subtly modulates the light. Product name: Ovaloid  Product ref: CL10022  Type: Mains voltage ceiling light Lamp base type: E27/E26 screw fitting  Lamp Type: LED Filament 8W x 4  Diffuser material: Rattan Base material: Hand finished stainless steel Size: 450 mm W x 1600 mm D x 270 mm H  17.5 in W x 63 in D x 10.5 in H Packaging  size: 1700 mm W x 460 mm D... More

Project • By AngoEstates

The Datai Langkawi

Iconic Malaysian resort The Datai Langkawi is recognised in Condé Nast Traveller’s 2019 Hot List and The Best Hotels and Resorts In The World: The 2020 Gold List. Lefort of DL2A, the renowned architect and interior designer (who supported Kerry Hill on the original scheme) was appointed to lead a substantial renovation of the hotel and selected a special large size version of "New World" as custom lighting for The Datai Estate Villa and The Datai Langkawi Meranti. The Datai Langkawi team   More

Product • By AngoNew World

New World

The pendant lamp diffuser is composed in a freehand round-oval shape structure, which is then clad with superfine extruded rattan, generating a warm and generous light quality. More

Product • By AngoTriple Orbit

Triple Orbit

An innovative architectonic lighting piece, the light installation is made up of three handcrafted rattan interlocking organic light ring forms also alluding to a triple affinity. “Triple Orbit” has been developed from Double Orbit in response to the exhibition space and has many hanging configurations that can be adapted at will, depending on the situation and characteristics of where it will be hung.    More

Product • By AngoDaffy Diamond

Daffy Diamond

Daffy Diamond is part of the Ango jewellery series of lighting within the concept “Inside-out” where myriad points of light are created within an overall form by hand welding the connecting points of the structure (that once was concealed at the core of a piece). The unique nature of the piece reveals all these nodes of light refraction as being apparently suspended in space, with differing degrees of colour and complexity.  More

Product • By AngoAuroral


Auroral pendant light by Ango - 21st century of jewellery series of lighting Ango brings its unique hand-crafted technique to create a sophisticated ceiling light “Auroral” that captures the beautiful vibes of jewellery suspended within space. Evocative of an incredible aura of warm light, the new Auroral pendant casts light upwards onto the lustrous surface of the gold-plated handworked filigree diffuser. Auroral pendant light size 19 in W x 19 in D x 9 in H in millimetre 480 mm W x 480 mm D x 230 mm H Light source: LED Filament Classic gold top 8W.   More